Love is fire and water :) Episode 7


Hi guys, sorry for delay ,lets continue from Love is fire and water episode 6

Niro woke up early to go for work, as usual he prepares and had a light meal and walked off. He drops off a message to Navin and reached the store. His mate trains him to use the till and filling stuffs even though he is very rich in India doing this job sake of Priya. He doesn’t know that Priya also works there in evening shift.

By the time goes on, Priya came abit early for work and saw Niro for the first time as he was speechless that his angel is infront of him. They introduced each other and starts working. Niro didn’t want to leave the place since Priya is also there in the store. As the Boss asked him, whether he will work full day or else leave now to come tomorrow. Niro thinks and lied to him that I can come in the evening since he has some work to do in the mornings. Boss agreed and told Priya to come in the mornings. Niro got upset and waited outside to meet the Boss. For like one hour he waited outside while he smokes. At last, the boss came and spoke “why are you here, what happen? “. Niro requested him to give him to work with Priya since he likes her as he wants to know about her. Boss refused with this idea and says I don’t like guys who want to misbehave with her. Please leave her alone. Niro began to show his true face of being rowdy behaviour. The boss got worried about Priya’s life and said OK and Niro gave him in cash £300 to accept the deal.They both left the store and Priya was watching at them walking through the window thinks what this new guy is upto.

Priya is soft spoken, like a kid attracts many people with her soft voice. She is very hard working girl as she works throughout the day and nobody knows her life well except Navin.
Navin is at office, felt much worried about Priya and Niro since he knew it is going to be huge problem at home, and thinks to call Param to solve the problem. Param was actually there to meet Navin in the office for his business purpose. They both chatted about the business then Navin approached the talk about Niro and his love. Param says “you don’t know that Niro is the real rowdy to do anything to get his own.Navin didn’t believe it, in few seconds, Niro is calling to Param’s phone as Param shows his phone to show who is calling him. Navin is shocked and asked him to put speaker. Param did it and starts talking, Niro says “hey dude, I found my angel, now I will try to win her and get her to marry me.” They both stunned hearing this news and thinks what to do. Param says I got to go and cut the call. Navin says we need to save her before he does something, They both quickly left the office and informed the assistant that he is out, will be back tomorrow. They drove to the store and found Priya filling the stuffs.Navin tells her everything that Niro is working here to get her married to him. Everyone was silent and Priya fainted after listened to the news.

Later in a while a staff comes and tell them that Niro is coming, all of them lifted Priya to the back room and hid there. Niro looks around the store, thinks where everyone then the staff guy came as he got scared of him, thinking that he may do something to him too. Niro asked where is she? Did she come today for work. The staff guy told “No ,she didn’t as she taken off today because she is sick so I am working”. Suddenly Niro left the place and ran to Priya’s house to see her. Niro starts bagging the door and asked Priya to open the door. He thinks Priya has not come from the hospital so he will wait for her at doorsteps. Priya, Navin and Param saw him through the car window,waiting for her. They are thinking what is next to do. Priya says “I don’t want to be rude to him , i just pass by and manage him. If anything happen, I will tell you. Just pray for my safety” goes out of the car.

Priya approached Niro says “what are you doing here in this time?”Niro just looked into her eyes and thinks she seems to be very good character and from a good family background. He murmured and says “I just came to see you as I heard you are not well so are you ok?”. Priya walked to the front door and turn back “I am alright , don’t worry see you at work, good night”. She closed the door behind her and she felt terrible scared. But she finds he is not so bad as he look like. Niro began to dance in the street and sings.. “My love is here with me, I never leave you…”

Navin and Param looked at him all the way home while Param drives the car to drop Navin.They smiled as they are happy that How Niro is in joy mood.Atlast They all reached as Niro saw Navin got down from Param’s car. Param says “Bro, we will meet next time,bye” and left the house.
Next day,Niro starts to talk to Priya in a friendly way as days goes on his love grows close. He finds hard to live without her and without see her for a day. Priya didn’t feel any love for him since she didn’t want to feel the love and heart pain over again. Niro finds out about this from a staff and realized that Priya is scared of love failure. Next thing, he called his friends and made some arrangements in temple. Priya and everyone is unaware of his plan which is going to happen.

Recap: Niro ties the thali (marriage chain) around her while Priya cried badly. The gang began to wish Niro and says he is now married guy, ready to get settle.

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