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There is a girl named Priya ,working as a Sales Assistant at a Convenience Store,and living in UK.She has impaired hearing and wears hearing aids on her both ears despite she works hard daily to save some money for her operation to get better hearing. She loves her family and she felt odd whenever her relatives stares at her ears and she never want to visit relatives because of this reason.

One day, there was a customer whom she knows in her native place and now she forgotten his face has come into the shop to pay for the food that he has bought it. Surprisingly the guy remembers her because of her voice that he used to hear her when they were in their native place. He called her Priya, are you? Priya is shocked to hear that he knows her name , and she never told her name to anyone or her customers but she wants to get away from her old life she had. Priya muttered and said sorry I am not Priya,you are mistaken.The guy is so sure that she is Priya and never believe her lie. As he walked out of the shop,he saw her mother walking to the shop. Then he realize it and went back to the shop and caught her.
The guy demand her “why you are hiding from me ? ,tell me the reason.?” Priya and her mother is quiet looking at his face. His face is so clean and handsome .He is quite tall about 5’9 inches and his body seems to be having 6 packs. Looks like he has been work out to lose weight alot. Her mother Jothi said “you don’t want to know the truth, please leave her alone” and made the guy leave the shop. Priya began to cry and wondered why her past is coming back.she got scared…

Recap: Jothi left her and walking to her home, thinking of the past of Priya and Niro.

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  1. Good start. Update asap.

    1. Thank you ,
      Will update the part 2.

  2. Gud epi..waiting for nxt epi post asap

    1. Hi it is already updated for episode 2 and 3. Have a nice time 🙂

  3. Nice story yr dhanu

  4. Awesome, interesting start. ..plzzzz continue dear. ..all the best

    1. hi thanks. Episode 2 is already update. episode 3 is on the way ready to be publish soon.

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