Love at first sight??”NAAH”” ~lOVe At LaSt SiGht~ ISHQBAAZ,,SHIVIKA FF (EPISODE-7)

Hii guys..i m back with next part….so lets begin…


Shiv—(to himself)why am i dying to meet her…!!kl hi to mila hu usse…!!i dont know whats happening to me…!!!do i love him….!!!

Brushing off his emotions…..he get ready n goes for the last class,,,!!!

He texted anika to come soon n dont be late…!!

Seeing his text….!!she starts blushing….!!

Ani–uff kya horha h mujhe…!!abi unse mili ni to ye haal hai,,how will i propose her…!!
Ani u can do this….!!!i m coming shivaay..!!


Shivaay is roaming here n there in the room….

Shiv–i told her to be on time bt she never listens….!!!today is the last class n she is no where to seen…!!
I should call her,,,,!!

Phone rings bt anika doesn’t recieve the call,,,.he tried many times….atlast phone was switched off,,,,

It is 8:00 PM
He get tensed n goes to anika’s hostel n meet her frnd…

Shiv—hey..!!do u know where is anika??

Frnd–yaa,,she left hostel 2:30 hours before ,,,she was saying that she is going to meet u n was very xcted..!!!

Shiv–what????bt she didn’t meet me..!!

Shivaay left anika’s hostel n come to college in search of anika,…!!

Shiv—where has she gone…!!!
Anika….anika….(he shouts)….he was very worried for her…!!
She searched whole college bt didn’t find her anywher….

Atlast,,,he sits on the bench of college garden,,..n was saying to himself…!!

Shiv—anika where r u…!!!dont do this to me….if this is a prank n,,i wont leave u..,!!
Where r u anika…,!!!
(Tears starts flowing from his eyes..!!the fear of losing his love can be seen in his eyes… )

N suddenly he noticed something….
He sees rohit coming from stair,,,,
Shivay to himself….

Shiv–i’ve seen him somewhere….!!bt where???shivaay think!!!!!……………………….thinkk………!!

Yaa got it…!!!”shivaay exclaimed.

Shiv—anika has showed me his pic n told me about him that he has proposed her n she rejected his proposal n from that time he was stalking her thats why she came to this college..!!

Shiv–wait a min…!!bt what is he doing here???kya anika ke na milne k piche iska hath h???nooo…!!i wont let anything happen to MY ANIKA…

He stood up n run towards stair……

Anika is xctedly going to meet shivaay ….she has a bouquet in one hand n is eating banana from other….!!
She enters the college n move towards stairs…

Rohit is following her…!! N he cautiously goes near her n put handkerchief with chloroform on her nose….

Anika was shocked by this behaviour,,,,,banana fell from her hand (again banana wil play an imp role here:-P:-P ),,,,,all flowers get scattered on floor,,,,,before she would do anything,,,she faints there….

Rohit take her in his arm n enters a class n says…

Rohit—kaam hogya…!!

Monica ws already there in that class,,,
She smirked….n said,..

Monica–well done..,!!now just wait n watch anika,,,what will i do with u,….
She gave an evil smile to rohit,..!!

Rohit–bt it is dangerous to keep her here,,,shivaay is in the next class..!!

Monica–ya i know…bt soon he’ll go from here in search of anika,.,then we’ll shift to that class…n no one will doubt that anika is in that class….

Rohit—great….!! Bt what will we do with her…??

Monica–not we only i’ll do….
She give some prescription to rohit n said,,,

Monica—go n come fast with the mentioned things,.

N he left from there….


Sivaay runs towards the stair n he get shocked…..!!!

(He sees banana was fallen there completey smashed n flowers r scattered all over the floor)

Shiv—what is all this….!!i m sure anika was here..,this banana,,,she loves it,,,,
Bt what happened to her…!!i won’t leave rohit ..!!

N he goes on the frsr floor,…checks every room bt doesn’t find her,,he moves to second floor.,,,he didn’t find her here too,,,he was going towards that class bt stopped in middle,…

Shiv–she cant be here,,,,i was here for 2:30 hrs…..
Thinking so,,,he starts going to 3rd floor,…

Here in that room….anika is regaining consciousness…..!!! she found herself tied with the rope….no one was there…..(monica was in washroom)…..her face becomes pale…..!!she wasn’t able to say anything bt after gaining some srength…
She starts screaming,,,shivaay,,,!!!!is there anyone….!!!plzzz help me,,,,,shivaay….!!

Shivvay was on 3rd floor at that time n as it was night,,,there was silence everywhere so he can hear her voice,.

After listening her voice…….shivaay k ander superman,batman,spiderman,,krrish,,,,sbki power agyi,,,,,or wo jo daura h 3rd floor se,,..aeroplane ki speed m.!! ? ? ? ?

Soon shivaay reached that room n after seeing anika infront of his eyes,,,,,,he was soo relieved…..!!!he runs towards her’,…..

