Love at first sight??”NAAH”” ~lOVe At LaSt SiGht~ ISHQBAAZ,,SHIVIKA FF (EPISODE-8)

Hii guys…i’m back with next part,,,,,dont forget to read author’s note at the end….


Shivaay confesses his love to anika in ambulance…,then they reach hospital,,…,,,shivaay rushes to the OT n ask for doc,….

Shiv–where is the doctor…???

Doctor (this doc is same which ws in 2nd part of my ff) comes there,…!

Shiv–doc,,see what happendd to her,,plzz just save her plzzzz,..

Doc–calm down,,(n he orders nurse to take anika to OT)

Doc–first tell me what happened???

Shiv–dont know doctor… psycho frnd has injected her something n i dont know what ws that….

Doc—ok let me examine her….n he too went to OT
After 1:30 hrs

Shivaay is sitting on the bench outside OT n is restlessly waiting for doc….
N just then doc come out …

Shiv–doc what happen??is she fine???plzzx for god sake,,say something,…!!

Doc—shivaay if u let me say,,then i’ll say n…!!

Shiv–okk sry,,,now say

Doc—shivaay that injection was to paralyse her…!!

Shiv–what???no nothing can happen to my anika,.,plzzz save her….

Doc—relax shivaay,,,frst let me complete…
That drug can make anyone paralysed…!!bt it doesnt affect anika,,may be she has encounter this drug earlier tooo,..
I found recombinant DNA for resistance of this drug in her body……(actually i m a bio student so i m telling everything in detail ???)

Shiv–what!?earlier too??bt how is this possible!!!

Doc–dont know ,,u have to ask this ques to anika…!!

Shiv–it means she is fine now…!!thnk u soo much doctor n he moves forward to hug doctor….

Bt doc stopped him n said
Doc–shiv she is fine now bt…….

Shiv–bt what doctor????

Doc—shivaay,,,,she is fine now,,,,,bt in future if she ever encounter any internal injury then we cant save her..!!

Shiv–doc,,,dont worry i wont let anything happen to her,,,,,any problem would have to cross me to hurt anika,…

Doc–hope soo……u can meet her,,she has been shifted to general ward bt she is not conscious now,….

Shiv–ok,.,thnk u once again doc….

Shivay goes inside ward….,n sit on the chair beside anika n caresses her face….

Shiv’–anika ,,i wont let anything happen to u ever,,,,,we’ll be always there for each other..!

After few hours,,anika gains consciousness,…
N she sees shivaay sleeping on sofa kept in room…..she feels thirsty so she tried to take glass of water bt it falls-.

Hearing the sound shivaay wakes and run towards anika,.

Shiv–r u alright??what r u doing???r u mad??
Cant u ask me for this??

Ani—wo ap so rhe th to i didn’t want to disturb u,..!!!

Shiv–anika tm b n….hr wkt jhasi ki rani banne ki zrurat ni hoti …..!!!he makes her sit properly n forwards glass of water,,..

Ani–thnk u…..!!!

Shiv–anika,,,doctor was saying that u’ve encountered this drugs earlier too…!!may i know why..!!mtlb how??


Shiv–tell me if u r comfortable….(ye mera khud k line h copyright ???,,,jb ksise kch puchte h to ye line hota h mera last )

Ani—ni aisi baat ni h,,,.,wo my mother left this world when i was 8 yrs old n my father remarried so that i won’t be deprived of mother’s love,,,my step mother didn’t like me,,,,,when i was 9 ,,she inject me this drug to kill me…..she always hated me n thought that papa didn’t give her time becoz of me…..
I was soon hospitalised n i’ve undergone sooo mny surgeries …at last i survived n papa left my step mom…..,.(by this time anika has tears in her eyes)

Shiv–wiping her tears,….,sshhhhssshh…..
I m sorry,,i didn’t want to hurt u,….

Ani–its ok shivaay..

a lot of things has changed in this one month….after few days of operation,, anika was discharged from the hospital,,,,.
Anika n shivaay completd their college courses n topped in the college….
After their college course ,,shivika had to leave the college n they went to their home town….
They were still in contact n meet each other on weekly basis…
Anika didn’t know that shivaay has proposed her n shivaay didn’t know about anika’s feelings….

