Love at first sight… kaira os by Meher

Hello frnd..i m Meher here… I am a big fan of kaira so a short os of kaira..

Soo..lets go wid the os
Hero: kartik goenka
Heroine: naira ssinghania
Mix name:Kaira

First day in college.
A preety,sweet girl enters in college. All the clg was staring at her,,junior and senior boys all were staring at her(wo thi hi itni khubsoorat!!)..she saw all her clg campus wid her frnd sakshi..then she entered in clas. In cls also same thing happen all boys were gazing at her beauty….ahh not only boys but also some girls were seeing at her wid little bit anger(reason kuch nhi sirf jealously..!! )
Sakshi seated wid other girl nd unfortunately Naira as to seat alone on bench.
Just then one handsome,dashing boy named Kartik entered in clsroom ..Naira was gazing at him wid love…

Naira(in mind): yaar..kitna handsome hai ladka..naam kya hai uska puchana padega…
Naira to sakshi who was seated to her back bench..
Naira: sakshi mere dil mein kuch kuch ho raha hai..
Sakshi:kise dekhkar..

Naira : use dekhkar(pointing 2wards Kartik)
Sakshi: ohh hoo love at first sight ..
Kartik came to Naira nd ask her “can I seat her”(there were no seat left..all were full)
Naira: wid xcited…yaa yaa why not..u can
Kartik seated wid Naira
Naira saw his name on his book..Kartik Goenka
The class started – ended bt kartik didn’t utter a single word ..Naira was very eager to talk wid him
Clg day ended ..all went out of clsroom xcept Kartik bcoz naira had stopped him frm going
Kartik: what do u want to talk wid me
Naira: (bina kuch soche samjhe..)I LOVE YOU Kartik
KARTIK was all stunned

Na: kartik plz speak something
Kartik: no naira..u will not love me ..i will never believe in love
Naira: but why kartik..tell me
Kartik:I told u na..i will never ever love anyone…bcoz all GIRLS ARE CHEATERS
By saying this Kartik left the clsroom …Naira was shattered by hearing all girls are cheaters
Sad tune plays in BG
Next day also kARTIK seated wid Naira…bt they didn’t utter a single word wid each other. Karyik would feel her sadness, loneliness. But he was helpless. 2-3 days passed widout talking wid each other.

But next day Kartik decided to talk wid her…next day in class..after all lectures finished….
Now kartik stopped Naaira from going outside
Naira:now what do u want kartik?
Kartik:naira I want to talk wid u
naira:plzz don’t talk wid me……not only me but don’t talk with any other girl in whole lyf bcoz ALL GIRLS ARE CHEATERS
Kartik realized that how much she is hurt bcoz of that
Naira had also guessed that some girl must have cheated him that’s why he is talking lyk this
Kartik:I m sorry naira…plzz forgive mee….

Kartik has also started liking Naira but he did’nt told her…
Naira: friends (widout wasting time gave her hand for shaking)
Kartik: frndz 4ever
They both shake a hand had a small hug
After few days they become best frnds they share eah n everything widd each other
One day while talking..
Kartik: naira can I tell one thing
naira:ofcourse kartik no need to ask

Kartik: your smile is the best
naira:do u know who is the reason for this smile
kartik: no..u tell
naira:umm..its bcoz of u my mendak.
naira(in mind): can’t he just tell I love u
Kartik:how can I tell her that I love u…kitni innocent lagti hai smile karte huye. She is the best
naira: kuch kaha kya tumne

………..after much silence
Kartik: u knw naira what

love is like a rainbow,,it is colourful, enjoyable and make ppl happy
love is like a ocean ,,it is deep and beautiful
love is like a sun,,it shine and it is warm
love is like a rain,,it is refreshing
will u let me show that love

naira: noo
Kartik looked down sadly and then he heard naira’s voice saying “I want u to show me YOUR love..”
Kartik was on cloud nine..he just hug her and said

They live happy life overcoming wid many difficulties

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  1. Vedanshidwivedi

    Wow its really amazing

  2. Shivaya khanna

    Wow such a cute os loved kaira keep writing

  3. Fenil

    Fabulous OS
    Mehku checK PM
    Sweet and Short.
    Hope to c u wid next one.

    1. Christie123

      Thik HEI Bhai

  4. Vinni05

    NYC one

  5. Kanfi

    Awwwwwweeeee meher ,,,it was sooo sweeeett,,,,liked it

    1. Christie123

      Thanks kAnfi and your FF is marvelous!! I commented it’s under moderator. And Ghosh was I less crazy before?That you made me more crazy by your writing and pls Anika jaldi coma SE bahar Ajay.

      1. Kanfi

        Have submitted next part,,u’ll be happy after reasing it

  6. Soumya85

    Wow meher is was amazing so cute like u loved it and love u??

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    1. Christie123

      Excuse me! Ms, whatever you are ! U have no rights to comment such negative views in anyone’s writings. Oh! Sorry whom am I telling this if you had such brain to understand you wouldn’t write this.

    2. Soumya85

      Hey u don’t have the right to say anything like that….do u know how much talent is needed to write do u have that I don’t think so…have u written anything i know u don’t becoz u can’t as u don’t have talent so pls respect the people who write….meher is a superb writer and stop commenting negative comments

      1. Christie123

        Love you sis

    3. Kanfi

      Hey marie….
      I know everyone here has diffrnt opinion so apply on u too,,,,
      Its totally alright u didn’t like it…
      Bt demotivating someone like this,,is okay a/c to you??
      Believe me its not a/c to me…
      There is so much negativity in the world,,,can’t be the reason atleast of any single positive things..
      Hope i m able to make u understand….
      Be positive n spend it all around

    4. Mahisha

      Hey Marie I guess u have lost it head
      U told it’s a crap I tell ur comment is a very big crap
      Btw if it’s a crap why did u read it
      And u asked how she got so many comments right? It’s becoz she is an amazing writer and everyone liked her work
      U told her to stop writing I tell u to stop commenting
      If u don’t know to appreciate (as u have no brain) or you don’t like it then don’t read….Who is forcing u to read it
      So it’s my kind request to you to stop spreading negativity with ur comments

  8. Orchid

    Wow di it was awesome. Short and sweet.I am also a big kaira fan and I totally love u’r os. A humble request if u post any more OS in future plz send me the link through pm plzźzzzzz di. And again very sweet os loved it.?????????

    1. Christie123

      Thanks and I also have a request pls don’t call me dii pls pls.

      1. Orchid

        Ok but then what will I call u?

  9. Neha_Pheonix

    Splendid Meher, short but sweet story their are very few ppl….who expresss love so quickly..totally awesome! Love ya !

    1. Christie123

      Ya actually as we know naira is a sherni so, she had to propose soon

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