Love is fire and water :) eposide 2


HI guys , continue from Love is fire and water 🙂 ,this is part 2.

Jothi consoled her and thinking what to do to change her mind. In the meantime, Priya ‘s work shift is finished at 2pm and the next guy Ash came to work. Jothi and Priya walked out of the shop. Priya told her mom”Mom , I need to change my mind ,shall I come home later,please let me be alone for sometime.”She hugged Jothi and walked away from the shop. Jothi remembers the incident in the shop, her eyes began to filled with tears. She starts to recollect the past of Priya and Niro.
Niro is a rich business tycoon in the native place of Udaipur, whereas Priya is NRI living in India for her temporary studies.All girls used to tell Priya that Niro is handsome and tall guy. He is fithy rich, if a girl marries him will be the luckiest girl. Priya didn’t take it serious or she was not interested but she thinks who is this this his name Niro, she finds weird. She starts to look for a part time to kill time rather than staying at home. At last , she found as writer in a company.She was appointed by Company’s Manager Akash. She was unaware that she is working for Niro’s company and she haven’t met her Boss at all. Priya finds happy working for the company as she gets good paid and good friends.
One morning, Priya missed a bus and she found a taxi and ran to the office as she was getting late. Soon as she entered the office, she finds herself odd feeling around her and she doesn’t know why. Anyhow she ignores the feeling,walks towards to her cabin. Before she sits, she was called to her Boss’s office. She panic and she worried that did she do anything wrong ? Prayed god to save her. She was fully tensed and scared to touch the door even. Suddenly, a man approached her and asked her “what are you doing here?” ,Priya replied that she was called to come here, that’s why is she mistaken? The man looked behind and said ok come in.
Priya’s ears warm and knowing what is going to happen imagined that she is get blasted. The man shook her and ask her are you alright?
Priya nodded and ready to look at the Boss. She is shocked to see the Boss.

Recap: Niro is asking Priya why is she avoiding him ??? holding her hand tightly… Priya pushed him behind ….

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