“Was that love at first sight” DEVAKSHI FF- episode 5


Soo guys. . Today i am very early but i am so much disappointed that u guys didnt reply to my episode… so if no reply in this one too then i am not gonna drag it more like a daily soap i am just gonna end it.. in few episodes..

The episode starts with sona entering the college, she doesn’t see divya,dev and rahul decided to not waste their personal time and leave for the campus..
But then she remembered..

Sona in the washroom,looking at her self,at her bloodshot eyes filled with guilt and grief plus sorrow and happines.. guilty and griefy abt not knowing that she loves dev,sorrow about how will she manage as day after tomorrow is her birthday and happy about divya and dev afterall divya is her best friend so she cant really break divya.s trust by proposing dev.. she decided to call all the trio to her birthday..
She came out of the washroom,
And she made invitations for them..

Now in morning she entered the college.. she didnt see divya and dev but divya and dev saw her so they decided to get close when sona sees them
Sona sees rahul

Sona:hey rahul!
Rahul:hi sonakshi
Sona:its my birthday tomorrow,will u come on my birthday?
Rahul:ofcource.. will surely come..
Sona gives the invitation and leaves

She sees divdev(divya and dev) together,she gets irked but still moves forward..
Sona:i am so sorry to disturb your private time,but divya….(takes pause)and dev,i came here to give these invitations to you.. actually tomorrow is my birthday.. divya plzz aa jaiyo agr fursatt mile toh(taunts)kyonki yaha tughe fursat toh milti hi nhi.. chalo.no problem.. hope you both will be there..she gives invi cards and leaves..

After turning back she goes to the washroom..
Sona:why?why.. god?why are you doing this to me?what did i do to you?when divya and dev are already in love toh aap mughe unke beech main kyon ra rahe ho.. kyon?

Her eyes swelled up,she went to her home and ran back to her room…. elenarubh and aashbejoy got worried.. elena and saurabh got to know but didnt really react and said that sona has lots of work and she is not crying she msged me that she went to the washroom nthng to worry.. it was urgent??

Aasha:thank god!

Dev pushed divya’s hand.:divya are you mad?the plan is not working.. she is getting angry on you for not being with her..
Divya:relax. Dev its her birthday tomorrow.. soo she is fond of dresses,gift her one very pretty with a message on it..

Sona in the room was crying very badly.. elena and saurabh came to the room..

Sona..sona.. elena shouted..
Sona ran and quickly hugged both of them.. zhe was crying so badly that she even wiped her nose through saurabh’s jacket..
Sona.. tu pagal hai.kya? Saurabh said..
Meri jacket kharaab kardi or yaha apne aap ko upset kar liya..
Sona:dada sorry..par main kya karoo.. i love dev.. but dev loves divya and divya loves dev and she broke up with rahul

Elena:hello shut up..!tu in cheezo main kachhi hai.. dont try to say anything…
Or abhi bohat time hai.. chalo shopping ke liye chalte hai..
Sona says no i wont go…
Saurabh:u wont go?
Saurabh:fine.. toh ek kaam kariyo pyjama main naada baahar nikla waah,or.,or ek loose si tshirt main bahaar aaiyo..
Elena:sona.. bohat dheet hai.. chalo hum hi shopping kar ke aate. Hai..
Sona:main aaiye ruko
Sona waiting replyed elena

At college..
Dev:divya mere saath chall,mughe dress select karni hai sona ke liye…
Divya:hello.. voh meri choise pehechaan jaaigi..
Dev:i will take. Nikki and riya and neha with me..

He takes them along,dev selects a good one piece for sonakshi.. which is off white and has a netty back with a bow on the side of the belly bottom and is above knees.. it cut sleeves..

Sonakshi takes a basic normal gown.. which is till knees.. and is of blue colour with black roses designes at the knees sides..,it is an off shoulder dress..

Elena takes a normal black lethered jeggings with a crop leather jacket of brown colour.. with pencil heals..

Divya takes a normal black and white denim one piece..

Dev for himself… took a normal blue coloured suit-pant with black bow and white shirt underneath..

They return home..
Sona sleeps happily as elena said to forget dev ,bcoz tomorrow is her birthday and swelled eyes wont work..

Its morning.. sona goes to the beauty parlor gets a facial done,manicure,pedicure,waxing vagera all that stuff?? along with elena..

She takes an appointment for hair which is off 7:30 pm and her birthday is at 8:00 pm.. she decided to take her dress overthere only and makeup too there and enter directly to the banquet” little pretty up”

Its already 7:00,sonakshi leaves for the beauty parlour along with elena..

8:15 she reaches the venue.. already there is dev and divya waiting.. dev tells everyone the plan and saurabh helps in executing it.. but first of all they both do a gentleman handshake….

It was pretty long.. will update later at night.. tab takk isse kaam chalao??


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  1. Manya

    Waiting eagerly for dev’s proposal???

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Soooon.. I m gonna update.. and thanks a bunch❤️

  2. Darshini

    It’s awesome dr?…plz do Continue and post next part soon…waiting for their confession…

    1. Taneeshasethi

      I will try! But I am not getting comments.. first I got soo many and now I am just getting 5to8 which is really not good.. but otherwise thanks alott?❤️

  3. Sona wipes her tears in saurav’s jacket was amazing……….I really enjoyed the epi

  4. Mast tha

  5. Amazing episode….. Feeling bad for sona but dev is gonna propose her soon…..???❤

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Yes.. veryyy sooon…. don’t miss reading the next episode tonight…?❤️️❤️?

  6. Sami

    bhgwaan ne hmari sun li
    post asap

    1. Taneeshasethi

      ? lol… thanku?

  7. Awesome episode dear but plzz post next episode soon

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Ohh.. I just posted it check it out the proposal special?

  8. Anjali333

    Beautiful update

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Thanks Anjali ?

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