Love is fire and water :) episode 3


hi guys continue from Love is fire and water eposide 2.

When Priya is ready to look at the Boss but the boss is not be seen as he was facing at the window watching out the busy city. Priya cleared her throat and say “Sir, I have come as you requested. What do you want me to do sir?” in a lower voice. As the boss heard her voice as he felt her voice is somewhat sweet and sounds like kid’s voice. He turn to see her and they both were shocked to see each other. It was Niro and none than anyone.Niro was so surprise to see and shock to see her working for him. He asked her “what are you doing here, you are not suppose to work in India as you know it right? please leave the job.” he didn’t let her speak in between the talk and he quickly called Akash to the his cabin. Priya tried to open her mouth but couldn’t as she watched him typing in his laptop and the cabin became silent. As Akash arrived to the scene and asked “Sir, do you need anything ?” . Niro scolded him saying why didn’t tell him before appointing his girl to his company. Please print the resignation on my behalf and tell her to leave the job.

Priya was disappointed with Niro’s behavior and decide to speak up against the resignation. Priya waited till Akash leaves the room, she began to argue with Niro like before that they know each other. ” How can you do this with me? I want to spend my spare time working that’s why I took this job otherwise I won’t be here in the first time” Priya spoke in a strong voice to Niro. He began to hold her hands tightly,looked into her eyes and asked her ” why are you avoiding me ?” Priya felt uneasy with his hands and she pushed him behind.
In few seconds, Akash came with the resignation letter to get signed from the Boss. Niro looked at Priya and thinking alot to sign it or not. He made Akash to leave the letter on the table and go for his work. Niro again came close to Priya and asked her the same question. While Priya picked up the letter and asked him to sign it.

Recap: Niro remembers his past with Priya and how he made Priya marry him….

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