Love, Fate and Marriage: Episode 5

Tanejas reached the venue where a hotel room was booked for them and thankfully twinkle had a seperate room with her annoying yet cute cousin.
The reception was is the afternoon and twinkle took her own time to get ready. She wore a elegant royal blue colour running down till her toes and a long bunch of frills on her back and dress had a silver stone work on it giving the royal look. She had a matching platinum accessories on her.

The whole taneja family arrived at the reception.
T:(herself) I am so tired of this family parties, no fun at all and moreover I dont know anyone other than bubbly.
I walked along with her to the entrance to see the most shocking thing of my life but it was so hot too…!!!
I saw kunj for the first time, he was dressed up in royal purple suit with a black neck tie. He was looking so handsome that I couldn’t take my eyes off but I managed to change my expression and keep my emotions to myself. As I was followed by my mom behind.

Kunj who saw leela came near her and took her blessing by touching her feet. As twinkle left the place as If she never saw him.(nautanki)

K:how are you aunty?
L:stat blessed beta..i am fine but where is mom?
K:she is inside, please come

After many years tanejas met sarnas so they shared a family movement But twinkle was sitting somwhere and was chatting with chinki, she saw her family taking photos with sarnas and thought how happy her parents are!!

Twinkle chatting with chinki.
T:guess what!! I saw kunj!!!
T:yaa my mom forced me to come coz they can meet me here and yiu know as I saw him I undedstokd my mom’s plan.
C:oh!! But don’t react as if you know kunj. If she learns that what we did, Facebook stalking n all…she will kill us.
T: ya i know and do you come to know about Romeo??
C:no… but I i doubt uv as I saw him near rose garden that day.

Same time leela calls twinkle and she ends her chat.
Twinkle wakes up to leave and she turned to see kunj behind her and was hell shocked but covers it and going towardd her mom she wonders if he saw her msg chatting.

L:twinkle he is manohat ji,your dad’s friend and usha his wife and this is my twinkle!!
She introduces Twinkle as she takes their blessings.
( the most awaited one!!)
Usha calls kunj…:))))
She introduced him to twinkle..kunj forwards his hand..
K:hi ..
T:ji pranam…

Kunj gives his famous one eyebrow look as everyone smiles
K: pranam ( hell embarrassed )

After a while her family was busy in work as she was sitting alone thinking about Romeo?? UV??

A small kid who was playing and running around fell down. THUMP!!!
twinkle saw this and hurried to lift her and consoles her

T:oh!! Baby dont cry!! Where are you running??and what’s this is your hand?
T:oh such a big one you have… but for me?? (She made a puppy face)
Kid:actually my bro brought it for me( she points at a guy)kunj bhaiyaa!! (She screemed)
kunj who was passing near by came there seeing twinkle he smiles.
T:(Twinkle hits her head slowly n thinks)Stupid!!what was the need of asking for chocolate nw…oh!!!
Kid:bhaiyaa,this di also wants…
Before she could complete,twinkle cuts her
T:no no kiddo…nothing you be careful haa.
She smiles n leaves as kunj looks at her and smiles for himself.

It was late night twinkle came outside to lawn and was still thinking about her soulmate…her dream..uv…romeo.

Same time Kunj comes there
K:hmm(coughs) hi..
T:ha ( twinkle turns to find him) hi..
(Quite awkward feeling)
K:actually i ….to…(he was finding words)
He gives her a chocolate…
T:no i was just playing with kid that’s it.
K:I know you like chocolates I brought it for you only.
Twinkle thinks how he knows about her likes and hesitatingly takes it.
T:Thank you…(after a pause) I will be leaving now bye..

She said and was about leave but stumbled on the grass with her heels and within no seconds she was in the arms of kunj.
Yes he caught her (same twinj meeting for first time in party)

They both were lost in each other and shared a cute deep intense eyelock.
This time sanam re played not in background but in reality as well making twinkle shock.
Yes it was….
Kunjs cellphone.
They both composed and shared a moment of awkwardness as kunj grabbed his phone from his pocket and offed it.

T: gud nite
K: ya..gud nite bye.

Twinkle left smilingly as hee dream came true but at the same time one more person added up in her life to think off…

Precap: twinkle visiting taj to meet Romeo over there

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