Love at first sight??”NAAH”” ~lOVe At LaSt SiGht~ ISHQBAAZ,,SHIVIKA FF (EPISODE-2)

Thnk u soo much guys,,for soo much love….i m overwhelmed….

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So here is the next part…..
After waking up shivaay headed toward his room n he was just shocked….

Anika was lying on floor,,all medical equipmnts r fallen….he rushed to her,,,n call the doctor…

All oberoi family gathered outside shivika’s room while doctor was checking anika
(Actually he has made room mini hospital for anika,,all eqiupmnts were there,,so no need of hospital)

Shivaay is very restless,,tears r rolling from his eyes,.
he says to himself–how can be I so careless,,i left her alone in room,,how could i do this,,he was crying very badly..

Omru r consoling him..
Doctor came out

Shiv–doc how is anika???is she fine??how all this happened???

Doc–shivaay calm down…i have already told j ,her body has given up…we should end her life..

Shiv—doc..don’t u dare to say this…(angrily,,holding his collar),,,,,tell me what happened to her??

Doc–she can’t survuve more….may be she has some movemnt at night due to breathing problem she’s facing…u just need to pray…i m again saying same thing,,u should free her from this state…
I should leave now,…make sure there is always someone with her..

Rudra leave doc to exit..

Shivaay was shattered n sit on the ground….tears were rolling from his eye,,,no i can’t do this,,,i can’t let her go..

Omru consoles him,,they hugged him..

Shiv–om ,,i don’t want to loose her…(he was sobbing very badly as if his life is going away from him)..
I can’t live without,,do something….

Omru also have tears in there eyes seeing this condition of their beloved brother…they console him..

Omru,,shaivaay/bhaiya everyting will be alright.

Everyone left,,,only shivika r there in room..

Shivaay sits beside anika,,,n cupped her face…

Shiv–I love u very much anika.,,n wont let anything happn to u,,,i’ll make everything alright…

*song played in background*



Tears again make their path trough his eyes n fall on her hand…(again there is a movemnt in her hand bt unnoticed by shivaay)

He caresses her face n kisses on her forhead..
He goes n sit on the couch..

Just then soumya n gauri nters in the room..


Shiv–areeee soumya,gauri you here??

Soumya–yaa i m not feeling sleepy,,so come to see bhabhi,,u r still awake?

Shiv–yaa,,i’m not feeling sleepy too…

Gauri–so bhaiya,tell is na how u n bhabhi met…n how all this happen??u never told us about this…om also didn’t say anything..

Shiv—okay…it was 2years before…..


So this it for today guys…hope u liked it.i know its short as i wanted to give flashback as a episode..
.plzz drop commnt…it will motivate me…
Flashback is very interesting u’ll love it…

Lots of love,❤

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  1. Ishanvi

    It’s so emotional Di!! Feeling bad for Anika!? Hope she will be fine!!

  2. Soumya85

    Wow di its superb?amazing ?loved it?sorry for late comment ?love u?

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