Love is fire and water :) Episode 4


Hi guys, continue from Love is fire and water 🙂 Episode 3
Priya picked up the letter from the table and requested Niro to sign the letter. He could not do it at first since he felt that he needs to see her everyday and he looked at her eyes and asked “should I sign it and make you go away from me ? ” . Priya replied “ If that is a situation , then do it otherwise don’t.” Niro thinks I am going to miss you badly and I need you to be here for me.He remembers the promise that he made to his sisters that he will have to remarry some girl of their choice. He took a deep breath and signed the letter. Priya grab the letter and walked away without even looking at him.She looked at her mates and said “I am leaving the job because I have got urgent call from foreign.Thanks everyone” and she hugged her mates.Her mates find suspicions in her talk and knew there is something wrong with Boss and her. They didn’t want to confront her in everyone’s presence and kept silent.

In Niro’s cabin, Niro stared at the door imagined Priya hugging him and saying I love you. But he came back to reality by the sister’s call and he answered the call. His sister Dushy called ” Please come home soon , I have something to show you ” to her brother in a polite way.

Dushy really hates Priya from the day 1 when Priya became Niro’s strong love girl and also because of her impaired hearing loss and she has narrow minded thinks that disabled people are not fit into the society . But she married her husband Navin who is already having skin problems from the start of her love life. She is not thinking that people with diseases or something like that are also part of disabled people. Priya felts sorry for Navin because she knew him from the day 1 that they met each other in UK. Navin and Priya used to be friends at their University, studied together even though they are big age gap between them.Priya was 22 when Navin got married to Dushy when he was 28. Navin usually have skin problems whenever he go to any tropical countries as doctors adviced him to stay in indoors and any cold countries.Navin and Dushy felt in love in University and got married before Priya joined the University. Once Navin invited Priya to his house to introduce his wife Dushy and she agreed to come. In that evening , Navin and Priya went to his house and Dushy opened the door, looked at Priya and asked you must be Priya right. Priya nodded her head and stood there. Dushy invited her into the house and asked her to sit. When Dushy saw her with hearing aids, she began to grumble at Navin and made excuse to take Navin with her. Priya knew it, there is something and she heard that Dushy saying why did you befriend with disabled girl, don’t be friend with these kinds of people. Priya got upset and hurt and left the house without telling them.The couple came to the living room to say something and got surprised that she left already. Dushy says finally she left her, thank god. She looked at her hubby and asked, next time don’t be friend with these people without her. He got so surprise with her behaviour changed. He never knew she would be like this infront of Priya. Priya was so upset and recalling Dushy’s words and began to cry vigorously and says to the God why you gave me this life to live. She walked to the church and sat there to change her mind and consoled herself.

Back to Niro at his house , he asked his sister why did she call him. She says she have found a new bride for him.Niro shouted at her saying Priya is only one and no one will be his future wife, if anyone dares to talk about marriage, next thing I will break ties with all of you. Navin was watching all these drama and sad.He thinks I am so sorry Priya, I did big mistake by introducing you to my family and now you are ruined because of me. I am sorry. Navin wants to take divorce from Dushy but he couldn’t because his daughter’s life will be spoil so he is keep quiet whatever she does. Niro saw Navin stood near the kitchen and walked to him and requested him to his room as he wants to talk personal.
They both walked together to the room, Niro checked around him to see if anyone there, he close the door behind. Navin looked at him and asked what do you want to ask me ?

Recap : Priya was kidnapped by Niro and took her to the Hindu Temple. He plans to get her marry to him.

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  1. wow precap is interesting

  2. Precap is ineteresting. Dont mind but did you get inspiration from Thapki Pyar Ki? Specoally Dushy and Vasundhara matches a lot in their views! Anywats good epi. update asap

  3. Hi Bisha
    It is ok,
    Sorry I didn’t watch any hindi tv serials except Suhani tc serial. So I don’t know about the serial you mention. to be honest, This is the full story I had been writing past two years. Now I thought it is the time to release part by part to make readers interesting 🙂

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