Love, Fate and Marriage: Episode 6

Kunj see her leaving and smiles looking at her.
K:(thinks) at any cost I have to take her our for a date but how?? I hace to do something.

Twinkle wakes away from her thinking, ‘ Haaye..babaji ye kya ho rahi hai meri sath. Pehle uv tha beech mei Mr.X aur abhi kunj. This is going to be more than a love triangle!! According to my dream everything happened with kunj but what should I say? Who is my soulmate? Am I over thinking, whatever babaji now it’s all your responsibility. You have to take care of it, good night.’

A girl is seen running in rain without noticing she bumped into a guy in black dress. He holds her and within a second he proposed her. She was not at all surprised but smiled at accepted his proposal. Due to rain they moved under a tree as he opened his jacket and covered both of them.
The girl tried to see his face as she didn’t see him all this time.

Knock!! Knock!!
That’s it twinkle again woke up from her beauty sleep and lovely dream. She opens the door to find her mom.
L: wake up soon!! Why are you so lazy?
T:(thinks)why are you so annoying!! Ma
L: now get ready and come soon we are going for business meeting and you have to stay here only with bubbly.
Without twinkle can reply her mom dashed off.
T: I know they won’t give me peace in my life but even though is it necessary to get into my life also…and spoil it. God!!! Save me.

She got ready and came down, after the function was done she felt like going to her favourite place. But remembered her mom’s words not to do any stupid things but she didn’t heed it anymore.

Yes, finally she went to Taj mahal.she took some selfies n sent it to chinki.

T:how is it?
C:nice yaar but alone!!
T:ha mom dont know about this. I think I am the only single between all these couples.
C:chill ya enjoy!!we are happy singles..i will cu soon
T: bye.

Twinkle chats for a while with her and goes around. She felt happy with the beauty of the monument standing as a symbol of love for years. Her heart was at peace but wandering for love.
A heart balloon of colour red with rose tied to it came to her with a note on it.
T: Romeo?? Is he here??
From Romeo,
I love you
She was hell shocked and couldn’t react for a while within that gap the balloon flew. She ran behind it to catch and bumped into someone catching it. She was hell shocked to see the person who held her while falling.Twinkle was holding balloon in one hand and other was on his shoulder.
T:hmm you? Kunj…
K:dont worry!!This time i kept my phone in silent so it won’t ring and no one can disturd ( he winks at her)
T:ccaan…u..u..leave me???(embarrassed)
K: how come you here?
T: just came around.
K:oh!! But whats that in your hand?
T:its non of your business(she hides the balloon)
K:oh chill!!how can you be angry on me?…
Kunj kept on blabbering but twinkle was in her own thoughts about her dream.
T:(herself)same scenes repeated as in dream but wasn’t it raining?
She comes into senses when all of a sudden it rains, kunj holds her and ran for shade.
Twinkle(thinks):he is the one whom I want if my dreams are true then I will get him for my life.

As they reached one corner she was disturbed by kunj. Twinkle was staring at him lovingly.
K:control yourself ha..i know that I am very…
T:oh!!oh!!Black is my favourite so just looking at your shirt.
She tries to defend herself.
K:oh!! my favourite is white and you are wearing it!!
He gives his famous one eyebrow look. They smile at eachother.
T:kunj I want to go back before my parents will return,can you take me back? Please..
She was tensed about her parents return.
K:but its raining na..
T:plz help me kunj. No one knows that I am here.
K:so you didn’t tell anyone about you coming here??
T: No.
Kunj thought of teasing her
K:what will I get for helping you?
T:what do you mean?
She glares and starts move when he stops her holding her hand.
K:oh chill!! Friends???
She thinks for a while and gives her hand.
T: yeah!! Friends…

Kunj takes out his phone
K: isi khushi mei ek selfie?
T: is it a time?
K: please!!
He asks with a puppy face as she says yes.
They took their selfie and kunj takes out his jacket covers it over them and they reach the car in rain.
K:(thinks) I want you to be with me like this forever and ever.

He drives his car back to the place and all the time twinkle was thinking about him only.
The silence was filled with questions.

Precap: a twist

Hope you enjoyed…i know I am late coz I was little busy with some work in college.
Thanks you ur comments and support…

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