love at first sight [shot by ayath] Part 1


hi guys am ayath with this shot and only 5 shots…so plzz share ur views
a big mansion shown
a handsome guy is coming down with a big waala smile
guy; goodmorning my pyaari dadii
dadii; very good morning my billu
so guyz he is none other shivaay singh oberoi
[in my ff he is same as in real show but he loves childrens and old people he always help them] dadii; when om and rudra coming
shi; it’s a surprise
dadi; billu…this is not fare
shi; kya pyaari
dadii; i know u wont say me
shi; yes pyaari
dadii; but i find it
shi; when
dadi; today only…….actually dadi dosent know about their arrival but she want to find out so she played a prank
shi; haa dadii they are coming today only…now am going to pick them
dadi; ohh beta now i got to know and she laughs loudly
shi; dadiii u r impossible
dadi; ur dadii heinaa
shi; am getting late….am taking ur leave
dadi; go beta and come with my ishqbaazians
shi; ha…he bids bye to her

later a orphanage is shown
mother; mam u here
mam; yes mother. why cant i come here
mo;no… puttar its ur orphanage u can come anytime
mam; she goes and hugs her tightly
mo; after a long time…my cute girl…..
mam; ha mom but now am here don’t sentimenal
mo; thum be na anika u didn’t changed at all
yea she is anika…..this mother is not anika’s real mom she is the mother of the orphanage and anika lives this orphage till 1oyears
later her real parents came their for some puja and met her daughter…..
then she left the orphanage with her parents and settled in america… now she is in india

mo; where is ishaana
ani; she didn’t come bcz she had her mbbs exams
mo; ohh its okay

guys anika had a beautiful sister and her name ishaana….now she is almost
23years……she is in love with someone lika takkar kya pyaar

then anika came to garden and gives all choco and gifts to the childrens and they hugged from like now no one can see her
shivaay who was stuck in traffic his car stopped infronted of the orphanage
his eyes met a beautiful girl…were playing with little childrens but her face is not clear bcz of her hair……shivaay trys but all in vain later he leaves the place
shi; god who is that girl shi is very cute and loving also….i want a girlfriend or wife like her……if i get a person like or she itself am the luckiest man in the world
driver; sir we reached airport
shi; came back his sense
shi; haa u park karo i will take them and come
now shivaay is waiting for his bro’s
after 15 min…he saw om coming from the far
shi walk towards him
shi; om how are u handsome boy
om; shivaay and hugged him tightly
shi; just a sec where is our dumbell
om; wo shivaay
shi; kya
om; he met a girl in plane so he is flirting with her
shi; he didn’t changed
om; no shiv..he became more dumb
rudra came from back and hugged them
shi; wo mera protein shake
ru; bhaiyya and starts crying
om; ojhh shi he started his drama
shi; no om …something happenend
rudy; bhaiyya i met agirl from the airport i liked her but…..
om; bt wht
rudy; she is dating someone else
om and shi; for this matter u crying like a cry baby oberoi
shi; today onwards i wont call u protein shake
ru; wow bhaiyya u r the best bhaiyya in the world
om; then wht
shi; i will call him cry baby oberoi
om and shiva; gives hifi
rud; hahaa bus karo lets go home
in america a big mbbs college is shown
girl 1; i think om reached india
girl 2; yea…its almost 12.oo
grl 1; he said he will reach there by 11.00
girl 2; then go call him
girl 1; okay am going she kissed her cheeks and left the college
now they are in car
om’s phone rings
om; hi ishaana,
ishi; om u reached there
om; haa ishii
ishi; nothing happened to u right
om; haa my cutie am safe
ishi; what about rudy
om; he is also good and safe
our bhaiyya came and picked us so don’t worry he wont allow any one attack us
ishi; haa om i know bade bhaiyya is with u
om; yea ishi
ishi; put phone on speaker
om; yea thum bolo
ishi; hello bade bhaiyya,
shi; hi om’s love
ishi; i have a name
shi ; ha tell me
ishi; am ishaana, cut name heinaa
shi; ur voice also cute
ishi; om always saying about u, dadii and all
shi;ishi are un planning to come here
ishi; no bhaiyya i had exams my sis is there
rudy; ishi dii u didn’t ask about me
ishi; ohh rudy i asked about u
ru; no dii i don’t want to talk with u
ishi; sry rudy
ru; no dii this time i wont forgive u
ishi; rudy u know in my college all juniors came once u back i eill introduce them to u
ru; seriously dii
ishi; haa babaa
ru; okay fine dii how’z ur health
ishi; am fine and u
rudy; too good dii
om; ishi u had ur ffod
ishi; no om
om; ishi dekho nw am nt there bt i don’t want to take ur life any risk
ishi; om i will have it later
om; no ishi..u wont i will call u sis
ishi; no om plz plz mera pyaara zulfi singh
om; no excuse ishi now go and eat ur food
ishi; ok baba am going don’t be hyper
om; am nt angry
ishi; i know
om; haa now i smiled enough
ishi; okay bye om, rudy and bhaiyya
om; ishi once i reached om i will call u okay
ishi; haa om bye take care
om; u too
shi; she is very caring and loving girl
rudy; ishi dii is very cute
om; her sis is cute and caring shi; u met her before
om; no shi she always says about her sis…sshe loves her a lot and at the same time she afrid of her also
shi; wow u r praising a girl like this
om; yea shivaay bythe way she is like u only…she always spent her time with childrens and old people i think now she came here for this only……[ actaually om dosent believes in his surname not om only shivaay and rudra shivaay use his surname bcz he is bussiness but om and rudra never uses their surname…om never tellls his surname to ishi also.] shivaay thinks about tht girl he met the morning
they reached oberoi mansion everyone are happy for seeing them………
dadii; my boys came
they hugged her and takes blessing also ….later they leave to their rooms

