Love at first sight (ishq ka rang safed) part-9


The episode starts with dhaani thinks about viplav . viplav thinks about dhaani ishq ka rang safed plays….

Dhaani thinks I should call him but how?? Viplav jumps from window and gives phone and gets close to her she tells everyone is there .

Viplav leaves and calls her in phone and tells I love you she tells me too wakil babu viplav tells her to call him viplav dhaani tells OK ji…

Viplav laughs dhaani asks why is he laughing??and tells that she will disconnect the call viplav apologize .

Kanak calls Raj laksmi and tells it she agrees next sangeet ceremony begins everybody dance dhaani comes there in red sari viplav looks on Raj asks what happened viplav?? You went into dreams and laughs viplav tells him to be quiet..

Dhaani laughs at viplav kanak signs Raj lakshmi to come that side she comes. Raj lakshmi tells her what?? Kanak tells her to get married to viplav. Raj lakshmi thinks for a while and tells yes .

Dhaani calls her she leaves kanak smirks and tells tomorrow will be the end of viplav and dhaani love story tomorrow dhaani is not going to marry viplav…she laughs evilly

Precap: Marriage gets over.kanak tells viplav that he got married to Raj lakshmi not dhaani everybody gets shocked.
Viplav removes the veil everybody gets shocked and sees kanak who watches evilly…

Guys next part is the end pls enjoy it tomorrow epi will be the big suspense for you stay stunned to see it☺☺☺☺????

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Wot woz dat in precap?? OMG ithnaa badaa twist!!! =-O

  2. oh i am eagerly waiting for the next part pls update it soon ranaji

    1. Sure and thnx for the comment varsha

  3. but one thing that this kanak will not accept raj lakshmi as bahu

    she only want princess with money and luxury so u can extend it into two parts by dhaani is rich and piya is dhaani didi so it will be more interesting but pls donts stop posting as everyone is ending this after they confessing the luv but i want it after marriage also wat do u say ranji

    1. She just want dhaani to not marry viplav

  4. ♡OLAF♡ (reZmie)

    Wot woz dat in precap ?? Ithnaa bada twist … =-O wot will happen next ???
    i want to read it nw itself… #no patience…

    1. Wait rezmie tmr it will be updated

      1. ♡OLAF♡ (reZmie)

        Ok ok … O:-)

  5. What is this ranaji?i can’t wait for next part.pls update it soon.really excited to see it.such a big twist.

  6. really good ranaji waiting for next part

  7. Thnx for the support guys

  8. Wow keep up the good work Ranaji what a twist, Rajlaxmi :O

    1. Fatarajo why no comments yesterday yaar

  9. Wow! superb, can’t wait for next episode, what a twist ranaji? Next episode ko jaldi se update karo ji. I am exiting for precap. Thank you Ranaji.

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