Anika….r u alright,..who did all this…!!!??tm thk hona,.,??tmhe kch hua to ni…!????mai tmhe kbse dhundh rha hu….
He was continuously saying,..,!!
Anika placed her finger on his lips n said…

Ani—shhhshhhhshhhhh…..shivaay kitna bolte h ap..???u r not giving me a chance to speak….

Shivaay just hugged her tightly…..sooon he realized she’s not reciprocating,..,,he break the hug n sees her face with a questioning look….!!

Ani–shivaay,,my hands r tied…n she shows her hand to him…

Shivaay smile on his behaviour….n move forward to make her hands free..

N suddenlyyy dh…..rrrrrrr….uuu…..mmmmm

N shivaay was lying on floor..

Anika–shivaay(shouts)…..monica what have u done..?(angrily)

Monica–stop screaming,,…i wont let anyone to ruin my plan,,.!!!

By this time rohit has also came….

Rohit–how he came here?.

Monica—-dont know what bond they share…!!rohit move shivaay there ,,,,,n she makes anika unconscious again using chlorofom..!!

Rohit–ok….n he moved shivaay beside the bench in the corner..!!

Monica–do u get what i asked for??

N he handed over a syringe n a small bottle to monica…

Rohit–whats this!??

Monica—this will make ankka paralysed for her whole life….!!!
N she starts laughing like psycho…
Monica is preparing injection n it is almost prepared….

Here shivaay has also regain consciousness n is shocked seeing the scenario…

Monica was going to inject anika bt shivaay comes on time n push monica ,,,,,injection fall on the floor,…

Shiv–monica r u mad!!!???what r u doing,,,!!i considered u as my bestest frnd n u r doing this to me….

Monica—stop it shivaay,,,,u’ve broken my trust n u dont u dare to blame me,,,,,u started ignoring me just becoz of this girl,,,,,,,

Shiv–u r just assuming everything,,,,,i always considered u as a frnd n ws always there when u needed me-..

Monica—oh please shivaay,,,,,i know how much u care for me..,,,i know what u both do in the name of study in that clss..!!

Shiv–monica (shouting)..mind ur tongue….!!!!do u know what r u saying,…

Monica–i know it very well n i have prove too…
She shows shivaay all the pics…

Shiv–monica u r misunderstanding us….it is not like that,,,,these situations r not in the way u r assuming them…..

Monica–oh really then what r u doing here,,,,,??why were u searching her desperately?..

By this time,.anika ko b hosh agya th(ab itna chilla chillake baat krnge to koi b uth jayega:-P ? )


Monica—i got my ansr….

n she again moved angrily towards anika bt shivaay hold her n pushed her hard,,,,,
She fell on the ground…
He realised his mistake…

Shiv–monica i m sorry wo…..

Monica–just shut up……rohit kill her,’,,,,

Rohit takes a rod n moved towards anika……
N he tried to hit her bt shivaay came n hold the rod…
They had a fight,….shivaay beats rohit black n blue….

Soon police has also arrived..(shivaay has filed anika’s missing report )

Police arrest rohit n monica…..
Rohit was handcuffed bt monica wasn’t…..lady police holds monica’s hand….

Shivaay careses anika’s face ,,,tries to make her calm…

Shiv—anika..i m here,..,everything is alright…..!!dont be scared….!!

Ani–thnk u shivaay for always saving me,,,,,agr ap ni hote to pta ni aj kya hojta…..!!she starts crying…!!

Shivaay hugged her,,,,n says

Shiv—shhshhhh,….nothing will happen to u…,!!!

Shivika get lost in each others embrace…..

N then…….
Monica pushed the lady constable n take the injection from ground n inject it to anika…..!!!!!



Police arrests monica n adviced shivaay to take anika to the hospital n they depart from there with the culprit,…..

Shiv—-Anika,..,open ur eyes…..!!!
(tears r just flowing from his eyes,,,his eyes become red….his helplessness was killing him from inside,,)

Anika’s eyes were closed….she has become senselesss….!!

Shiv—anika plzzz dont leave me….


I CANT LIVE WITHOUT U-…..i know it wasn’t


bt now fear of losing u….fear of seeing u for the last time has make it….


PRECAP—–keep guessing,,,,bt let me assure u the more negative u think,,,the more happy u’ll be after reading next part…..

Thnk u soooo much guysss for soo much love n support,,….i’ve never thought that u’ll love my ff to this xtnt….every single commnt meant a lot to me….thnk u sooooo muchh…..

This was the title justifying episode.,,,,,hope u’ll like it or may say u’ll love it…!!!;-) ? ?

If there any silent reader plzzz do commnt,.,,,do u like shivaays confesssion,…!!

Lots of love

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  9. I think anika is going to be paralysed and shivaay is going to make a promise that he wont leave cause he loves her very much right by the way babe such a awwwsome episode all hugs goes to u from me.

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