“Was that love at first sight” DEVAKSHI FF- episode 4


Ohhh… oh…. oh…no………. soooo sorrryyyyy guys…. but what to do i wasnt really available at TU page.. and i am in a huge grief for that but now i am posting so… gussa chodo or aage padoo!??

The episode starts with elena asking sona.
Elena:how was the day?
Saurabh:acha hi hoga dev ko jo dekha…?
Sona..:it is not that.. dev ko dekha.. toh din achaa jaeega??really?
Elena:tu bolna!
Sona:it was nice.. today i didnt really talk to divya.. bcoz today i was more interested in de…//abt 2 speak//lectures
Saurabh:tu dev bolne waali thi na…
Elena:haa.. lekin dev se sidha lectures pe aagayi..
Sona:kuch bhi.. i mean-i was more interested in the lectures..abh ye sabh chodo,main fresh hoke aati hoo..
Elena:sona,dada mashi ghar par nhi hai,toh khaana khaane bahar chale
Saurabh:ofcource..:bercos chalenge

At dev:s home

Nikki:bhaiya maa.. toh jaagran par gai hai.,
Neha:ha.. mami toh kuch banane se rhi..
Ria:toh bhai.. kya hum bahar khaana khaane chale..

Viky( in my ff radha rani is not having any son and viky is ishwari’s son).:han..han.. bercos chale


In the jaagran night…..

Ishwari meets aasha and aasha meets ishwari..
Both talk about each others children and bcomes really good friends..

At the bercos..
Sona is wearing a nice blue skinny jeans with a a plain black top and brownish mustord thin blet

Elena is wearing a nice jorget yellow short top with black jeans
Both the girl’s hair are open..

Dev is wearing a normal V neck t-shirt and blue jeans with brown woodland shoes

Solenarubh (sona,elena,saurabh)take a seat for three..
Wear the totally opposite side
Denikrinevi (dev,nikki,ria,neha,viky) sit

Both devakshi did not notice anyone.
They ate the dinner and dev was going to give a tip to the waiter and sonakshi was going towards the car after elena and saurabh left the restaurant and was waiting for her outside..

Guess.. what?
They both clashed!
Sona sees dev
Sona:how cum u here?
Dev did not say anything bcoz he saw her eyes and he easily sensed it that she had been crying the whole day..

Sona:say.. fine.. dont talk,I WILL LEAVE!
Dev:w.wait.. i came to eat here..
She goes bciz she was not able to withstand him

Its morning..

Sona went to college.. she didnt really wear anything very good..
Just a loose t shirt tucked in with black jeans and a hight bun
Her eyes were swelled.. dev came.. and

Guess what..
Will update it tomorrow!?

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