Love at first sight??”NAAH”” ~lOVe At LaSt SiGht~ ISHQBAAZ,,SHIVIKA FF (EPISODE-5B)

Hii guys…I m back with second part,.,


I m continuing from monica n that man’s conversation..

Someone met monica near college parking area…
Monica–who r u??n why u called me here??

Man–i m ur well wisher….!!i just want to show the real face of ur bff….why is he ignoring you!!

Monica—what r u saying,,,…shivaay will always be with me…he won’t hurt me ever…n he’s not ignoring me ,,he’s just busy….!!u get it..

Man–ohh…realllyy….u r saying he is ur bestie n u don’t know about him….then see this…

(He shows monica all the pics which he clicked when shivika were in that class)

Monica was shocked seeing the pic,,,,she told to herself..

Monica–why shivaay did this to me…why he didn’t told me anything about this,,,i can’t share my shivaay with anyone…anika u need to pay for this,,,i’ll get my shivaay at any cost….by hook or crooke!!!
N she gives an evil smile…n said to the man…

Monica–so u r my well wisher!!!so will u help me this??

Man–pleasure is always mine…

Monica–ok i’ll call u n tell u what to do next…

Saying this she went from there..

(So guys that man is Rohit…..he has a crush on anika,,he is from anika’s home town n from same college where anika had studied before joining this college.. He was a cool dude of the college..every girl wanted to be with him,,bt he had feelings for anika..once he proposed her infront of whole college bt she had rejected his proposal,,,,,he was so frustrated as anika had rejected his proposal infront of whole college…his ego was hurted….
From that time,,,he just wanted to make anika’s life hell…..he used to follow her everywhere….
Then one day ,he found anika n shivaay together n he monica’s jealousy was also known to him….
So he started executing his plan,,,he has taken shivika’s pic whenever they r alone to use it against them,,,,,he knew it very well that if Monica will come to know all this,,she’ll make anika’s life miserable…)

Rohit to himself—anika just start counting ur days….ur happiness won’t last for long….
He smirked n went from there….

anika is on 2nd floor n she is going to the staff room,n is eating banana n said to herself..

Ani–chl anika dkhte h tu kitna dur chilke ko phek skti h,,n she throws banana peel as far as she could……
O bete ki!!!waah kya baat h anika,,,kitna dur gya,,,,n she patted her shoulder for this…

She just then noticed monica coming towards her…

Ani–hii monica!!how r u??

Monica—how will i fine until u r here…!!!(with anger)

Ani–what happend,,why r u talking like this??

Monica–oh please….stop ur drama now,,,,i know u r behind my shivaay….bt let me tell u one thing,,i won’t let u succeed in ur plans…

Saying this she moved back towards stair facing anika…

Ani–monica u r misunderstanding me..,!!n what r u doing,,tum gir jaogi…

Monica continued to move back n gave an evil smile to anika…..n intentionaly fall from stairs,,,n shouts SHIVAAY

Anika was shocked seeing this she run towards her bt her leg was on banana peel n she slipped so was unable to hold monica’s hand…

Just then shivaay comes there,,,,,n run towards monica…..

Shiv–monica,,,,what happened!!! R u ok???monica,,,,,monica….

Monica’s hand were broken,,,n she had a deep cut on her head too…..

Monica points her finger towards anika n said..

Monica—ss..hhh…eee pu……..ed m..e(she was writhing in pain)
N then she faints in shivaays arm

Shivaay takes her to the hospital,,anika followed him to the hospital…

Monica was taken to OT….
Shivaay was very sad for monica’s condition n was hell angry on anika….

He went towards her….he pulled her hand very hard n pinned her against wall n said..,

Shiv–how dare u anika???how could u??

Ani–shivaay what r u doing,,,,its hurting me,.,,leave me….i haven’t done anything…

Shiv–don’t act smart anika… could u pushed monica!!!she is in this condition becoz of u!!!

Ani–no shivaay,,,maine kuch ni kya….monica did all this herself….i didn’t push her..

Shiv–don’t lie anika,…,don’t u have shame…u did all this n still u r lying…..

Shivaay jerk her hand hard n went from there…..

Ani–shivaay maine kuch ni kya(she was crying very badly)….plzzzz trust me,,,,,,!!!
After few hours monica was discharged…..shivaay take her to her home…n he asked her .

Shiv–monica,,,r u sure anika pushed u??or u just slipped ???

Monica–shivaay,,what do u think am i lying…!!

Shiv–no monica,,,its not like that….bt why would she do this…..!!have u seen her pushing u???

Monica starts stammering now….
Monica–noo,,,,mtlb hn maine dkha nhi th,,,,bt only she was there,..

Shiv—soo u aren’t sure!!!!ok u take rest,,,,i’ll come soon,,

By saying this he went from there….

Monica—what blunder i did just now?!!!shit…hope shivaay didn’t catch me….


….to be continued

Guys i hope its long enough!!!!if not….i’ll try to post next part soon…..n pleass ignore any grammatical errors,,,,i m writing this n feeling sleepy so may there will be some mistake….hope u all like this,..
N thnk u sooooo much for ur love,,n sooo much commnt ….thnk u soooo much…

*special note*
Sry i know its not the place for this bt i want to ask archisha,,why r u not coming online archu n why u r not using ur registered id to commnt!!…..

Lots of love❤

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