precap;shivaay marriage proposal… entry…….he will agree or not

guys if u like this plz comment ur views below so i can upload next part tomorrow i wrote it but i want to know ur response

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  1. It’s awesome…really enjoyed shiomru meeting and conversation…both Anika and ishana are sisters…superb…eagerly waiting dear for the next part….

    1. Ayath

      thanku somuch tharu i already written the next part so tomorrow morning u can read it…..

  2. Akansha

    its really cool.. its diff too… n ishkara is awesome … waaiting for soums and annika entry in rudy n shivaay life… good goin… waiting fr the nxt episode

  3. Nithu

    Ayath…di…..i loved it….di…

    1. Ayath

      thanku somuch nithu….are u writing new one

  4. Akshaya

    Wow continue your shots nice intro

    1. Ayath

      thanku somuch akshaya plz read 2nd part and comment too

  5. It was just awesome…the concept…the story…the way u describe it is just something dat can’t be described in words…ur ff is worth-reading…the buisiest ishqbaazian shud also read dis…becoz u rock dr

    1. Ayath

      thanku somuch priya i loved ur comment so happy u liked it

  6. Nansshivika

    I liked it a lot shivimru bond love at first sight ishkara love and caring???
    Waiting for the next shot ayath

    1. Ayath

      thankuuuuuuu somuvh nans i always waited for ur comment bcz i know u never missed my ff am so happy……..plz read 2nd part also .

  7. Shivika

    Ayath dear u rocked………wow amazing i just loved it a lot

    1. Ayath

      thankuuu somuch shivika ………

  8. very nice ayath

    1. Ayath

      am fan of ur ff dear plz upload next part soon

  9. Priyanka_22

    Awesome Ayaath 😀
    plz post next part soon

  10. Ur Dp storyline description every bit of it is really awsum dear I was waiting for it and thanks for it…
    U have to tell me how u edited dp ?

    1. Ayath

      hahaa am nt tht good in all these by the way thankuu somuch i always loved ur comment……

  11. Tulasi

    Hey ayath….u rocked it dear…..i luvd it………????? shivaay charac is ssooooooo sweet……not like bagad billa…..suprrrb

    1. Ayath

      thanku thanku somuch didiiii………………….

  12. Amazing…. Update new episode ASAP..

  13. Jazz1

    Nyce one

    1. Ayath

      thanku thanku somuch jazz1 plz can u read my 2nd part

  14. Ishqkum

    Sry for late comment Dr I am at outstation .I really loved it shiviya fell at first sight earthquake is going to come. I am excited

    1. Ayath

      thanku somuch ishqkum…continue reading…..its okay dear dont be sorry ….we friends naa so dont be sorry and all…u read it na thts big matter for me

  15. Wow..awesome I loved it

    1. Ayath

      thanku nirhaa…plz keep commenting

  16. Nainaa

    Sorry for the late comment Dear….. This one is awesome. Shivika’s first sight love is damn cute. I am really exited for further episodes.

    1. Ayath

      thanku somuch nainaa…..

  17. Alekhika20

    Fab updt

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