Love at first sight??”NAAH”” ~lOVe At LaSt SiGht~ ISHQBAAZ,,SHIVIKA FF (EPISODE-6)

Hii guyss,,,i m back with next part….thnk u for soo much appreciation n love,…


At 5:45pm

Anika was waiting for shivaay for last 45 minutes,,,,bt he didn’t come…!!

Ani–shivaay ab tk ni aye…!!how i’ll make him believe that i m not guilty..!!monica is trying to break our frndship..!!
(By this time she had tears in her eyes..)

She thinks,,,i should leave now,,i dont think shivaay will come…
She started moving towards door…!!

N then shivaay enters….

Ani–ap agye??mujhe lgrha th ap ni aynge…!!

Shiv–i won’t leave my responsibility in b/w…!!lets continue….

Shivaay started teaching her leftover chapters….n soon 2hrs completed..!!
There was silence in the room,,,,for the first time in these days,,they haven’t uttered a single word other than those chapters..,

Shiv–this is it,,,,u can go now.,,tomorrow is last day,,hope u’ll revision all chapters thoroughly..,!

Ani–shivaay r u angry??believe me i haven’t done anything..!!

Shiv–anika plzz,,,what do u think i’ll believe u….dont lie again n again….

Shivaay stands n moves towards door..,
Anika hold his hand,…

Ani—shivaay,,u dont have trust on me…we were good frnds n!!!!do u think i’ll do this,.,…plzzz believe me….
(Anika starts crying badly,,,she starts sobbing,,,,tears start flowing from her eyes,,!!while crying she sits on the floor still holding shivaays hand..)

Shivaay is unable to control his emotions after seeing this condition of his best frnd,his companion,his love….,!!!

Shivay sits down n cupped her face…

Shiv—anika,,,shhhhshhh,,,,,…stop crying,,,i cant see tears in ur eyes….i m stupid to doubt on u,,..i m sorry,,,,plzzz stop crying….

Shivay wipes her tear n hugs her,,,..anika also reciprocate n hug him tightly…

Ani–shivaay believe me i haven’t done anything (still sobbing) ,,,,,monica herself fall from stair intentionally,,,,,she thinks i m snatching u from her…

Shiv–first u stop crying ,,he caresess her face….i believe u….infact my heart was always saying u cant do this,,.,bt what i saw,it forced me to follow my mind….

They break their hug,,,,shivaay wipes her tear….

Shiv–dont cry,,i cant see tears in ur eyes…!!i’ll talk to monica…!!why she did all this,..!!!

Ani–u trust me n??r we just frnds???

Shiv–of couese i trust u….u r more than frnd to me,,…l dont want to loose u…..i dont know whats this feeling,,,bt i cant see u crying,,,i cant see u hurt,,,,i want u always stay happy,,,n be always with me…!!

Anika’s eyes starts twinkling,,,she is happy to know shivaay has also same feeling for her as she feels for him….
She gives her a wide smile….!!


Shiv—just awwwwwee!!u wont say anything….!!

Ani–thnk u shivaay for understanding me,,,thnk u sooo much,,,,i really owe u!!!

Shivaay is soo happy after listening these words from anika,,,,,

Shivaay hugged her tightly then they have some chit chat n then they went to thier respective hostels,,,

Shivaay’s room

shivaay is on his bed n thinking about all the incidents that had happened today….
He thought,,when monica fell why she said my name..!!how does she know i m there,,,,,,,

Shivaay was climbing stairs to second floor..!!
(there r two stairs in college,,one where monica n anika were standing n other from where shivaay was coming…)

flashback ends

Shiv–I watched that anika was slipped,,it seems that she wanted to hold monica…bt when monica said that she has pushed her i was unable to control my anger… !!!

Was anika saying truth that monica is jealous of our closeness so she did all this….
No she is not like this,…
I will ask monica tomorrow about this,.,
Anika’s room

Oh my god,,,,kya shivaay ne jo aj kha wo sb sach h..,,does he feel for me…uff,,,what am i thinking,,,,he consider me just as frnd….!!

Chal anika,,dont think much n sleep now…

They both slept thinking about each other…
Shivika’s last class was there,,,bt due to some problms in college,,college was closed for a week…

it is on fast forward mode,,i’ll just tell important things which happened…..!!

On the frst day….!
As Shivika were unable to meet each other,,,they started missing each other,,,,
They were unable to concentrate on any work,they wanted to spend time with each other..

So next day shivaay called anika…n they decided to meet,,,they spend quality time with each other,,,like this they satrted meeting each other on a regular basis…!!

Meanwhile monica was also recovering (guys monica has just fracture’,,,broken legs won’t recover in one week no,,!!:-P ? ? )

She was very frustrated with shivika’s closeness,,shivay started doubting monica,,he started ignoring her.,,,this made monica more frustrated…!!
she met rohit n started plotting evil plans against anika….!!

Soon shivaay came to know that monica was behind all this,,he was shattered to know the betrayal of his bff….he confronted monica n breaks his frndship with her….

All this made monica more evil,she started hating anika soo much,,she just wanted to make her life miserable…!!

Here shivika’s bond become more stronger,,they started sharing a beautiful equation,,,definately it was much more than the frndship,,,,,

Anika wanted to confess her feelings n decided to do that on their last day of xtra class….
Bt shivaay was still confused is it love or just frndship,,!!!he wanted to be with her bt lots of things r there in his mind,,,,,,n he was really confused…!!!



PRECAP—-it will be the turning episode of my ff where title will be justified…,so stay tuned….

This is it for today,,,,so how was this guys,,,hope u njoyed this n i think it was long enough too,,,,,chalo make me happy by showering lots of commnt,…
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