In this one month,,,,their love for each other has just increased bt none of them was ready to confess….
Bt now shivaay’s patience has reached at its peak,,,,,so he decided to confess his love to anika…..


Shivaay was calling anika…
On phone..


Ani–hii shivaay…

Shiv–so u r coming n??i’ve send u address…

Ani—ya i got it,,….bt i cant come

Shiv–what!???i dont know anything ,u’ve to come otherwise i won’t talk to u…-

Ani–stop ur melo drama…-…i m coming….i was just joking *winking*

Shiv–good,…ok will meet u at 6:00pm….bye

Ani–ok bye..

Shivaay cuts the call n thinks..
Shiv’–anika,,i’ll make this day the most memorable day for u….n starts smiling….

Just then omru enters….

Ru–O,,,,see bhaiya is smiling,,…ohoooo.!!

Om–yaa i m seeing….kya baat h shivaay!?

Shiv–nothing….tmlg shru mt hojao ab,,..mai ksi lrki ke baare m ni soch rha th…

Ru–when did we say u r thinking about girl,,..hmmm??

Om—u r caught shivaay,,,,now u r telling truth or will i call choti ma??

Shiv–om,,u also??there is nothing like that..

Ru–(fake crying) bhaiya ap to abhi se hi praaya dhan hogye,,secrets b/w us….O….are u seeing….!!

Shiv–shut up rudra……ok listen
He narrate whole story to them ‘,how he meet her,,,monica’s plotting,,,,anika’s operation,,,,,how r they still in contact everything….!!

Om—LOVE AT LAST SIGHT…!!sounds intersting….!!when will u introduce her to us…

Shiv–i m going to propose her today,,if she accpts then…..!!

Ru—-waah,,,baat yhn tk phuch gyi,….!! *winking*

Shiv—now will u both let me go??

OmRu—ok,..all the best….

Ru–waise bhaiya ap khn propose kr rhe hn bhabhi ko…..

Shiv—bhabhi?…bhht agey ki soch rhe ho tm…. (He tells him about a resort)

Whole place is beautifully decorated with only red roses….trees r decorated with colourful LEDs….romantic music is playing on back ground……whole resort was booked by shivaay..

Shivaay reach there n check all decorations,…

He goes near their table n sees everything is perfect…
Rose petals r scattered on the whole table,,a pleasant scent can be feel in the surrounding…

Just then a beautiful girl wearing red saree is shown,…here she comes,,,she is anika…

She is wearing red saree with full slieves blouse….with minimum makeup,,her hair is open,,little bouncy at the end…..
She is looking elegant..

Shivaay was dumbstruck seeing annika..

Shiv–anika….!!u r looking beautifull…..

Anika blushes a little….shivaay forwards his hand n make her sit on the chair…

Shiv–so what will u want to have???


Shivaay orders (i dont know much about western dishes,,so assume any dish)

They had dinner ….after sometime all lights get off…..n a spotlight was on shivaay,…

Shivaay has held mic on his hand n said….



anika u r the most imp person in my life..,i always want to be with u …!!ur presence makes me complete..!!when i see u smiling,,,i also starts smiling,,,when i see u upset,,my mood also become upsets….


I can do anything for ur happiness,,,,,,n want to be the reason of ur all happiness…
When we met,,,i’ve never thought that i’ll say all this to u….
When monica injected u that drug,,,i felt as my life ended… that time i realised how much i love u….!!


I promise u anika,,,,i’ll be always there for u,,,,i’ll do evry possible thing for ur happiness….i’ll never let ur trust on me to break….
I’ll protect u from every problem….


He move forward n take out a diamond ring from his pocket,,knelt down n said..


Anika’s eyes r full of tears,,,,she was feeling as the most luckiest person in the world…

She just move her head in affirmation…!!
Shivaay slides the ring in her finger n says

Shiv—anika I LOVE U

Ani–Shivaay I LOVE U TOO

they hugged each other bt soon there romantic momnt is disturb by someone..


OmRu–hn hm,,!!

