Love is fire and water :) Episode 6


hi guys Continue from Love is Fire and water episode 5

Niro called Navin and left the voice message “what happen to me today. I need to tell you something, please come home soon”. Niro forgot about his smoking, as his eyes began to look for her. He came home back , found his friend Param waiting outside for him. Param and Niro hugged each other and had some chit chat talks. Param asked him shall we go to the pub today as today he got day off sake of Niro’s arrival. Niro agrees and went to the pub. In the pub, Niro was not in the good mood to enjoy the evening with Param, requested him to tell him who is this girl whereas he has forgotten to take the picture through his phone. Param says he really don’t know whom he is talking about and pleased him to enjoyed the time. Niro was feeling restless after he saw her. Niro and Param had few pegs and went home.
Param left Niro and went to his house since his mom calling every one hour. Niro sat in the living room and waited for his sister and bro. The couple came home and late and Dushy ignored Niro and walked to her room. Niro didn’t feel bad about her action and saw Navin as he was removing his coat and hugging on the door. Navin told him to wait for few mins,he will be back. As he promised he came back after changed his outfit. Navin asked Niro “ What is it , you want to tell me?” Niro began to explained about the morning , how he saw her and went to temple only to find her. Navin knew that he know the girl whom he is talking about. Navin replied “well, I will find who is she and tell you soon. Have you thought of my morning speech?” Niro surprise told “I will want to work so that I can find her somehow. This is only way out to reach her. I am feeling restless when I saw her I don’t know why. I saw her face that she is not fair like us, she has light brown , little squint eye on her right eye ,wearing glass and she is short than me.She has some attraction that get me to look for her.” Navin understood his talk and figured it out it was Priya but he was unsure about it. Navin requested Niro to have some sleep. They climbed up to their rooms and rest.

In Navin’s room, Dushy asked her hubby what is the matter with my brother. Navin changed the topic and told him about his outing with his friend as he is well aware that Dushy hate Priya. Navin says I have forgotten to take my medicine , he will be back soon. He went to the kitchen and made a call to Priya to verify about the morning. Priya was asleep and woke up by his call. Navin asked her “sorry to call you in this time,tell me quick,Is it you in the morning wore mixed colored saree covered with shawl and went to temple.?” Priya lost her sleep after hearing this. Priya replied “yes it is me.why who is following me ”. Navin told her not to worry about it since it is my brother in law who is so bothered about you. Please be careful with him as he is not good out of him but inside in him, he is good.If you meet him again, just say that you are married. Then he won’t trouble you again.” Priya was thinking and said ok and kept the phone down. Priya tried to remember the morning and figuring the faces whom she saw but she couldn’t. She slept.

Here comes the morning. Niro woke so early , prepared the coffee for him and applied for the work and left a note for Navin to check the form. Niro went out for jogging and saw vacancies available. He went into the shop and chat with the shop keeper about the job and he agreed for £5/hour and he choose morning shift. He thinks that there is a good point that it was close to the temple so that he can find his girl. He decides to leave all the bad habits sake of the girl and change for good. He told that shop keeper that he will come to work from next day till his holidays get over. He continued his jogging way back home. He saw Navin leaving the house and said “Have a great day. I have found the job.” Navin heard him and said good good , waved back at him.Niro was happy that his bro heard him and went into the house. He called his mom to tell her the work that he got but he finds ignores his call and he spoke to his dad. Mohan was happy to know it and blesses him.

In India, Mohan and his wife Diva discussed about Niro and his life. Mohan already knew that she hate her so much just because he has nothing in him except his qualification being MBA. Mohan loves his son very much as his daughters too. Mohan was trying his best to teach him good lesson to be best son in his world. Diva has some dark secret about Niro but it is not known to anyone even to Mohan.

Recap: Priya was kidnapped by Niro and took her to the temple and forced her to marry him.

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