Love at first sight (ishq ka rang safed) part-3

The episode with dhaani in her room thinks about her. Dhaani thinks what happened to her she beats on her head and ask herself to sleep but her dil says you love viplav right pls express it dhaani calls viplav he was sleeping he did not attend he gets up and thinks it must be dhaani he takes dhaani tells him to come to the temple tmr mrng 8.00 am I will be waiting he tells sure. Dhaani thinks what happened to me why I am getting shy?? Viplav thinks tomorrow I should get one gift for her that she should not forget it in lifetime

Its morning dhaani gets ready and goes to the temple she waits viplav comes and tells sorry and gives her the gift he tells to open it she opens it she finds a chain she tells to keep it himself he ask what happened she tells I….you..

He asks her to tells it dhaani tells I love you and runs from there viplav gets happy and sees her he too runs dashrath sees it and gets angry.

He remembers what viplav told A Flashback is shown..

Viplav tells dashrath not to trouble or blackmail dhaani if she does not accept me then I will die

Viplav comes home and runs and hugs everyone kanak asks what happened viplav tells dhaani accepted my love we are going to get married soon.

Dadi gets happy kanak gets irked and thinks to tell bout it to dasharath . He comes bringing a pandit he tells marriage date is after 2week he tells them to get ready viplav hugs him and leaves

Kanak asks what is happening dashrath tells nothing is above the my viplav wish

Dhaani comes to the ashram and tells that I have accepted the proposal everybody gets shocked dulaari asks why you did not tell me?? She tells sorry badi Amma tells OK . viplav comes there with sweets and tells pandit told after two weeks marriage is fixed dhaani looks on

Precap: Viplav and dhaani comes to the theatre to watch movie.

Guys I think you all liked it pls give comment only 7part remaining pls enjoy it

Credit to: Narendran


  1. Renu singh

    Wow.. It was just awsome I loved it ….happy birthday Aisha Singh…. Ur parents must be proud of you …u r just doing beautiful ..have a happy n blessed life ..lovvvveeee you

  2. reZmie

    Woahh !!! Thank u ranaji for showing a Smart dhaani… !! Plzz continue.. will dey marry or kanak nd DT spoil it??
    #waiting… for d nxt

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.