Ru–hii bhabhi,,,kaisi ho??i m rudy,,the most dashing brother of ur would be husband

Ani–hi rudra….

Shiv–what the hell r u doing here???i shouldn’t have tell anything to u both…

Om–shivaay chillax…hm bs apni bhabhi se milne aye th…

Ru–O..dont lie,,actually we wanted to see how bhaiya proposed our bhabhi….

Ani–hawww..!!!inhone to mujhe khidkitod style m propose kya…!!

Shiv–anika watch ur language….!!!

Ru—waah bhaabhi,,,u r very cool…!!

Om–shivaay,,ab agey kye???

Shiv–ya we’ll talk to our family soon…

Soon they both talk to each others family n their family accpt their relation.,..
There was a family get together of both the family n they fix a date for shiviia’s marriage…

There is a hustle bustle in the oberoi mansion….shivaay’s dadi requested anika’s father to come to oberoi mansion….all rituals will be done from here….n anika’s father agree to this….

Shivaay gets ready in white kurta n pyjama n comes to the hall,…

Pinky makes her sit and everyone applies haldi on him…..

OmRu also comes forward ,,.they take handful haldi n rub it on face of shivaay….n ran from there….
Shivaay gives fhat the wuck look…
Shivaay’s haldi ceremony was completed,,,now its anika’s turn…

Pinki makes her sit n is going to apply haldi bt anika stops her..

Pinki–kya hua anika??

Ani–anty actually m waiting for my frnd….

ShivOmRu said together FRIEND….!!

Shiv—-tmhri konsi frnd yhn rhti h….

Ani–actually she’s my fb frnd,,,,,she’s my only frnd here so i called her to attend my wedding”,,,

Ani to Om…
Ani–Om go n see n….!!she texted me that she has arrived…

Om—ok bhabhi….

He goes outside….he sees someone entering Oberoi Mansion(OM) with lots of gifts in her hand n bouquet,,her face is coverd with gifts,…

Suddenly she slips,,om goes n hold her by her waist,,,all gifts felll on the ground n flowers from bouquet fall on them….

Om is just staring her….!!the girl says him to leave her bt there is no affect on him ,,atlast she pinches him hard…
Om left her n she stands properly…

Guys this girl is gauri,,anika’s fb frnd

Om—ahhh..!!whats this…??

Gauri–ap sun hi ni rhe th ,,to mujhe or koi rasta smjh m ni aya….mjhe anika se milna h….ap kon???

Om—so u r her frnd….she is inside…i m anika’s would be husband’s brother….

Gauri–ohh,.to anika apki hone wali bhojai h,..

Om–whats bhojai??

Gauri–are bhabhi,,,,,ab chle??


They went inside….anika meets gauri n they both get very happy….!!!

They all apply haldi on anika……!!!
Haldi rasam gets completed…!!
Gauri also stays in OM….

Anika n gauri shares room…!!!they meet each other for the frst time bt they r very good frnds,,,,they r the best buddies…!!!

At night,,,,,om thinks about gauri n says to himself,,,,””why is he thinking about her sooo much””’,,,,,he brushes off his thinking n goes to sleep…!!

Everyone is very xcted for shivika’s marriage…!!!

Few days r left for marriage n many rasams r there to perform,…..!!
PRECAP—shivika’s sangeet,,,soumya’s ntry,,,,,shivika’s marriage

Thnk u sooo much guys for liking my ff n commenting,,,.,ur comments make me sooooo happyy,,,,keep loving this ff like this….

N i want to share something,..,i’ve posted a VM on insta on RUMYA,,,,,,,more than 50 ppl like the video n LEE sir n NEHA di also like it,…i m soooool happpyyy…..if u want to see….!!
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Guys i m reallllllyyyyy sorrrryyyy,,,,,i cant post my ffs till 26 th may,,,,actually i dont have any prsnl phone,,i use my bro’s tab,,..n he’s going out of station for a week….so i will be unable to post…..
Really srrryyyy,,,,,but i promise i’ll come back with bang……keeep loving me n my ff…..
Byeee,,,tke care guysss,…

Lots of love

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