Love is felt not said….OS


Abhi was sitting on a bench and was thinking about her. He was waiting for her arrival. It’s been so many days and he still haven’t gave up the idea of waiting for her. He was in her memories all the while.

Two weeks ago, he met her here and she was like a angel. He was mesmerized by her beauty and he felt a different kind of calm after seeing her glowing face. She approached him asking for time. He told her the time but he wished that the time could have paused at that moment. She smiled in response and vanished from there. It was his routine from that day to come to same place hoping that he could meet her. Sometimes she was there playing with the children and sometimes she was not there. When she was there he was just looking at her with peace. When she was not there he was thinking about her in peace too.

Now she is not coming there very often, he wondered what had happened to her? He don’t even know her name and how can he find her whereabouts? He decided to ask some of the kids there. They were also not sure about where she is and he was on a full swing to find her. After a lot of searching, he managed to find her with his contacts. It pained his heart to see her bedridden in a hospital and he got to know that she had met with an accident. He went inside the ward and looked at her. I can’t believe that you are now in coma. I should have told you my love when the moment I started to enjoy your presence. Is it too late now? While he was thinking all that, there was some movement in her hands. He called the doctor to check on her. The doctor said that it was a miracle that she had managed to regain her consciousness.

She opened her eyes and looked at Abhi with a weak smile. He too smiled in response but with tears in his eyes. He went near her and said ” You will be fine soon!”

Now it was a routine for Abhi to visit the hospital and take care of her. Until now he never asked her name. He was taking care of her like a baby with so much care and concern. His day never started and ended without thinking about her. He was that much deeply, madly in love with her. She was fully recovered and it was the time for her to be discharged. Abhi felt pain in his heart again as he may not be able to see her often again. Abhi asked her ” Shall I drop you at your house?” She replied ” Until now you never asked my name? Don’t you feel that you should know my name?” Abhi ” Yes of course! Can you tell your name?” . She ” My name is Pragya Abhishek Mehra! Will you accept me as your wife?” Abhi had no words to say. He was in total disbelief. Am I dreaming or is she telling the truth? She ” You are not dreaming and I am telling the truth”. Abhi ” You can read my mind? Are you really sure about what you have said just now?”. She ” Yes I am very sure from the moment that you had always waited for my arrival by sitting on the bench and also looking at me continously when I was playing with the children”. Abhi ” I am sorry that I never told my love to you directly.” She said that certain things can be felt from heart even without saying it. Abhi looked at Pragya and said ” Did you really felt my love?” Pragya hugged him and said ” Yes Abhi and now I don’t think you will have any doubts”

Both were in each other’s embrace of love, care and concern. Their journey of love began from that moment….


Hope you all enjoyed this OS!

Credit to: Better not to be known....

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  1. Nice yaar☺?

  2. Nice cut short sweet OS yaar

  3. It was a msgful OS…..really flt happy aftr reading this…….I felt dat if this is true thn there woud hav been peace everywhere…loved it….n smart huh??not saying ur name ???but still name is not required as wat all v need is to read n njoy happily

  4. Very nice OS

  5. Oooo really awesome and d wordings r superbbbbbbb each and every line is touching yaar…..and d line that he waits for her in peace it was awesome….. And d most beautiful in this os is that she replied that her name is pragya abhishek mehra sooooooooooo luvlyyyyyy yaar…….superbbbbbbb thank u for giving such a wonderful os……. Keep going……I want more os like this waiting for the next os……

  6. Really so so soooo nice os.the way pragya expressed her love for him,i just loved it!!

  7. Superbbb …………

  8. it is vrry emotional touchwood story but I hv a strong flng tht its my [email protected] If I am wrong I am srry I nvr meant to hurt uuu but still my heart says thts uu bcoz certain flngs r felt but its really a lovely nd cute story

  9. wow ..really very nice..and lovely..

  10. Better not to be known

    Thank u so much for all the lovely comments. If I can then I will come up with another OS too! I said better not to be known as some of you all know me.

  11. superrr ya nice Os sweet nd cute i also lkd te way pragya expressed hr love superrrr ya…………….

  12. wow ?????? whosoever wrote this from now on wards i m your biggest fan! the most beautiful OS! loved it truly

  13. Sooopeeerrrrbbbb yaar 1st i didnt read dis os jst nw i read angry birds in tht os u said about it so nw read it both os are awwwwssssoooommmeee?????

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