Love at first sight (ishq ka rang safed) part-7


The episode starts with dhaani thinks about viplav ishq ka rang safed plays….

Viplav thinks about dhaani and calls her she takes it dulaari sees it and asks who is it??? dhaani tells my friend dulaari thinks it is viplav she laughs and leaves from there

dhaani asks what he wants viplav asks kiss dhaani tells him come and take me out tomorrow i will give you many kiss viplav asks really she tells yes

viplav thinks i should make some arrangement for lunch in superb area he thinks he asks his friend his friends tells about some place viplav thanks him viplav thinks to go at early morning

dhaani thinks i should buy a beautiful gift for him but what to buy????

Dhaani finally thinks to buy a watch viplav thinks i gave her chocolate and phone
but she did not tell anything viplav calls to that number dhaani tells nice phone viplav gets happy

Next mrng viplav comes to the place and starts the arrangements he makes the place more beautiful for dhaani

he goes to ashram and sees dhaani getting ready dhaani tells pls knock the door viplav tells you are going to become my wife in next week but….

dhaani tells only next week but now ……..

viplav tells dhaani let us go out he brings dhaani there but her eyes was tied viplav tells just a second

precap:Dhaani tells it is awesome viplav. he asks for kiss she tells sure and gives it continously

guys i am going out for 4 days i will not be able to update pls enjoy it guys soon i will catch you with next part in new year????????

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Awesome ranaji.. I think that watch color is red crt_a?

  2. K raranaji BRO…. and
    %@[email protected]%

    1. Ranaji(narendran)

      Thnx marees

    2. Ranaji(narendran)

      Same to you

  3. Good one Ranaji, both Vidhani’s scence are super. So romantic..

  4. Cool Ranaji… You seems to be very Romantic Writer.. Huh?? Just Kidding dude…!!!

  5. Seems like dhani is in a romantic mood.very sweet.nice epi Ranaji and advance NEW YEAR WISHES.god bless u and your family in the happiest new year.

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