Love at first sight ss by presha part 10 + Author’s note ( last part )


Hey guys back again with the next and the last part of my as…..
First of all thank u all who commented on my as and encouraged me to write…..
Second special thanks to rosh adya ayu anshika
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Authors note
Hey guys I will end this as today but I promise I will be back in march as I have to prepare for my 10 class board exam and I hope u will understand ..thank u all who gave me there love and excepted me in this TU u all
So back to epi
At night
( specially on request of priya )

Twinkle was sitting on bed her face was covered by veil..atfersometime kunj entered the room and saw twinkle sitting he went towards her and sat on the bed and removed her veil and leaned closer and kissed her cheeks as soon as he kissed her twinkle stood up and ran to the window…kunj followed her nd Bach hugged her his chin on her shoulder and started giving wet kisses on her neck cheeks shoulder ..twinkle turned and hugged him to hide her shyness and kunj smiled and smirked and and picked her in bridal style and went near the bed and placed her and removed all her jewellery by giving kisses on every corner on her body like eyes ear navel finger armpits….and ccapturned his lips on twinkle..his hard lips on twinkles soft one ..twinkle reciprocated the kiss with same passion sucking his upper lips while he was nimbling on her lower lips fighting for dominance and kunj entered her mouth and explored each and every corner of her lips they broke after long time due to urgent need of air and twinkle turned due to shyness and kunj smirked..and came on top of her and winked at her…twinkle gave a what wala look while kunj smiled and said ready for the main action while twinkle blushed….
On the other hand yuhibwere busy romancing in yuhis room ( in he main disturb nahi karungi ) so let them enjoy

Twinj room
Twinkle was blushing like mad and our kunj was just adoring her…twinkle nod her head in yes and kunj started giving her kissese on eye than ear by biting her ear lobe than both the cheeks than nose than he moved to nech kissing butting and leaving perhect hickeys and bite he removed her clothes as well as his also and pulled the duvet and rest of night was spent in making love and moans and they consummated their marriage and drift to deep sleep….

Next day
Kunj waked up first due to sun rays and saw twinkle sleepind on his chest holding his torso he smiled and thought aaj air bhi khoobsurat air bhi masoom air cute lag rahi hai and pecked her for head it disturbed twinkles sleep and her hold on his torso became more tight
K:gud mrng wifey
T:gud mrng hubby
K:I love u
T:I love u too….and twinkle got up to freshen up but kunj pulled her and she landed on his chest.
K:my mrng kiss
T:no kiss leave me I have to go
K:first kiss than go
T:OK close ur eyes

K:OK…and twinkle pecks on his cheeks and ran to bathroom
After taking bath she realised she did not brought her clothes twinkle thought for some time and called kunj and asked him to give her the clothes kunj said OK but he smirked and as soon as the bathroom door opened kunjbentered the bathroom while twinkle just became shy nd turned away and said him to leave her but he hold her by waist and tuned her toward himself and on the shower tap and they have bath together with some romance and than they came out and got ready and went down and took everyone blessing and they lived happily ….

Leap of 2 years
Yuhi were standing with a baby boy in there hand with kunj and other family in front of a room in hospital and suddenly a baby cry is heard and the doc came and informed kunj that its a baby girl and he went inside the room and kissed twinkles forhead and baby too and they went back home and usha and leela did theirvaarti and naming ceremony of baby was done and the baby were named yuhis son kush and twinj daughter kiara…and they livedva happily married life with there daughter which was like a gift for them…

That’s all for the last part of this as and thanks for ur support guys
Lots of love
Hope u like this chapter
Do comment guys and silent readers if any do comment

Will be back in march but I will try to write one shot in between in I get time but guys I will comment on all ur work
Love u all

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  1. Sameera

    Wow presha soooooo cute epi speech less year so cute n amaizing ??????itni jaldi end kardiya but I can understand do come back soon in March yaad loved the whole story alott such a unique story loved love u come back soon ???

    1. Presha

      Thsnk u dear

  2. loved it…….sorry for not commenting actually today only i registered my number

    1. Presha

      4its 128076 dear nd thank u

  3. Hima.S.Akbar

    Wil miss u??

    1. Presha

      Thank u dear

  4. Haaayeeee may mar java gur khake.. Koi to pani lao yaar…aaagg lag gayi..
    What a episode yaar.. Suparbb..
    It’s sooo hotttt and tooo romantic. Love twinj romance to the core.. My phn is burning.. lol..thank u sooo much 4 fulfilling my rqst and this super hott update…
    Yaar I will miss u sooo much…plz come back soon with ur another amazing ff in march. and give ur out standing performance i mean exam..he he…OK now best of luck 4 ur best exam…
    Stay happy and keep smiling..
    Love you. Muaaahh.

    1. Presha

      Thank u dear so much I will be back in between with my 2 or 3 os will miss u love u muaaa

  5. RUTU.....

    Really an amazing episode dear loved it and best of luck for your studies for boards exam and I surely know that You will score really good marks cause your are an amazing in writing & hence it’s obvious that you are awesome also in your studies with lots of love ???

    1. Presha

      Thank dear

  6. Firstly all the best fr ur board exm
    N the episode is superb amazing awesome romantic n wht not loved it
    N I m gonna miss u ?

  7. Ruchita Bhole!!

    Hey presha ur ff was superb !!
    N all d best for exams n i dont tension as i know how everybody is extra concerned abt our studies these days coz m also in 10 n cant understand ur pain ?? best luck dude stay blessed!!

  8. SidMin23

    Amazing but will miss this ff all the best for exam

  9. Hi presha……ur ff was?????????????????????????
    Will miss u ..cmbck soon ….
    Loads of love ..

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous lovely epi

  11. Simiyy

    Hey Presha
    your ss was truly amazing
    i loved it
    please come back soon
    loads of love

  12. Adya

    Hey presha…. Will miss you dear
    But studies are more important….
    Well the episode was a blast … I love it.. extremely beautifully written. Do write some os..
    Loads of love

    1. Presha

      Thank u dear miss u n will be back with some shots in jan

  13. Chiku

    Hey pesha
    Thats soo sweet❤️❤️❤️….. loved it to the core. Its just lovely.
    Will miss u dear❤️?
    All the best for ur boards
    Loads of love?

    1. Presha

      Thank u dear

  14. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Awesome 🙂
    I loved the happy end it was so sweet 🙂
    All the best for your grade 10th examinations I am sure you would rock them 🙂
    Waiting for your comeback 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  15. Ramya

    Main dho din busy kya ho gayi aur tumhare ff per comment nahi kar payi n den when I’m back u have ended it
    Dis is not right
    But ff was superb cute loved it frm start to end n u know my sister is also in 10th
    All the best fr exams
    Love u keep smiling

    1. Presha

      Thank u dear I will be bach in jan with my one 2 or 3 shot air march se ek new ff k saath

  16. Aanya_pandey

    That ws an amazing end to ur story dear.. jst loved ur story

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  17. Really? Was I born like this ?

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      I think so thank u dear

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