Love at first sight??”NAAH”” ~lOVe At LaSt SiGht~ ISHQBAAZ,,SHIVIKA FF (EPISODE-5A)

Hii guys…this is me kanfi back with another part,,,,,,many of u have asked for long update… here it goes…i know i was posting regularly bt i m late this time so sorrryyyy….episode was too long so it is in two parts,..


SHIVIKA’S 3rd last class

Shivay n anika meet in the class..shivay asked him ques from last chap n they moved to next chap….
20min r left to 7:00pm

Shiv–so anika,,its done….now we have only two days left to spend together,,,,u r a very good frnd of mine,,,,,i really like to spend time with you… what u think about me??

Ani–yaa shivaay,,,i was also thinking,,only two days more..
I m really blessed to have frnd like you…i live here alone n u was always by my side….u never ignored me….really shivaay u have special place in my life….

Shiv–anika i know,,we won’t be here after few days bt we’ll meet in class n!!

Ani–yaa shivaay,,bt we wouldn’t spend too much time together,,u’ve to give ur time to monica too….i’ll really miss u,,,ur sweet anger,,ur kanji ankhen,,ur care,,ur lov_____!!
(What am i saying,,u anika!!!r u mad!!)

Shiv–what did u say???


[Guyss they have almost spend 6-7months together (yaa i know its too long for xtra clsss bt manne m kya problm h;-) ? ? ? ) they like each other company,,they’ve feelings for each other bt were hesitating to confess ]

Shiv–u’ll just miss me only??nothing else??

Ani–you’ve to say something??

Shiv–nooooo,,,u’ve to??

Ani–nooo….shivaay its 8 pm now,,we r already late we should leave….!!

They move towards door but it was locked
(Watchman has locked the door as it was 8pm)

Shiv–o shit!!!what the hell is this!!!what will we do now??

Ani–i think we have to spend night here!! Have to sleep here only!!!no option left…

Shiv–whaaaaattt???are u mad!!!!! We’ll sleep together,,u r ok with it??

Ani–hawwww shivaaayy….sirf galat sochte rhte h hr wakt,,mera mtlb h yhi rukna prega hme,rat me..

Shiv–ohhh,,,,,i thought u want to______*winking*____sorrryyyy….!!!(gives a mischieveous smile)

Suddenly lights get off….

Anika started panicking…..

Ani–sssshhhhivvvayyyy….why lights get off..!!
(She holds his arm tightly)

Shiv–don’t worry anika…i’m here..,

He tried to calm her,,anika hugged him tightly and due to fear n she slept in his embrace…

Shiv–anika….!!r u slept..??

He make her slept on the floor cautiously as he doesn’t wanted to disturb her deep slumber…n he also slept there…

(Someone clicked their pic)

anika wake up n she found shivaay’s hand was on her shoulder,,,she removed his hand n stand up instantly….by this time ,,shivaay was also awake…

Shiv–r u okay anika??

Ani–ya i’m fine….n she started to move towards door..

Shiv–anika,,,u r blushing!!!!

Ani–no..(says hesitantly)..why would i blush…!!!

Shiv–u r blushing anika..
N he move towards her,,,she moves backward,,,,,n now she was leaning against door…shivaay move closer..

N suddnly someone opens the door….
N anika was going to fall bt shivay hold her hand,,they shared n eyelock which was soon disturbed by a voice…

Monica–shivaay what were u doing here all night!!(in anger tone)

Shiv–monica,wo actually we were stuck there,,someone had closed door yesterday…so we haven’t any option left other than this….

Monica gives a satisfying look to shivaay bt she was fuming in anger from inside..

Soon they all dispersed….
Someone met monica near college parking area…
Monica–who r u??n why u called ms here..

Man–i m ur well wisher….!!i just want to show the real face of ur bff….why is he ignoring you!!

Monica—what r u saying,,,…shivaay will always be with me…he won’t hurt me ever…n he’s not ignoring me ,,he’s just busy….!!u get it..

Man–ohh…realllyy….u r saying he is ur bestie n u don’t know about him….then see this…

(He shows monica all the pics which he clicked when shivika were in that class)

Monica was shocked seeing the pic,,,,she told to herself..

Monica–why shivaay did this to me…why he didn’t told me anything about this,,,i can’t share my shivaay with anyone…anika u need to pay for this,,,i’ll get my shivaay at any cost….by hook or crooke!!!
N she gives an evil smile…n said to the man…

Monica–so u r my well wisher!!!so will u help me this??

Man–pleasure is always mine…

Monica–ok i’ll call u n tell u what to do next…

Saying this she went from there..
Guyss thnk u sooo much for ur love n support’,,next part is posted,do have a look…

Lots of love

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