Love at first sight part-7 (meri aashiqui tum se hi )


The episode starts with wedding ceremony starts all dance at sangeet ceremony

Ishaani comes down with blue sari all the boys look at her ranveer sees it and goes to Ishaani and takes her in his arms and tells she is my upcoming wife

So pls don’t stare at her Harshad and everyone laughs . Ishaani and ranveer dance for zehnaseeb song they gets intimate

Harshad father sees it and gets happy that her daughter got a caring husband

Falguni sees Ishaani and gets happy. Ranveer tells everyone that today I have a SPL gift for my fiancy and he gives a big diamond ring all sees it amused.

One girl in the crowd says such a beautiful husband Ishaani hears it and takes the ring and tells ranveer is mine

Sangeet function gets over . in night ranveer comes to Ishaani room and tells we both should not see but we can take a selfie

Gokul sees her wife getting ready he thinks how to stop him.

The girl whom ranveer helped from accident spot their father tells I will leave him

Ishaani takes a selfie and gives a flying kiss

Ranveer takes it and tells I love you.

In the morning ranveer comes to the mandap Ishaani comes there and sees him rituals starts ranveer pinches her Ishaani too pinches he shouts all laugh

Precap: Radhika comes there with police. Ishaani gets unconscious radhika tries to speak but the inspector dies not leave her

Guys next part is the last part pls enjoy it and give comments

Credit to: Narendran

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  2. Very very nice I enjoy reading it a lot

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  3. your just amazing Narendran . yeh sab kuchh vesa hi hai jese har ishveer fan chahata hain.

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  4. very nice narendran

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  5. nice Narendran.keep writing

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