Love at first sight ss by presha part 2

Hey guys back again i thought exam to khatam hi hain so why not to give next part i got 14 comment and thanks everyone who commented and encouraged me to write more and thank to those who wished me luck for my exams

Enough of my bak bak …. Lets start the next part
Two girls are seen entering the college and they are our punjabi pattaka twinkle and mahi.
They are seen walking in the corridors of college to get in there class whereas everyone is looking at them with there jaw drop girls because of jealousy and boys bcoz of there beaty
They are seen entering in class when suddenly twinkle bumps in a bay and is about to fall but our hero hold her by her waist in nick of time and is looking towards her lovingly whereas twinkle has closed her eyes due to fear but when she slowly opens her eyes she get lost in kunj eyes and they share a deep eyelock until it gets broken by yuhi
Yuhi together:r u fine

And they left for class after moving from there kunj feels something abt twinkle and thinks about there moment just some time ago and a smile appears on his face and thinks have i fallen in love with her like all say love at first sight and same happens with twinkle

In class
After entering in class twihi looks for seat as there is no seat for them then suddely they see two seats occupied one one by two boys and went to sit there and the boys were kuvi si mahi sat with yuvi and twinj sat together and to start a conversation they introduce themselves
K:hii.. I m kunj kunj sarna
T:hllo i m twinkle taneja

K:kunj forwarding his hsnd asks can be become friends twinkle nods and shakes her hand same happens eith yuhi
During break
All came in canteen twihi also came with kuvi and they introduce themself with kuvi other friend
Kunj pov
Why babaji i feel a new feeling when twinki is near me close to me have i fallen in love.. Plz give me a hint
Twinkles pov
Bbaji wat is happening to me why i feel buterflies in my stomach when kunj is so close to me do i have hallen for him plz gibe me a hint
Both pov ends

Here both have decided to wait for a hint from babaji to realise have they realky fallen in love with each other or its just a simple attraction
In evening after college twihi are seen going to there home when some goon start troubling them and talking nonsense abt them when suddely one of goon tried to come close to twihi suddenly he felt a punch on his face by someone nd he is …. yuvraj who saved mahi from the goon when the goon troubling twinkle got a hit on his manhood by non other thsn our hero kunj and twinkle in fear moved behind kunj and bavk hugged him after a good fight kunj turn toward twinkle and hugged her and consoled and said why were u going alone at this time from this way agar tumhe kuch hojata toh mera kya hota … And he realised wat he said and thinks

Kunj pov thank u babaji i realised i love her ya i love her i m in love with twinkle at first sight love at first sight
Pov ends
T:i m sorry kunj for doing this next time i will not do it but she ask him tumne kaha agar mujhe kuch ho jata to tumhe kyun fark padta bolo nd thinks
Twinkle pov
Babaji wat i heard kunj ko fark padata agar mijhe kuch hojata it means he also feels the same for me like me he has also fallen fo me it means our love is love at firsy sight thanks babaji
Pov ends
After this kuvi left twihi at there house and went where twinj were thinking to confess there love to each other
Screen freezes on there smiling faces
Precape :twinj confession
Ok guys here is part 2 of this ss ya i thought to make it a short story rather than a 3 short because something new i have thought to add in this plot and it will be longer so though to change it from 3 shot to a ss

Ok guys do drop ur comment and i will try to post little longer as last one was too short and hope this is little longer
Plz comment it motivates me to write whether positive or negative
Lots of love 😍


  1. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Loved it πŸ™‚ Love at first sight πŸ™‚
    And Twinj are so sweet πŸ™‚
    And I am glad you are extending this story πŸ™‚
    Love you πŸ™‚ Post soon πŸ™‚

  2. Priya23

    Love at first sight… First day they were fallen in love…good… Just amazing…. Love it very much…. Ok plzzz post soon….
    Love u…keep smiling….,,

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