Love at first sight ss by presha part 3


Hey guys back again with the next part of my ss love at first sight … I m happy that u r liking my ss as the number of coments have increased andi m also happy that my exams r over and my holidays have begun so i will try to little early if possible

Recape:twinj falling in love at first sight

Lets start with today’s epi
One week has passed after twinj meeting and falling in love at the very first sight and with each passing day there love for each other is deeping.
In college
Kunj pov
It has been 1 week i met twinkle i hsve crazy for her god wat is happening to me i think i hsve to tell her my felling for her before it gets late
On other side twinkle is seen with mahi and thinking
Twinkle pov
1 week has passed and know my love for kunj is deepening by the passing of every single secong babaji i think i have to tell kunj about my feelings fo him … Suddenly twinkles phone rings and it flashes kunj and a small curve affears on her lips …….. She pics the call

K:hii twinki i want to tell u something plz reach xyz place at 6 pm in evening…
T:ok kunj byeee and hungs the call
Twinj were very excited for there date kunj was dress in a black suit and a white shirt with black pants looking killer and twinkle was dressed in a peach colour off shoulder gown leaving her hair open looking absolutely gorgeous

At xyz place
A man is seen standing in a decorated place with ballons flowers where a table is placed for two with a bottle of champaign and a cake waiting impatiently for his lady love … Than only s girl is seen entering and the boy is looking towards her and they r none other than twinj…. Kunj walked towands her and bend on his knees took out a solitare ring from his pocket and said to twinkle
K:twinkle u know when for the first time i saw u i was like lost lost in u ur beauty ur childness ur thought and everything about u when the next time i saw u i was again falling in love with u deeply than by every passing second my love for u always deepen u must be feeling that how can someone fall in love in just a small timespan but my love for u was love at first sight… I know u must be feeling it weird but yes i have fallen crazely for u at the very first time nd I LOVE U and I M CRAZY ABOUT U i really truly deeply love u twinkle…
T πŸ™ did not say anything she was just speechless she just bend down nd hugged him and said) i too feel for u same kunj i have also fallen for u at the very first sight nd I TOO love U KUNJ YES I DO

K:HUGGED HER back and made her wear the ring and moved to the table were they cut the cake too celebrate their new love soon kunj asked twinkle for a dance and they danced on jab tak from ms dhoni
They were so lost in there dance and each others eyes that they didn’t realise when they came clise and there lips were a mere inch away Nd there lips met a kiss started so simple tirnd so passionated and lasted for 10 min and they broke because of lach of air breathing heavely where twinkle was all red due to blushing and kunj was looking at her lovingly….
K:dont blush so much i m not able to control myself
T:blushing madly

K:if something happens then dont blame me bcoz u r driving me crazy twinkle…
T:playfully hitter on his chest and soon they embraced themself in a tight hug not wiling to loos each other for a moment after sometime they went to there home
In there way home twinkle saw a ice cream parlour and asked kunj for an ice cream and they went to have while having kunj looked toward twinkle who was enjoying her ice cream like a kid nd kunj smiled on her childish act and they left for home thinking about there confession hug kiss meeting and every moment they spent together
At night
Twinkle was unable to sleep bcoz the thought of kunj was driving her crazy same was happening with kunj too on the other side mahi is seen talking with someone and saying i love u too yuvraj( yes yes u heard right yuvi ) nd the guys on phone is yuvi az d has a smile on his face…. ( confused na how yuhi nd love so lets see )
After college yuvi took mahi to a place which was decorated beautifully but mahi was not able too see bcoz she was blind fold but when she removed the cloth from her eyes she saw yuvi sitting on his knees with a ring snd saying I LOVE U MAHI nd mahi too replied saying I LOVE U TOO YUVI nd ther shared a hug and is kiss which lasted for few min
Fb ends
So its all enough for today hope u like twinj nd yuhi confession finger crossed
Plz do comment and tell how was it whether positive or negative
U can too share if u want any change in the plot and can give a veiw if u want to give

Precape:twinj moment

Plz comment
Keep smiling
Lots of love ?

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  1. Aamna_2690

    Hey presha…..
    Dear the confession was so beautiful….
    It was so cute….
    Sorry for not commenting on each shot…. very busy these days…. hope u don’t mind it….
    Do cont soon..
    Take care…
    Love u

    1. Presha

      Its ok dear nd thanks

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

    1. Presha

      Thanks dear

  3. Anam_sidhant

    Cute episode!??

    1. Presha

      Thanks u dear

  4. Angel20

    It was really cute! Nice one!

    1. Presha

      Thank u so much dear

  5. I don’t like it
    I fact I love it
    Twinj confession was so awesome ??

    1. Presha

      U scared me but glad u love it

  6. Chiku

    Awwww!!! Thats soo cute. Loved it
    Post soon❀️❀️

  7. Roshini125

    Hey dear, thankq fr cming into contact and sry dear I couldn’t cmnt on previous one aa I am out of station couldn’t use net.
    Last epi was good, confession was hell cute…n lovely n cming to this epi u nailed it. Everything is cute cute cute n cute.
    Muahhhhhhh fr u frm my side
    Love u
    Post next one soon

  8. Ramya

    Awesome presha too cute
    Two couples have confessed on one day lovely
    Loads of love keep smiling

  9. SidMin23

    Cute confessions and twinj proposal moment was Awesome and I never like yuhi in tei but here u make me like them together wating for twinj moment

  10. Adya

    Awwwwwiiieeeeee that was cute yrr..
    Loved twinjs confession….
    Post soon…love you !

  11. SidMin

    Awesome πŸ™‚ Just Loved it πŸ™‚ Post soon πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for the next episode πŸ™‚

  12. Aanya_pandey

    Aaawwww… It ws lovely yrr..

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