Love, Fate and Marriage: Episode 4

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P.s: from next epi it will be all twinj scenes

Chapter 04:
Days passed…it’s Feb month..
On that day in clg it was announced as a rose day celebration and who ever gets large number of roses was declared as MISS.ROSE of the college. Chinkle were not aware of it as usual they went to collegeas they entered they saw it on the notice board
Asusually girls right!!!Got excited for the contest and they went to class where all boys were holding roses and were giving for their so called favourite girls.

It was almost noon twinkle got 25 roses and it was time to assemble to declare the winner.
Suddenly a bouquet of 500 roses came on stage with anote over it and it belonged to twinkle. All were shocked to know that it was of her as normally she never used to talk to any guys and very few guys dared to talk to this so called nerd. The perosn who was more shocked was twinkle herself. She was declared as a miss rose with a crown full of roses as fee eyes burnt in jealousy. Aftrr receiving it she went to see who sent the flowers, on it there was a note.

Note:To the most beautiful rose on earth with love
ur prince

Twinkle was so happy for time being but later was in deep thought about who did it.
She carries it safely to home n kept it safe in her cupboard.
At night she called chinki to talk about it
T:hi chinki
C:oh!! You are so happy today? No aunty at home?
T:ya i am very much happy but reason it not my mom’s absence

C:ohh i know
T:yeah!! Did you find out about that romeo??
C:no yar i couldn’t but dont you think it was uv as we didnt see him toay anywhere in campus.
T:haa may be but he would atleast have called me right!! But he didn’t ask anything about it.
C: may be he is planning other surprise( a bit of silence)…ru in love??
T:sometimes I think so but you know my condition na i cant take step as you know about my family.
C:I think uv is the guy whom you dream about.
T:who knows!!

Like this they talked for a while and hanged up.
Twinkle:( thinks) babaji plz help me na yiu are always with me if uv is the one whom I am looking forward for then plz make my love success and give me the most loving husband.

With her cute prayerd she prays and goes to sleep.

In dreams… (usually her dream sequence)
Twinkle is running around in a hurry and someone came in her way and she bumped into the manly figure.She fell into a muscular arms dressed in black and she eyes him lovingly.
I LOVE YOU TWINKLE… he says (sanam re plays in bg)
Twinkle stood up and was about to hold him…

Her phone rang, the sound became unbearable and finally she woke up from her dream. It was her mom’s call from office.

L:twinkle listen…today evening we are leaving to agra for some important function of your chacha.
T:maa but my clg?
L:I will talk with the your principal just pack your stuff and be ready. Don’t be late

Before she could complete her mom hanged up.
Twinkle feels sad as no one cares about her feelings but when she remembers her dream she smiles.
T:(herself)wow!!!I wish such thing would happen and my dream was soo clear as I expected. I saw him in black for the first time and my favourite sanam re music in background!! So amazing!!! So filmy!!
She starts blushing imagining yhimgs and hits her head for her ovee thinking.
T:(herself) twinki you are really becoming a big dreamer these days….stop it!!!
She went to college and told chinki about going to agra and to find that Romeo. Later she rushes home and packs her stuff leaving to airport with her parents

T:papa can we visit Taj mahal??
R:hmm..lets see beta its our family function na we will have work
T:can I go alone?
L:no…shut up!! how can you?

Twinki feels sad and continues her chat with chinki listening to her parents conversation.

L:After a long time I am meeting my bro they left to london n came to this marriage. I am so happy to see them atleast now.

Twinkle thinks who it may be but she didnt know it was SARNAS.

PRECAP: Most awaited kunj’s entry….let me reveal it’s twinj love story..lot romance n

fun ahead.

Based on ur cmnts next epi will be posted within Sunday… (may be 2 to 3 at a time)

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