Love is fire and water :) Episode 12

Epid 12
There went silent in Niro’s family and Dushy is happy with this drama and gave a wink to her sister. Navin was thoroughly upset and cried in the bathroom, Niro just sat on the floor and watched Priya’s pic on his phone. His parents were watching Niro from far distance and Mohan tells to his wife “I wish I shouldn’t sent him here and ruined him”. His wife smirked and thinks all for good and walked away. She doesn’t care for Niro or his feelings.
Mohan finds weird about her reaction and thinks to double check her. There , Mohan announced “we , the family leave UK and come to India for good life. “ Niro refused to come but Dushy pulled him into the plane and not leaving him to look behind what he has left. All left to India and feeling very sad.
Priya felt uneasy and starts to feel dizzy then fainted. Akash saw her on the floor and took to the hospital. Doctors checks on her and says “she is pregnant” to Akash thinking he is her Priya’s husband. Akash felt happy and sad and call up Rohini to tell her the news. All of her gang members reached the hospital and hugged Priya for a good news. Priya was very upset and decide not to have a baby without the father. Rohini adviced her and Priya accepted her advice and ready to give birth to the child
All these 9 and half months Rohini took great care of Priya and did Baby shower and made it as memorable lives. It was 1st May the baby born into the world and it was a boy  so sweet and cute. Her son look exactly like Niro and Priya cried after seeing her son and she cuddled it and kissed his forehead.

While Niro became an arrogant , changed man for these 9 months and never listened to anyone at home. He still missed his loving wife and always want to see her again but his sisters have hidden his passport and his documents to travel as they have forbidden him to travel abroad.
Then Mohan investigated his wife for being not good to Niro only and found out the dark secret that Niro is not their son at all. Some big business tycoon named Patel’s own son only Niro and their real son is now Patel adapting. Mohan’s wife has swapped the babies when she gets to know about Patel’s baby which also a boy too she got evil plan to get wealth after her son is 30. Mohan got shocked and happy because his real son living in lavish life and richest person and Niro is living middle rich person. From that time Mohan shows less care on Niro gradually.
Rest of the family is unaware of this news and doesn’t know about it except the parents.

Suddenly Naresh pulls his Mom and asked “Are we ready to go home , I have done packing . Come with me now to sleep ”. Priya realized that she was thinking of her past and forgotten that her son is now grown up and walked to her room to pack it. Rohini called her to tell her that she heard some secret about Niro’s real dad. As Priya heard it and was surprised and said “what this have to do with me now, I am now divorced and ready to come back”. Rohini requested to do it and give Niro to the real dad then come .
Priya looked at Naresh and gave a hug to him and say “we change our plan now because Rohini aunty gone to US for a month. So is it ok for you to stay for one month please”. Naresh felt very upsetting and cried “I want to go back because I am bored here”. Priya promised him that she will make best holidays.

Priya began to find out about Patel’s family and realized Mohan’s real son had passed away due to the accident and Patel’s wife Mani became sick after knowing that her son is not hers from the post mortem. Priya decides to help Patel and reconcile with his real son and took Naresh to Patel’s mansion. Priya introduced herself and her son and told the truth that their real son is Niro whom she is married. Patel refused to accept and Priya showed the proof and called Nurses as they were eyewitness Mohan’s wife did all things.

Unexpectedly Patel called up the police and file a case against Mohan and his family. Patel is thoroughly shocked over the news and hugged Naresh as grandson. Priya asked “Don’t you love the son whom you brought up ?”. Patel replied “ I do but that son keeps get sick day by day due heart problems and I sometimes feel pain to see his suffering and also wish that god take him soon.” And he shows the sign that it happened and walk to the window and says “I got the report and his birth report and found out the son is not his, somebody else and wish to find out. Luckily I didn’t even transfer any of my properties to the son because I knew he is not going to live for long. God gave me a chance to see my real son and he looked Naresh then holds Priya and tells” You came into our lives and fill the gap and you shall be the heir of this Patel’s empire.” Priya replied “No, I don’t want to snatch your wealth for this , I came here to help you and I don’t want my son to be alone in this world.”

There Mohan’s house, police walked into the doors without listening to the servants in the house.
Everyone rushed to the living room and enquired about it. Police shows the letter and says “Mrs. Mohan you are under arrest for this case and your members come to court according to the letter” Taking Mrs. Mohan to the station while Dushy was panicking and asking Navin to help her dad and Navin finally gave a tight slap and says “you are also your mother , I break up with you and your relationship.” Dushy shocked with his behaviour and asked “how dare you slap me like this”. Navin pointed his finger to keep her mouth shut and says “my princess , do you want to stay here or come with me to UK “. His daughter hugged his dad and looked her Mom “Sorry mom , I can’t stay here anymore and you never make my dad happy and I don’t want your fake love.”

Precap: Mrs.Mohan accepted her crime and Niro was delighted and happy to see his Priya and his son; Navin reached UK with his daughter and changed her name to Anglie, living with his parents.

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