Love at first sight??”NAAH”” ~lOVe At LaSt SiGht~ ISHQBAAZ,,SHIVIKA FF (EPISODE-4)

Hiiii guyssss,,,this is me kanfi back with next part..,thnk u soooo much for loving my work to this xtent,,,,,love you guyss….

Guyss,,,,i had asked u for actress playing monica’s character..”aahlada” recommended me surbhi jyoti….i didn’t want her as monica,,as this character is going to be i think surbhi jyoti ko hi rkhte h so that u all can relate,,thnx aahlada….

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AT 5:30 P.M
In class next to library

Shivaay is roaming in the class in anger as anika was late…

Shiv–how irresponsible is this girl!!!let her come,,i’ll confront her…
Suddenly an idea popped up in his head n he gives wicked smile…

He thought to scare her and switches off all the light n close all windows ,,,making the room cmplte dark…

Anika enters the class,eating banana,,,(her fav fruit,,will play major role ahead),,
n shivaay closed the door without making noise..

Anika was scared,,,she thought why is so darkness here…she rushes to the door bt it was locked..

She starts panicking,,,,n starts yelling,,,,”is anyone there”,,,,,she starts crying,,,plzzzz open the door..her voice was trembling with fear…[we all know how much anika is afraid of darkness]

Soon Shivaay realizes his mistake n turn on the light n rushed towards annika to console her…

Shiv–anika r u alright i was just doing prank.

Anika just hugged shivaay tightly,,,,n starts crying aloud…

Shivaay tried to console her,,,patted his back,,,,trying to calm her,,,,

(Someone click their pic)

When anika becomes slightly ok,,,he wiped her tears n said..

Shiv–i m really sorry,,,,i didn’t knew u’ll get scared to this xtnt..

Ani–i have nyctophobia(fear of darkness),,,,,,..plzz dont do it again..

Shiv–okkk really sorry,,i didn’t knew that….come lets start the work for which we r here,.


Shivay starts her teaching,,,n making her understand leftout chapters…

After sometime Anika starts yawning….shivaay sees this….

Shiv–what this???with a anger look

Ani–are jmhai le rhi…

Shiv–what the wuck..,whats jm….hh…!!

Ani–are u dont know…jab apko neend ane lagti hai to munh apne ap khulne lgta n ,,whi usiko jmhai khte h..,.

Shiv—yawninggg,,,,thats called yawning,.n give an impossible look to her,,,
i m teaching u here,,,, n u r getting sleepy!!!..
Okk leave it here now…just revise it thoroughly…i’ll continue it tomorrow…okay???

Ani–okay bhagad billa…*winking*

As she was walking towards door,,her leg was on peel of bnana (which she was eating when ntrd…)
N dd….hhhh……rrr…….aaa…..mmmmm..

Next min she was on floor..


Shiv—(starts laughing)…u were soo sleepy that puri kaaynaat wanted u to sleep here only,,,,,still laughing…

Anika passed a death glare to him,….n she was trying to get up bt unable to so shivaay passed his hand….she hold it n trying to stand bt again slipped bt this time our shivaay hold her,,,,
They share an eyelock…

Suddnly monica ntered in the room….

Monica–hey shivaay,,r u done.,……..
N was shocked…

Monica–what is all this??

Shiv–nothing ..,,,in composing himself he left anikas hand n she fell again….


Shiv–r u alright..??

Monica–r u fine??whats have u done shivaay???

Ani–yes i’m…..she tried to stand bt was unable to…
She has a small fracture in her left foot,,,,
After soo many attmpts she finally get up bt she is struggling in walking…

Shivaay holds her in his arms n start walking ..

Ani–what r u doing…

Shiv—cant u see,,,,,,i m helping u…

Ani–u dont need to…

Shiv—yaa i know bt wo kya h n i didn’t do my workout in the morning,,so it is good for me,,,*winking.*

Anika passed a smile

Shiv–ok here comes ur hostel room…bye take care..


Here monica was watching all this…

Shiv—what happnd ???lets go…

Monica—nothing,,yaa lets go…..

Whole day in college passed n now its time for xtra class…

Shivika meet in the class,,,shivaay asked about her leg…

Ani–ya it was just sprain,,i thought it was fracture,,now its fine,,just light pain

shivaay asked anika about previous chapters n she has revised everything so answered properly…
So they moved to next chap…20 min left to 7 o’clock…

Shiv–anika,,its done for today..

Ani–shivay still 20 min r left..

Shiv–yaa i know..

Ani–so what’ll we do..should i go??

Shiv–woo,,,…i was thinking to be frnds,,,,so i alot 20 min for us to know each other,,,,so lets talk…frnds????
(Guys shivaay has no feeling for anika,,,,he just wanted to be frnd nothing else)

Ani—okay then,,so lets talk

They had a sweet talk….they r laughing on each others antics…

Monica overhears their talk n says to herself

Monica–why is he being so frndly to her,,we r not getting time with each other,,,,i’ve to do smething,what if shivaay fotget me!!!i’ve to come here regularly….

Shivika come outside,,,anika went to her hostel,,,,n shivaay goes with monica..

Monica n shivvay are hanging out in college garden..
Anika passes from there…

Shiv–hey anika…

Ani–hii shivay,,,,,hii monica


Shiv–u can join us,,we all r frnds,,,isn’t it monica.

Monica–(fuming)yaa sure

Ani–yaa i’ll love to,,bt not now..i’ve some work..,will meet u guys later..


Anika left
Monica think–i’ve to do something …i can’t share shivaay with anyone…
Like this,,,many days passsd like this shivika became good frnds….monica was very jealous of their frndship bt she haven’t done anything yet as she didn’t want to hurt anyone….
Bt shivika’s closeness was making impossible for her to listen her good thinking…

Now there only few days left for anika’s xtra classes…

Third last class of shivika….
PRECAP—shivika locked in room,,,,,monica’s patience crossed the limit,,,so she done_______this_____!!!!!!

Guys this is it for today hope u like it…..can anyone gues what will monica do..!!!stay tuned to know the ansr….

N thnk u soooo much for soo much love,,,,ur commnt meant a lot to me,,,,keep showering ur love like this..

Lots of love

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