Love is fire and water :) Episode 5


Hi guys, CONTINUE FROM Love is fire and water EPISODE 4

Navin and Niro looked at each other for a while and Niro sat on his bed looking at the ceiling, thinking the incident in the office. Navin asked what happened, is everything alright? Niro replied no,nothing is ok with me, I met my wife today after 7 years. Navin surprised to hear it and asked “how you met her? Where is she now? I wish I could go and ask forgive from her, all the problems she is facing by me.I never thought this would turn out badly”.Niro says yes, she suffered alot by my sisters and mom. I wondered how to correct it. I never realized that she sacrificed her life for me and left me for good in this family peace. Please bro help me to get my wife back. Navin felt so sad seeing Niro upset like anything as he never see his sad face before. Navin says I will think what to do and tell you by the time , get yourself rest and join us for tea time.

As Navin walked out of the room, and thinks the past how Niro married Priya in a force marriage.
7 years ago,Niro used to be a spoilt handsome guy in the city. He flirts with girls, go to the pubs , drinking and smoking. His love is only his mother and no one else can this place. He is still unaware that his mother never liked him at all, only her daughters who are Dushy and Anju. One day, his father Mohan decides to get Niro to learn hard life in UK, send him by forced. Niro accepted his decision and went to UK. Niro finally hugged his sister and said “I am here for you, I missed you alot sissy”. Dushy was happy but actually not. Navin hugged Niro and said that he is here.
Navin and Niro walked to the room to leave his luggage and Niro asked what is the plan. Navin explained to him clearly ”Dushy and I go to work from 9am to 6pm.We will have to leave home early as possible to catch the trains to work by then , we will cook food early and keep for you to eat , rest of your time is to spend on your own. You can go and meet new friends and also be aware of fights and problems. If you want to work , you can work since you got the chance to get work permit here. Try to earn money and be independent. I am not advicing you here,I am here to tell you that needs to be told. I know Dushy doesn’t want to tell you all this and to be honest as a bro I am telling you that your sister didn’t like your arrival and I liked you to be here.If you want to stay in UK , please do what I told otherwise there is no choice that your sister will let me to help you out.” Niro sat on his bed and looked at his bro and asked “why so long speech on day 1 , well I will think and tell you by tonight, for now let me enjoy the day here.” Navin nodded and said “because I won’t get time to talk to you like today and since your sister never let me talk anyone for long time.” Niro thinks why he is scared of my sister, there is something weird between them.

As the couple said bye to Niro and gone for the work.Niro looked around the house and appreciated the house cleanness. He took his pack of cigs to smoke and saw a note on the fridge, wrote by his sister “ no smoking or drinking in this house. Go out and do anything . Thanks”. Niro got annoyed with the note and walked out the house and locked it. He whistled and walked towards to the main road. That was the time, he saw Priya for the first time as she was crossing the road to the other side of the road. Unexpectedly, his heart began to race fast and he doesn’t know what is happening to his heart.Priya was normal good looking girl, short about 5’inches with medium length straight hair clipped. She wore mixed coloured saree , covered with the shawl to keep her warm since the day was cold. Niro began to follow her where she was going to. Finally he stopped seeing her get into the Hindu temple for prayers. He realized it is Friday and he had forgotten it because he used to go to temple secretly without anyone knowledge. He ran back to home and got himself washed and wore new clothes then ran again to the temple. He missed her and inquired someone about the girl. No one knows about her and they only know the girl with hearing aids. Niro was so sad and began to look out for her. He sang the song “where are you my angel, you made me to fell into you. Where are you?”.

Recap: Priya was kidnapped by Niro and took her to the Hindu Temple. He forced her marry to

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