Love at first sight (ishq ka rang safed) part-1 small movie

Guys I have started this ff it is a small movie just for 4epi

The episode viplav saves dhaani from the crowd and tells I love her and she is going to become my wife soon dasharath gets shocked

He tells the crowd to go dhaani goes to ashram viplav comes to home kanak asks viplav tells I love dhaani I can’t live without her

Viplav comes to temple a d calls dhaani she comes there and sees him standing she asks why you said like that. Viplav tells I love you he bend his knees and gives a flower and a locket and tells I love you

Dhaani gets worried and runs he thinks I should give her time next day dhaani comes to the temple and prays some men teases her viplav gets angry and beats them dhaani asks why are you doing this I don’t love you. Viplav tells o won’t accept my defeat soon a d tells I know you love me

You will soon realize my love

She heads to leaves but he holds her hand but puts bangles and ring she gets shocked she tries to remove the ring but it gets stucked ishq ka rang safed plays…

Dhaani leaves kanak sees it and goes out and insults dhaani. Viplav tells you don’t have any rights to scold my wife dhaani looks on

Precap: Viplav comes to the ashram and gives sari as a gift to dhaani

Enjoy it buddies???????

Credit to: Narendran


  1. AM

    it is good but it is little fast paced …so slow down ….you should explain it more lovingly … become more awesome …. sorry if u don’t like my thought ..but it is my thought only …don’t take it in heart …..I want you to continue this ff please … 🙂 🙂

  2. Sonia

    Hey Narendran! U write very well, but I also agree with AM’s point of view. U are going really really good, it’s not that easy to write a serial or a mini movie. Only few are there who have this capability, and the people like you and other people who write fanfictions here are one of them. Anyways, please continue and do try to make it a bit long. ??
    Please don’t take it on heart and if I did hurt you I am sorry for that! Apart from all that, I loved your mini movie…??

  3. Shri

    Yeah AM and wanna say that ..When mother has a right’s on son ,defenetly she has a rights on daughter in law too..Viplav can say that mom plzz dont scold her .she is ur daughter in law not someone else … It means he is advising both that hw strong this relationship is..Sorry if i wud hv hurt u…hope u got it Ranaji

  4. Brity

    Hey.. Ranaji..!!! That was cool.. But please don’t be so fast.. SLOW DOWN!!! But, really It was amazing..!!!

  5. Saranya

    So Ranaji your fan fiction of IKRS.It was really nice.only one suggestion-pls add more content.want to see it more romantic.all the best.

  6. Wow ranaji super story in the fast of IKRS scenses nice also IKRS is fast serial not dragging serial wait for next movie .u r also tamilnadu happy dude

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.