Love is fire and water :) Episode 8

Hi guys. Continue from Love is fire and water Episode 7

Niro waits for Friday since he has found good time to get married. Niro begged Priya to wear best saree for temple prayer. Priya thinks why he is so anxious about the day and requested what is it? Niro tells her it is surprise. As usual they both were becoming best friends and got close too.
Niro and Param’s mutual friend Kevin informed Param about Niro’s plan of getting married. Param panics and rushed to Priya’s house to tell her while Priya was getting ready for the prayer as Friday has come.Soon as he heard his knocking on the door , she open the door. Param grabs her to her room and tell her about Niro’s plan is to marry her. Priya got thoroughly shocked and heard Niro is bagging the door. Priya cried and scared to go out and holds Param close.Param says “do you have any back door to go out? “ Priya says “yes,and wait I need to change my clothing please.” She quickly rushed to the room to change and wore a top and trouser.They both ran to the back door , they got shocked that Niro was standing there,then Param argued with Niro and Niro pushed him behind and pulled Priya to his car. Priya starts hitting him hard and tries to escape. Suddenly, Niro slapped her hard and she fainted in the car, while he drives to the temple.

There, Niro carries her to the temple and woke her, she opened the eyes and saw marriage items and he is now full dressed up as a groom. He forced her to wear bridal saree with his friends who are girls to dress her. Priya begged the girls to leave her but they didn’t listen to plea and made to wear the saree. She wept along with them and came to the marriage. Priya prays that something should stop but it didn’t as he ties thali (marriage chain) around her neck and declared that she is his wife.All Niro’s friends wished the couple and left. Priya began to cry vigorous and refuse to go with Niro to his home.

Param got unconscious from Niro’s punch while Priya is being pulled away, he got up and rang up Navin and told him everything. Navin asked his friend for his car to go home, as he knew Dushy may do hurtful things to Priya and Niro. Navin drove fast as possible to his home to find that Anju is there with the parents. Navin was thinking fast what to do and told them that they have go somewhere for the festival and convinced them to leave. Fortunately, the couple arrived and Navin looked Priya as her face became very sad and dried cheeks.Niro says “I know I have done rush thing to do , please apologize and bless me and my angel”.Navin says “I am ok with your decision , but think of your family reactions and angel’s life.”Navin blesses them and adviced them to go Priya’s house. Niro thinks what happened to my bro , why he is not letting him to get into the house. The couple walks away to go to angel’s house.

Navin relieved when the family comes back home, Dushy asked where is Niro, he should be in this time from work , call him.Navin thinks what to tell her and says “I will call him,first spend time your family as they came here for you”. Param calls him and asked “what happen now, did they come there ?” Param replied “everyone is here, will tell you everything at her place. Do you get it?”.
Dushy asked him is it Niro’s call, he lied and says” it is office’s call and he needs to leave”. Navin left home while Param waited for him outside of Navin’house. They both chatted about Niro’s rage behaviour while Navin is much worried about Priya because she is rowdy gang member for car racing as he is only know the truth. He already know Niro cannot win her by his rage behaviour. They both reached Priya’s place , Niro is relaxing in living room and apologized to Param for his punches. Priya was sitting in the corner of her room crying. Navin asked about Priya, Niro shows him up , told him to see her himself.
Navin was deeply disturbed when he saw her like that, he consoled her and adviced to be brave. He says “it is good that you still keep your promise with your family and your leader”,I am very proud of you. Now it is time you be dutiful wife to Niro as he loves you”. Priya looked at him and says “I want to do like that but this promise made me to cry like this.” Pushing Navin out and banged the door and cried badly.

Recap: Dushy and Anju slapped Niro badly for married Priya without their consents.They requested to break off the thali from her as she still not an official wife yet.

Credit to: dhanu


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