Love ( First shot )


Hello people.
I am just like everyone of you who likes to watch this show. I like all the four leads(swara,sanskar,laksh and ragini). and so I decided to write this. This story covers all the pairs. You would find raglak,swasan,ragsan and swalak in my story.
Basically this is a short series of five shots.
Please do read it and support me !!

First shot
Didn’t I just love her…….

I scrambled inside the classroom at the last second. I had overslept.
“this class ?!! ” the strategic management professor grumbled.
“Yes sir ” I said meekly. I started looking for ragini and was confused to where should I sit.
” Sit anywhere you want and stop disturbing the class ” the professor said sternly.
I sat on the first bench and cursed myself. I still tried to spot ragini from the corner of my eye but I could not. I texted her and asked where she was.
Right behind you. Last bench.
That’s what she replied.I waited for the professor to write something on the board so that I could look bach.
Last bench……. she sat right next to sanskar !!! She was laughing….. now this was just so freaking ausome !!

I heard them laughing again.
“You two ” the professor pointed at the last bench. The class looked at ragini and sanskar !!
“Get up “, he said.
They were still smiling.
“Get out”, the professor said.
Sanskar immediately collected his books and left. Ragini followed. They were still laughing when they left the class.
I sat there and tried to concentrate on what the professor said to keep my mind off what sanskar was doing with my girlfriend. where would these two be ?!! what would they be doing ?!! I was being paranoid but I could not help it.
After the class was over I messaged her asking where she was. Room , the reply came. I felt releived..
I went to the girls hostel and opened the door to her room. I hadn’t bothered to knock.
Sanskar was there !! I asked ragini to come out.
“Get him out of here right now !! ” I said.
“What ?!! Why ?!! ” she asked.
“Because I am asking you to do so “.
“Don’t be such a kid ,laksh “.
“Just do it, ragini”.
“Ohkay.Fine ” she said, a little miffed.
I waited outside the room for him to leave and he walked out after a couple of minutes. I was being unreasonable but I could not bear the sight of that man near my girl !!
“What was he doing here ?!!.” I asked her.
” Nothing we were just talking.” she said.
” Here ?!! Is this the only place you got ?!! In the whole campus ?!!.”
” Laksh,if you think I had some wrong intensions, I don’t think we should have this conversation.” she said.
” You bring a guy to your room and you expect me not to react ?!!. ” I argued.
” I am noy talking about this.” she said and looked away.
” How convenient “.
I left and banged the door behind me. She must be crying now. And like every egotistical guy, I didn’t go back. I did not like it but I hated him more.
It took me two days, dozens of sorry’s and plenty of chocolates to woo back ragini. The fight was over and done with.
My life was a lot different before ragini. I had always been laidback and my relationships had been a joke. I had never felt love before I met ragini and she taught me all about it. My relationships were always a bag full of lies !! Things changed though,after ragini came around….. I loved her,I lusted her !! I felt every emotion a guy can for a girl. Our relationship was like a fairytale, but only better !!

It was scaring to think how good we made each other feel. It looked like someone had scripted the most beautiful love story.
“Where is sanskar ?!!.” I mocked her as I sat next to her.
Yeah, I hated that guy so much. Sanskar was taller,fairer and better accomplished. He was the man of the dreams of every girl on the campus. There always used to be this popularity contest between us. He was my biggest and toughest competitor.
” Shut up. He is working on the case study. The mahindra one. The one you refused saying that it was a bullshit. ” she answered.
“You are still working on it ?!! Who else is in the team ?!!.”
“Just the two of us and if we get sellected we will go to mumbai and present the case.” she said all pumped up and excited.

Mumbai ?!! With sanskar ?!! Alone ?!!
I can’t let this happen !!
“Never mind, I will too send the case study with swara.” I smirked.
“Ohh….. you won’t work with me,but you will work with her huh ?!!. ” she smiled.
” Why not !! If you can work with sanskar, I can work with swara.” I said.
” Whatever. Just don’t ruin her case study.” she said and laughed.
“f**k you.” I said with fake anger.

“Later. I am busy tonight with sankar.” she said and winked.
I saw her leave and meet sanskar. Now, she was intentionally making me burn with envy. I could not have accepted defeat !!!
I toyed witg the idea of teaming up with swara for quite some time. If I had to make ragini jealous, then I had to get a hot teammate !! Swara was perfect for it. She was hot, she was single and she could have made a kick ass presentation. She was a sharp and intelligent girl.
Swara had a bold attitude and an incredibly s*xy dressing style. She used to go jogging every evening in shots and guys used to check her out all the time. She was involved with sanskar for more than the last two years. They were the talk of the town but something fell apart and now they don’t even like to see each other’s face.
Well I made up my mind to start working on the case study with swara. I searched for my phone and dialled her number.

So this was the first shot.
How do you find raglak’s If you do it,so will I chase ?!! What must have happened between swasan ?!! The most important thing is how will this case study end ?!! How will their lives will change ?!!
To know more stay tunned and please drop your comments !!

Credit to: Vrushy

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