Love at first sight season-2 Two shots (Matsh and Kkb)last shot

The episode starts with Ishaani gets ready in house..with a big smile..Ranveer gets ready and comes to meeting and sees his old friends and speaks to them..he is restless..he sees school gate and waits..his friends tease him and asks him whom he was waiting?he tells no one and does his work by helping old people..Abhi comes there and sees ranveer and comes to him and hugs him and asks how is he?Ranveer tells i am fine..Abhi asks r u married?ranveer denies and tells i love someone..who loves me now also..but does not show it anyone..Abhi asks is there is anyone spl?Ranveer denies and leaves from there..Ishaani and pragya comes in car and talks about their work..Ishaani sees her and tells becoz of u i lost my ranveer..ishaani hides her tears..Pragya smiles..they both have a talk and reaches school and they both gets down..Abhi and his friends comes to ranveer and asks him if u r lover married means?what u will do?Ranveer gets teary eyes and tells there is 2 is i will die!All gets shocked and asks him what he is saying?he tells one more..i trust her..i knew she still loves me only and she can’t marry anyone or love anyone..Abhi hugs him and tells u r wife gonna be very lucky..Ranveer smiles..wind blows..Ranveer slowly turns aside and sees pragya and ishaani coming there and smiles..While ishaani eyes him lovingly but changes her eyes on another direction..which makes him sad.

Abhi sees pragya and comes near her and tries to speak to her but she does not responds and leaves from there..he gets sad..Ranveer asks him to be strong in love..he thnx him..Function begins..All sits on stage with a big smiley!Abhi sits near pragya chair..while ishaani sits near ranveer chair..Ranveer comes near mike and speaks about his school days..he tells i loved one girl very much..i did not betray her but she mistook while i am consoling my best friend..he cries..Abhi tells him not to cry!he stops it and tells I LOVE….someone stops him and comes there and tells..sorry to ranveer..He asks for what?Man tells i only made u r lover believe that u have one more connection!he tells sorry to ranveer and leaves from there before ranveer beats him..Ishaani gets up from chair and leaves..

Pragya comes near mike and tells i loved one person but he also loved me..but he did not trust me..he always trusted his ego!He cries and comes near her and tells sorry to her..she cries and turns his face..but he comes close and hugs her and kisses on her head and tells sorry for not trusting her..he tells i made mistake..but from now i never commit any mistake..she smiles and hugs abhi..allah warriyan plays..

Ishaani comes back stage..ranveer also comes there..she slaps him..he then also eyes her..she again and again slaps him and hugs him and kisses him and apologizes him for mistake..she and he smiles..while abhi and pragya also comes there..they all hugs each other..with a great smiley..they takes selfie..


how is it???two shots??Anyways..bye guys..i have new story line..if u want i will write new story line on kkb N matsh..if possible..becoz i don’t use mobile..i use only laptop..becoz my father picked my only..if u promise me that u will support then i will post new intro ASAP


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