Love at first sight season-2 Two shots (Matsh and Kkb)

Guys many knew about me!!!..My name is this is two shots ff!!!!!

Now let me give intro of u r fav characters!!!

Ranveer: 17 yrs..old studying a mumbai school..commerce group

Ishaani: She is also same age..Biology group

Pragya: She is also studying science group!!

Abhi: He is school topper in 10th std..he studies also +2..commerce group

Now let us start our two shots!

Abhi comes near school door step and prays to god..for his bright future..Ranveer comes there and tells me too wish the same..both goes inside..Ishaani comes there..all boys gets mesmerized in her beauty..pragya also comes there..all boys teases her specs..she gets sad..ishaani comes there..all boys comes near with letter..ishaani tells boys..that she is my best friend..whoever impress her i will agree u r proposal..all boys comes near pragya..all tells sorry and tells about their love towards ishaani..ishaani tells them to leave as i have to speak to pragya..all leaves from there..ishaani tells her to be strong and not let anyone tease u..Abhi comes near washroom and speaks about girls and tease them..pragya passes by..abhi also walks there and hits her..her specs falls down..she falls on his arms..they both share an eyelock.

Ranveer walks there.ishaani removes her hair clip and walks..ranveer comes to her and takes it and makes her wear and tells u r beautiful..while u wear hair clip..why u removed it?She smiles..he leaves from there..Ranveer later comes near class room and sees ishaani and smile,,she comes out and tells i love u!!!!much to his surprise!While abhi proposes pragya..she also smiles..they both looks at each other..Thalli pogathae plays..Pragya waits for someone..while abhi comes near pragya class..Pragya sees her friend..he comes there and hugs her..much to abhi shock..he gets shocked..after he leaves..Abhi asks her who is he?she tells friend!.He asks then why u hugged him?she tells so what?he tells so what??i need a girl..who should love me only..she asks what happened now?he tells u r probelm..i loved u soo much but u betrayed me and u hugged him?she tells what?who told like this to u?he tells i saw with my eyes..he tells i hate u..he leaves from there..

Pragya sits down in shock..whil ranveer sees her and consoles her..ishaani mistook him and calls ranveer..she tells this love won’t set between us..she leaves from there crying..Ranveer and abhi their houses..they both gets ready for public exams..they all gets pass..Ranveer and pragya works on big IT company..Ishaani and Abhi works as Manager in big showroom..They all gets a call from their school..they tells them to come to old students meeting..they all agrees..

Precap: Ranveer tells his friends that i knew my ishaani won’t get married to anyone other than me!!Abhi also tells my pragya won’t get married to anyone..Pragya and ishaani comes there single..which makes them happy..

Guys this 2 shots is small..i knew..but my concept u will come to know in next epi..till that wait and don’t scold me

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  1. Narendran

    It is nice or not?? Anyways.. Next epi.. I will post soon.. Within next week.. But long episode.. I will try my best

  2. Reena

    Awesome Naren bro! I cant wait for the next episode!! I loved it!!

  3. Nice yaar and y we shld scold its superb☺

  4. Loved it bro keep it up and bro when ever u get time u post your ff

  5. Awesome bro eagerly waiting for the next one

  6. VarshaVenkat

    Bro….cool as ever…….it’s really diff one….waiting for nxt part,

  7. Harisha

    Superbbbb bro

  8. Awesome episode Naren just keep it up I liked it?

  9. awesome

  10. how long u will continue it bro???

  11. superrrrrrrrrr anna

  12. Nice episode

  13. Honey


  14. its superrrrb bro plss continue…………………..

  15. super…

  16. Vaishali

    always awesome bhai it was damn cool waiting fr ur next episode

  17. Its very nice shot bro!!

  18. superrrrrr

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