Love is fire and water :) Episode 10

Epi 10
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Priya thinks about her past with Niro and she spent time with him living in an uncomfortable life in UK . The day she got married, she stood in the corner of her room and cried whole day. Finally,Niro couldn’t tolerate her plight and went to her and began to kiss comfortably but Priya refused to kiss him back and she is not ready for this first night with him at all. She folds her hands and said “Please leave me alone and I am not ready for this”.Niro looks at her for a moment and turn away without saying a word.

Next morning, Niro worries about his sisters knowing that they would do something to break the marriage since he hasn’t register Priya as official wife. So he calls up his friend who works at Government office and asked his help to get registration done. In the meanwhile , Priya was having a wash and thinks to sort this problem and leave him.
David, Niro’s friend from came to the house with the registration form and an officer. Niro was happy about it and thanks the officer for the big favour. They both were in the hall waiting for Priya to register. Niro climbed to Priya’s room while she was dressing up , he didn’t even think twice before approaching her while she puts up a top. He just pulled her and told her , “it is time to make an official , come down quick and sign it, no more questions please”. Priya thinks it is divorce and went happily to the hall .

Unexpectedly , she didn’t read the form properly and signed it and looked at Niro. Niro was looking so happy and hugged her tightly and whispered to her ear “you now my legal official wife to me”. Everyone wished the couple and walked off. Priya was disappointed with this and thinks why i didn’t read it before sign. Oh shit. Niro grabbed her and got into the car. She wondered where he is taking her and she asked the same. Niro replied “this time , we have to face my parents no matter what it is.” Priya felt current shock in her after his words.

By the time they reached home, they see all family members stood out of the Dushy’s house. Niro got out with his wife and walked towards them. At Dushy’s house, Dushy tries to pull thali from Priya’s neck to break off the marriage. But Mohan slapped her. Niro says “she is now my official wife; I have done marriage registration with her”.
Mohan tells “Dushy , it is very wrong of your action to pull thali from a married woman’s neck, please let my wife and myself talk to Niro and newly wedded wife alone.” Dushy fumed and walked into the house.

Priya silently watching all the drama and thinks what to do this is fate.Niro fells at his dad’s feet and ask forgiveness for his action and says he can’t leave Priya as he loves her alot. Mohan replied “Did I say to leave your wife now? No right, she has a right to come into the family house with equal rights of yours.” Priya suspiciously heard his words and know what is going on. Niro happily hugged Priya and took her into the house with a nice welcoming by his mom. Priya felt so uneasy knowing that something is going to happen. The parents make the room as first night and dressed up Priya like a bride into the room.

Niro was smiling at her and tells her “you are looking very beautiful in this and wish that you would do it for me only.” Priya thinks to tell him the truth that who is she and sort out the matter. By that time, Dushy bagged the door and shout come out panicky.Niro quickly open the door and saw her face looks terrific. Priya saw her face from behind Niro and noticed there is something. Niro asked what happened and Dushy saw “Dad fainted , come lets go to hospital.” Niro leaves the home with the family to the hospital and Priya was left behind in the house. Niro didn’t realized that he has left her in the house.

In Priya’s mind,she thinks she got apple opportunity to escape from her but then she realized that this family tries to make Niro hates her so that he can divorce. Later, she says Niro loves her alot and how can I escape from him.
At hospital, doctor says that Mohan is fine, there is nothing to worry , you can go home and leave Mohan here for night check up. Everyone relieved and came home, Niro’s mom apologized Niro for spoil their first night. Priya was watching everyone and knew it.

Recap: Niro and Priya began to spend their marriage bliss in the hotel room. Dushy and her sister falsely call up the police and says Priya is pr*stitute and tries to steal her brother’s wealth.

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