Love is fire and water :) Episode 9


hi guys , continue from Love is fire and water 🙂 Episode 8

After Navin recalled the past of Niro’s marriage with Priya , he fell down and began to cry. Dushy comes to him and asked “what happen to you, why are you crying now?”. Navin realized that years have passed and now he is in India with Dushy sake of his daughter. Navin says “nothing, I felt I have missed something, that’s why ”as he walked off from her. Dushy goes to Niro’s room as Niro was resting. Dushy thinks something had happened, must ask him.

Niro got the feeling that someone is here, he woke up to his sister infront of him. He felt she is devil infront of him. He asked her what are you doing here? She replied “I want to ask you something, think once and tell me about the marriage,I can’t wait to see you with your better half”. He controls his anger after all these arguments still they have not grow up. He folds his hands and show her to the door for her to leave him alone. She got so angry with his action and says “you still have not forgotten her yet, first I must find her to kill her, then you will do what I say” Niro slapped her face hard and says “how dare you say such a thing about my wife”.He pushed her out of his room and close the door.

Dushy starts crying and runs off to her room and tells to Navin that her brother slapped her. Navin was just silent and inside he was happy that she got slap. He wish he could slap his wife at wife then this would not happen as he never had the manner to slap a woman. Navin just patted her and consoled her. He signs her that he will bring water for her and left the room. Then Navin met Niro outside and said “I am sorry, I had to do like that”.He folds his hands and ask for forgive. Navin grabbed him and hugged. He said to Niro’s ear “what you did is right, I did mistake for not correcting her. I will bring her to you but not to this house, you stay separate.” Niro was surprise to see his bro’s support and agreed for his decision but says “but business?” Navin signed him that he will handle it.They both walked down to the library to meet Mohan.

Mohan looks at them and asked “what is the matter?” Mohan got mixed feelings for Niro after knowing the dark secret from his wife. He does not know what to do, whether to love him or not. He is very confused. Mohan looked at Niro and thinks by this son, he became rich and happy, if he lose he could lose everything. Niro says “Dad that is I have met my wife today, I want to live with her, Can I go separate please.” Mohan nodded and thinks of wealth. Mohan says “no, you can’t go anywhere, stay here, bring her here” in a selfish manner. Niro thinks is he dreaming or real talk from his dad. Navin was stood there look while listening the conversation and watched out the ladies.

Priya reached home from office, remembered the incident how she met Niro after 7 years and cries.
Naresh her son hugged her and says “Mom ,you are here”. Priya looks at him and says “Yes,I am here”. Her son asked her when will we be going back to UK. She thinks of Niro and hugged him tight as she misses him alot. She cried and wiped her tears says “My studies is finished today so we can go”. Naresh kisses her and says “I love you Mom” as he was so happily runs to his room to pack the bags. Priya’s looks still like a young girl , doesn’t even look like a mom as nobody believes her that she is a Mom.

Priya sees the sky and catches the warm breeze as she breathes deeply while closing her eyes. She remembers how Niro and she made love in a farmhouse. Suddenly someone rang the bell, she was astonished to see Navin. Navin was having flower bonquet for her and asked her “May I?” She lets him and sat silently. Navin left the flower on the table and says “finally I met you today after 7 years”.

Naresh heard someone in the hall , comes to see who is it? He asked his mom “Mom, who is he, do you know him?” Navin got mixed reaction when seeing the son. Navin asked “Is he your son? Niro’s son? Oh my god. Why didn’t tell me this news?” Navin began to hugged Naresh. Priya was watching how happy Navin is.
Navin requested her to come home with her son to show Niro. She refused his request and explained the situation that could break his marriage too. Navin sat back on the sofa, cries for his daughter Mia’s life.

Recap: At Dushy’s house, Dushy tries to pull thali from Priya’s neck to break off the marriage. But Mohan slapped her. Niro says “she is now my official wife; I have done marriage registration with her”.

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