Love is fire and water :) Episode 11

Epid 11
Hi guys, continue from Episode 10 Love is fire and water

Dushy felt very unhappy with Priya since she knew her and she doesn’t like her at all, She makes everyone in the family hates her. Navin knows everything and acts behind her back and support her unwillingly. One of these nights, Navin went to the room and knock the door and requested Niro that he needs to talk to Priya for a few mins. Niro agreed and sent Priya to Navin. Priya asked him what is the matter,looked at her face carefully. Navin looks outside if anyone is listening and says “I have something to tell you”. Priya listened carefully and nod to him to say.
Navin tells that Niro’s family plans to put you in a bad state and make Niro divorce you. So be prepared about it and one more thing just be alert of her actions. Niro overheard the conversation ,stood behind the door. He seems very surprised and says I already know this would happen at anytime. So I must a take step to avoid this happening to her my love. Dushy from hall calls “Navin, where are you? Come for dinner time” Navin silently walked down and left Priya at the corridor. She thinks what to do and goes to her room. Niro sat on the bed watching at her coming. He whistled at her and ask her to dance for him. Priya looked at him surprise at his behaviour and she refused. He thinks she is shy and calls someone from his mobile. Priya sadly watched at window and turn to ask Niro to have his dinner but he disappeared. Niro was having dinner with his family and tells them “I am going out with Priya tonight , will be back tomorrow”. Dushy stared at him and thinks where he is taking her. Niro left his mobile on the table to wash his hand , at that time, she pulled his phone to check and figured it out his surprise. She smiled and kept it back at it is. Niro came to Priya and asked her to get ready and tells her that they are going out. Priya began to feel odd with him and went to get ready.
Soon as the couple left home, Dushy muttered something to her sister and plans an evil plan. They also followed the couple all the way and called up the police and told them something which is inaudible. When they reached the junction of the main road, the couple turned right and the ladies missed them and took left. The couple reached the 5 star hotel and checked in. Priya was silent all the way from home to hotel without saying a word; she understood Niro’s actions in every way to keep her happy. As they both reached their room and Niro began to consummate with her and Priya felt mixed feelings and doesn’t know what is going on after this.

After a while, Niro woke up for door’s knocking sound and open it. He was shocked to see the Police and his sisters. Police announced that the lady inside is under arrest. Niro shocked and asked how dare to say like this, she is my wife and who told you the wrong information. The police looked at the ladies and says they the ladies called them and informed them. Niro replied they are my sisters and they are against my marriage with my love so they planted wrong information about her. If you want prove evidence I can show the solid. Police felt guilty and trusted these ladies and apologized Niro and scolded the ladies and left it. The ladies looked very angry at Niro and asked “Did you enjoy the night with her?”. Niro smiled at them and went back to his room without a word. He feels that they shouldn’t go back to his home. They will stay at Priya’s house as usual. He looked at Priya’s sleeping peacefully and kiss her forehand.
Next morning,Priya woke up and felt uncomfortable and remembers the night and she smiled warmly and went to have a wash. Niro was a fast asleep and gets up by Priya’s frangrance, he looks at her cutely and ready to hug her but his mobile is ringing. He picks up the phone and says we are coming.

The couple rushed to the hospital because the doctor called Niro sake of Mohan his dad. They saw everyone outside of the room waiting for them. Doctor tells that his dad wants to talk to him personally, Niro thinks what is going to happen next as he walks to the room and see his dad looking at him. Mohan requested him to come back home after all this incident with Priya and Niro refused for it and back off. Then everyone comes to him and asked what happened. Mohan tells his request to his family and they begged Niro to accept it. While seeing everyone , Priya felt bad and asked Niro to accept it and he reluctant agreed to her. Then Dushy announced that Priya shouldn’t step into the house or the family and should be divorce if he wants to save his dad. Everyone shocked to hear this news and thinks what to do. Already everyone in the family is against to this marriage and Niro helpless and thinks to save his dad and his wife. He thinks he can trick them by signing fake divorce paper and leave it. He replied ok for it and calls up his David and tells him something and tells them that his friend bringing the paper to sign it. Priya thoroughly got shocked with his decision and upset.

No one came to Priya to console her and David comes with the papers, She saw the papers and realized it is fake and understood it and acts very sad face. But the trick went waste as Dushy switched the fake to true papers without the couples knowing and they signed. Dushy began to laughed and said “did you think your plan worked, actually it is backfired! I knew it is fake one, I made original and switched without both knowledge.” Niro and Priya looked more shocked and began to cry. Niro tries to pulls the papers from her hand but Dushy pushed the brother and said “you accepted the deal , now ready to leave her and come home”.

Niro refused to go with them but they pulled him to the house while Priya sat on the floor crying like hell. IN a meanwhile, one of her past member Akash saw her and calls “Diva, you are here and why are you crying ?” Priya hugged him and tells him everything what had happened and she got married.Akash looks like thug guy and ready to take action on Niro but Priya begged him not to do anything since they do not know who is she. Akash takes her to main gang house. Priya’s main leader Rohini walks towards her and gave her a usual drink which Diva drinks. Priya says “I have changed alot and don’t want to go back, please understand me and sake of your incident that happened I stayed away just to save you all.” Rohini still smoke and drink and sits like thug on the sofa and looked around her men. She says “I have watched over you whom you are going out and married and everything I know the news update. I will teach that b*t*h a lesson that she will remember lifetime.” Akash sat next to Priya and says “Diva , you need to be back as before strong girl who never cry like a baby, fight for it. All is well and you are legally divorce with him so there is nothing to be sad.” Priya replies “Akash, you still call me Diva and I am Priya now, one more thing I love him alot my husband and already shared my bed with him too, do you get it?” Rohini smiled and hugged her and said “she fulfilled his desire as dutiful wife, it is alright. You just be happy that you lost your virgin at last”.

Precap: Priya is seen pregnant taken care by Rohini and her gang;Niro shifted to India with entire family,

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