“Was that love at first sight” DEVAKSHI FF- episode 2


Hey! Guys…. so sorry for a looooonggggggg…….. delay… as I was busy in Diwali preps. But now Diwali is over long time back.. though I always used to think of writing and then I always used to forget.., so just leave..

Dev: Can we be friends?
It’s been a long time since I made new friends, and I always find u attractive and hopeful..
Dev:for a friend!
Divya:Ya… yes.. we can.. although I got a handsome new friend..
Dev:nice try! But I asked her….

So u better not say in between..

Divya makes an annoying face!

Sona:No.. we cannot be friends..

Now dev was like..


Sona:after all u find me attractive and hopeful for a friend so we cannot be friends but we will be good friends…

And now Dev was like..
Aaj main upper asman neeche…
Aaj main aage zamaana hai pêeche..

Dev:what../jumps in happiness/ THANKYOU!
They both go home..

Dev goes to NRN,s room,
Dev tells the whole incident to them..

NRN. Neha Ria. Nikki.

NRN /together/: what!

Dev:what? What!
Nikki: what the hell!

Neha: pinch me

Riya pinches..

Neha:ahhh… not that badly!

Dev: but why a pinch??
Riya:pinch bcoz… u are only aware of flirting! Love is the other shade,,,…

Neha:yah…. you made her friend but not with that usual technique.. that u do to all the other girls..

Nikki: I Ve not seen her eyes.. so can’t tell if she likes you but the way she accepted you was remarkable…

(((((NRN)))) together

That means you have a sweet not jhok bond between..

Dev:you are right… I dont treat all the girls the same way I treat Sonakshi..
yah.. you people are awesome.. just because of staying with me…

I think I love her.. I think it. Was love at first sight.. I think I need to regulate my feelings and tell her abt it.

DNRN whisper and comes up with an idea ?

DNRN together

They laugh and have a group hug..

Now it’s seen Sona telling the whole thing to Saurav and elena about the incident,,,…

Elena: been tu tulll hai kya*tulll means drunk*
Saurav:tell us beta..

Sona: what rubbish//,,”,!

Elena/Saurabh: kuch bhi naa matlab!
Saurabh:behenji bas yaar.. kab tak Apni black and white zindagi jiagi…?redness,rosiness kab laaegi? Pyaar kab
Elena: baby… we challenge.. in do teen din ke Andar tughe pyaar ho jaaega.. usse hi jo tughe aaj Mila..
4th day.. tu bhot roegi..

Sona:bolo… Jitna bolna hai bolo… in stupid bhavishyawaani Pai mughe Vishwas nhi Hota.. ?

The episode ends on dev,s happy face and Sona,s confused face..

Sooo sorry guys for the short update.. but am busy in my cousins wedding ?…
Take care.. silent reader wake up and. Do comment..

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  1. Hi! Longgggg time no see eeee???……..
    But ,anyways u r back .
    AWsmmmmmmmmmmmm ff.
    I like the group hugs & Sona ‘s acceptance.
    Plz! Kitna jaldi finish hooraye utna jaldi aavo aur jaldi sa post karooooo????……………
    Waiting badlllllllllllllllly??????…………

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Nikki.. THANKYOU so much for your warm wishes and the other THANKYOU for your comment????

  2. Awesome episode dear but plzz post next episode soon

    1. Taneeshasethi

      I will try my best princess.. and thankyou!??

  3. Short but awesome and amazing??❤??????????❤?❤…….love this flirting side of dev……???………and divya ki bisti……..???……..

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Hahaha?.. on your saying I will add more flirting side of Dev so that u can enjoy reading this… and thanks a lot for this commendable response??

  4. Manya

    Post soon❣
    Love love?

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Thank a bunch manya???????

  5. Erina

    Awesomeeeee part dear nd sorry bcse mai pehle part m comment nhi kr paaiii but seriously todays epi was awesomeeeee, commendable, amazing, nd ????????????????????????????
    Love love

    1. Taneeshasethi

      It’s okay Erina.. much nhi Hota agar aapne pehele part le comment nhi Kiya toh..
      And sooo much THANKYOU for your comment…?❤️?❤️

  6. Bharti123456

    Amazing episode ????❤️???❤️??

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Thanks Bharti ❤️️❤️️

  7. Hey!
    The episode was simply wonderful!
    Dev was at his best, huh?
    Jokes apart, the episode really did rock!
    Well, I’d like to coney my warm wishes to your cousin!
    Post soon if you can!
    Love ya!<3

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Thankyou so much anshita….it’s so nice of you ????

  8. Aarti98

    Awesome episode Tanisha..but I wanted to ask something..r u Gujrati??

    1. Taneeshasethi

      THANKYOU! Aarti. ❤️❤️No I am punjabi not Gujrati …

  9. Niki645

    Amazingly fantastic episode!!!!!!!
    It was too good!!
    Post next one asap…..?

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Thanks alott Nikki?

  10. this was shrt bt quite nice n u shuld add some more nok jhok between devakshi

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Thanks sakshi?

  11. Rockzzzzzz

    Hey…i just loved the way u expressed dev’s emotions ….amazing..plz post soon….really soon…because I can hardly wait and yes a longer one next time

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Thank you!pari?? and yes a longer than this one next time

  12. HarSHaN

    NYC Epi..n Dev Exprsns in 2 dimensions..Gud descriptive..write the next soon Taneesha

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Thanks a lot harshan….. and will post tomorrow itself

  13. Sami

    fab episode

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Ty….. sermishtha?

  14. Simplesweety1

    Update Soon!!!

    1. Taneeshasethi

      Hmm.. gonna do it ?

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