Love, Fate and Marriage: Episode 3

Next morning….
In college there was a surprise competition for fashion designing to bring out talents in students. It was announced without any prior notice.
T:oh!! how can we submit our works within noon?
C:ya even I think it wont work out, come lets go.
T:I already bought our forms come fill it and lets give it a try.
C:haha you can try, I am not at all interested in wasting time now.
T:atleast help me yaar
C:hm okay chalo

Twinkle starts working on her designs and makes a beautiful long elegant gown of dark purple colour with full of frills and buffed sleeves. It was a beautiful ethnic gown and at the same time uv reached over there.
Uv:oh!! You finished…?
T:ya almost done, just hand work is left out.
Uv:gud luck
T:Thank you

As they were talking and stealing glances of eachother chinki arrived.
C:wow!! Ooohh!!twinki super yaar. It’s amazing.
T: is it?
C:yaa, but can I present it? Please… (she made a puppy face)
T:hmm ok dear, why not?
Uv:why?no.. no…twinki you did it so you only wear it for presentation.
Chinki glared at uv
T:its ok uv, no problem let chinki try it.
C: thats my twinki..
She side hugged her and waited eagerly for the dress to be done.
Twinkle finished it and gave it to chinki as she left to get ready for ramp walk.

Uv:actually that looks good on you, so I told you to wear it
T:is it!! (Blushed)

He moves close to her as she steps back,untill she is pinned to wall.For no reaso n twinkle’s heart beat raised and she was sweating.
Uv saw this and gave a small cute smile making her heart melt.
T:ttt…tuuuu….kk…kya kar raha hai??
(She struggled to speak due to nervousness)
Uv:nothing but why ru so scared?
He came little bit closer to her ans tgis time twinkle had goosebumps.
for the first time she was soo close to a guy, she never felt so and some where she felt happy for it.

But suddenly chinki interrupted them causing them to compose themselves from the awkward situation.
C:hey!!how is it??
T:oh!! its looks great
U:ya…actually.( after a while when chinki looked a bit confused at their words)
But announcement is going on come lets go.

He covered up the situation and They all left.
After the ramp walk and whole function now it was time for results.
(Should I say anything in ffs n movies heroines will win)
Yeah, it was twinkle.
She was so happy and she took her award as huged chinki sharing her happiness.

@ taneja mansion
Twinkle came back home and was happy to see her parents back. Leela was talking on phone n Rt was busy with his laptop.
L:come beta…
She is still on phone. .
R:why so happy today?
Rt saw her face glowing..
T:actually pappa today I won the competition
She narrates them everything and leela was still on phone. BUSY!!

R:whats need for doing all these competitions?? First study well.
Somewhere she felt sad as she didn’t expect This from her dad
T:(sad)ok papa…
L:oh!!Rt there is something wrong in documents and we hv to leave right now.
She startes taking her things..
T:mamma wont you give me party….for…
Before she could complete leela interrupted.

L:k beta will see later about it, now I have to go.
Her parents left before any more conversation started and helpless twinkle saw them going n thinks…..
They can never be happy in my world, they wont care for me at all. She cries badly n calls chinki to share her sadness with her.
Chinki consoles her.

Twinkle feels better after talking with chinki she then went to her room n saw her award which she got today n remembers uv…
She thinks.
T: Oh!! Why I didnt resist uv today as I usually would have slapped the one if any other guy did so..
But i didnt say anything I was hell nervous at his act. Hmm..whats happening with me?? Am i falling for him??
A smile appeared on her face but lasted no longer as she remembered her parents wish.

T:oh!! no… no….I shouldnt do this. I cant betray my parents I know everything is decided and I should have controll myself.

Here uv also loved her and had a fear of losing her.

Precap: Twinj gonna meet for first time

Within few episodes you will know whose story it is..thanks for support and comments
Let me tell u i am also a twinj fan..huge fan…
But this story had many twists…

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