“Was that love at first sight” DEVAKSHI FF- episode 5 (proposal special)


Again I am with just 5 response.. ughhh… but let’s the too bring it on….

The episode starts with..
Saurabh and dev doing a gentleman handshake
Saurabh: Dev, are u sure? Right? Sona in Mamalo main bohat cribbie hai..
Dev:yes I am sure.. I will have to do this..
Saurabh: fine then be ready for the consequences..
Dev:will it be that bad?
Saurabh:just wait till u grow up.. I means just wait till u know Sona…

Saurabh was about to say something when Divya cut him off and said Sona is about to arrive..

Just then she enters.. everyone are mesmerised seeing her.. and dev.. our dev is just drooling at her..
He goes towards her.. but she ignores him..
He says.. Sona.. I mean Sonakshi..
Sonakshi turns back and sees him she is just staring him and ten thinks not to well up her eyes again..
Sona:hmm.. say,/
Sona:(she thought that he would give her a big present but he just gave her a small card ?.. )
She thought not to waste her energy on these foolish things but then she hears a voice from behind which is of Saurabh
Saurabh:merepe agar thora sa trust hai toh voh card pad le
Sona:ok.. Aisa Kya hai is card main
She reads it.,

Dear Sonakshi…
U don’t know how many things I need to tell you.. but just for god,s sake come in the backyard..
And then her eyes looks here and there she does not see Dev…
she thinks, he maybe in the backyard.. but unfortunately Dev wasn’t there..

Let me open the suspense now..
He deliberately called her in the backyard so that she when comes to the banquet she sees it very purposely decorated..

Sona when returns! A spotlight falls on her photo she is amazed to see her photo in the attire which she was wearing yesterday in college… then she was again amazed to see her photo crying in the washroom.. afterwards the next one was the first day when dev saw her and she was praying to god.. there were glimpses of soo many photos and thn at last a blue spotlight fell on dev who gave her a rose but when he gave her the rose she was shocked to see a diamond bracelet which was hanged on the rose.. then Dev gifted her a dress which she was seeing in the same mall yesterday and dev saw her.. he didn’t really express it but stilll.. then after the dress he showed her a photo frame in which it was sona’slaughing image.. when Sona was seeing her image..he threw a paper ball on her.. she read it and got crystal clear that he and Divya aren’t in relationship and do not love each other but it wasn’t written that he loves Sona..
Then he quickly gained back her attention and said…

Ms Sonakshi Bose you would be wondering why I am doing this..it’s just because I love you..
Sonakshi was dumbstruck..
When dev saw that she wasn’t really affected he bcame gloomy so he headed to go when a tight girl embraced him and she said.. I LOVE YOU too.. it was Sonakshi..
dev hugged her tightly and everyone applauded from behind..

So guys finally the proposal was over and now I decide to end this episode.. wait not the fan fiction as such..??

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  1. Lovely♥♡♥

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Thanks! Askhita??

  2. Varsha94

    Hey it was nice yaar.. Gr8 surprise plan….

    1. Taneeshasethi

      THANKYOU.. Varsha ?❤️️

  3. Heyy…it was awesome.. keep writing. I wish you could continue the same

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Thanks a lot Richa.. I m continuing it..???

  4. Finally dev proposed………I am happyyyy……..waiting for next epii, post soon dear

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Will make u happy day by day by writing as big plus as good as possible ?❤️️

  5. Awesome episode dear plz post the next episode soon

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Thanks.. will surely do it on 2nd???

      1. Today is 2 jan plz post episode soon.

  6. Aarti32

    Oh wow..it was so romantic n cute proposal

    1. Taneeshasethi

      THANKYOU so much?

  7. Awwww…… Such a lovely proposal, gifts….. And of course the episode…. Amazing

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Well.. TBH this idea was of my best friend?Ow thanku❤️️?

  8. Manya

    Itna cute proposal?❤️❣???❤️❣???❤️❣???❤️❣???❤️❣??

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      Thanks a bunch Aayushi ???❤️

  9. CuteVanshu

    Awesome epi… Cute proposal….can we become frnd’s

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Sure.. and thanks alott ?

  10. Anjali333

    Wow!!! Loved the proposal. Amazing episode. Do continue soon.

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Thanks alott .. will post it asap on 2nd January as tu page is closed due to new year

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