Love at first sight (SKR)


Hey everyone!!!! I couldn’t help but write further after the overwhelming response by u guys!! Also, this one’s a makeup for all those members who don’t understand hindi and hence couldn’t get the conversation in the last one. Hope u guys enjoy this too!!

It had been over 2 months of their wedding, and the 4 happy couples were a week away from their 3rd month anniversaries. One morning, when Lakshman reached the spot in the garden where the brothers regularly exercised together, he heard the planning of ‘what to gift my wife’ going on. Shatrughan had decided to give Kirti a pretty pair earrings which he had personally gotten made for her. Bharat had managed to get his hands on a copy of a rare book which Mandvi had been yearning to read. Ram, on the other hand, decided to take Sita to a nearby temple with adjoining garden and spend the entire day with her. This made the brothers smile. This was exactly Ram and Sita, their love devoid of any materials, simple, pure and truly divine. When asked what Lakshman intended to gift Urmila, he found himself short of an answer. He had been so busy with Ram, overlooking the state matters, that he had just not thought about it. That day, he returned to his chambers thinking how to make the day special for his lady love, when the idea dawned on him. He had seen a beautiful painting in Mithila which Urmila and Sita had made as children. It was truly laved by the girls but they couldn’t get it to Ayodhya because of its size. Knowing his Mila, he knew she loved to paint and would love a painting as a gift. Thus, he decided to recreate it for the love of his life.

       For the next 3-4 days, Urmila found Lakshman visiting her lesser than usual. He didn’t go to Ram’s chambers either. No one seemed to know his whereabouts. Once, he returned to their room late at night, with paint stain on his angvastra(upper garment). This doubled her curiosity. What was going on? She finally made up her mind to follow him after the court proceedings ended the next day, which she did. She found him working furiously on the canvas, trying to mimic the painting he saw at Mithila. Her heart swelled with love. Not wanting to disturb him or spoil his surprise, she decided to walk away. But, while turning around, her drape accidently knocked over a vase, making a sharp clanging sound, which obviously he didn’t miss. She was caught.

        Turning around with an apologetic look on her face, she saw Lakshman staring at her, clearly disappointed that his surprise was spoilt. She quickly walked to him and apologized, hurriedly explaining the entire scene. But the loss was done, she had ruined his plan. Although he didn’t say it, she could see it on his face. She resolved to cheer him up, and walked to the canvas to examine his handiwork. And she was impressed. For someone who didn’t paint, Lakshman had managed to do quite well. But a few strokes were out of place, and she offered to help him with them, which he gladly accepted. Smiling, Urmila took the brush from him and started showing him the proper method. Eager to learn, Lakshman inched closer, so close that she could feel his breath on her shoulder. Her own breath hitched. It was as if every cell of her body was aware of his closeness. She brushed her thoughts aside, and handed the brush to him. He took it, and started doing exactly as she had shown. He was a quick learner, she observed. Picking up another colour laden brush lying aside, she touched it to his cheek, colouring it green. “Tch, don’t, Mila”, he said, visibly irritated. This caused Urmila to giggle. This was one of the fundamental things on which their love was based. They enjoyed in teasing and defying each other, like kids. Her amusement doubled up with the rush to tease him, she continued with her funny assault, managing to colour his entire left cheek green. This was when he put down his foot and held her hand firmly, preventing her from continuing. He gave her a stern look, and all the playfulness disappeared from her beautiful heart shaped face. She was clearly going to get scolded. But to her utter amazement, he dipped his large palm inside the palatte, and applied colour to her cheek. She looked up and found his eyes full of fun. He was  playing along. He did it again, causing Urmila to squeal with delight like a little girl, and she ran away from him. He picked up the colours and chased her, determined to take his sweet revenge. They spent the next few minutes throwing colours and water at each other, enjoying the comical colours of each others faces. He finally caught her and pulled her to the ground, making her sit next to him. He lay his head on her lap and breathed heavily between spells of laughter. “I really wanted this to be a surprise for u Mila”, he said, looking sad. “Aww arya, u thought so much for me and put in so much effort is the biggest gift for me in itself”, she smiled. “U have given me urself, and that’s all i care about”. The reply soothed him, just as she had intended. “And besides,” she said, inching closer, “if I had not come here today”, she said, stroking his handsome face, “i would never have found out how well red nose suits u!” She said, laughing hysterically. Lakshman got up and glanced at his reflection in the mirror in front. The sight was indeed funny, and he too broke into a laugh and lay down again. The entire room filled up with their innocent joy, and the evening sun shone brightly into the room, as if feeling fortunate to witness the pure love of the happy couple.


Please let me know what u think of this one. Love u guys loads!! xoxo

Credit to: Saalini

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  1. Sanjana(Sara)

    Hi di. Its so nice story.

  2. Very nice dear

  3. Nice story…while am reading this am also imagining the scenes u wrote in the article with the actors who are playing lakshman and urmila characters… that feels awesome…

  4. really really nice it was so enjoying to read the ramayan in an opposite way just loved it

  5. Wow its awesome plz continue writing such stories…..

  6. thankx for the compliment i will continue writing

  7. This Laximla FF is just MIND BLOWING! I CAN FEEL THE PRESENCE OF KARAN AND YUKTI AROUND ME, ENACTING OUT THESE SCENES! You are just AMAZING! Please continue fast! And show the Raita(Ram+Sita-That’s what I call them) scenes quickly too! I just cannot wait for the next update! I have never felt this way ever before while reading an FF! I miss you so much in the shoe and yet which are beautiful writing I can feed her I can understand the way she is doing it it’s just is just all going around my head! You are such a beautiful actress and she left us and I was literally in tears when she shot her last episode but now with your writing I can actually feel her I can actually feel that presence of Laxmila and can relive Laxmila love moments in beauty! Thank you so much for this beautiful piece of writing and I’m waiting eagerly for when you’re going to post the next piece!

  8. Nice writing…pls continue:)

  9. Its soooo amazing….dis ff made me feel lyk its iz going around me I can feel their jokes fun n their love…I feel as if I am witnessing their love…ur ff iz so much intense DAT I wish now lakshmila were couples in real lyf too…so much love n chemistry more Dan any serials awesome ff…really awesome…I Neva get tired reading these ff

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