Love, Fate and Marraige: 14

They finished shopping twinkle was feeling so happy n felt secured with him…as usual our kunj was on clouds
They went fr a coffee

K:what would you like to have??
Twinkle was seeing the menu but was not intending to speak
K:can i place your order?
Waiter came…twinj has spent their shopping happily n nicely twinkle was liking kunj…she was curiously thinking what would he order for her..Will he order her favourite??lets c…..☺☺☺

K:2 chocolate cold coffees…
Twinkle was happy
T:you like chocolate cold coffee…
K:yes you??
T:actually i dont like it…but..i love it..
Kunj smiles at her
Twinkle sese him smiling n thinks…
Twinkle you are so lucky to have such a hot n handsome hunk as your hubby see almost all the girls in coffee shop are seeing kunj lovingly n are jealous of you…oh!! twinkle you are super lucky..oh!! wait wait..babaji what i am thinking…control ya control…

They talked to each other nicely…n twinkle was very much impressed by his thoughts…
While leaving…
K:so see you at our engagement party
T:yeah (smwt hesitatingly)
K:can i ask you smthing?
T:ya tell me
K:are you really willing to marry me??
Twinkle kept quite kunj s heart started poundring
K:tell its not tooo late we can stop it.
Twinkle thinks for a while she got no reason to reject him she remembers chinki s words as she told “you will get your love in marriage that to for sure with kunj”
T:ya i am…but i dont have any reason for agreeing or rejecting you but hope i will get the answer soon.
K:so you are fine with this?
K:cu soon bye..

They leave..

After 2 days…
Engagement day early in the morning….
Twinkle is still sleeping..same dream she had like she was running n bumped into someone he held her n proposed her…she was still in his arms but this time she gonna see the guy and its nun other than kunj…as she was saying i love…..

Someone patted her head she woke up with a jerk…she was very tensed n saw here n was chinki…
C:wake up you sleepyhead..
T:oh chinki..itni jaldi..? ?
C:today is your engagement pagal!!come on get ready.
T:oh..ya thank god you came early to help me….you didnt see my accessories na there it is…on the table…go see.

Chinki went near the table n was opening twinkles shopping twinkle was still on bed.she was remembering her dream.
T:(herself)same dream…same guy…same incident but today i saw his face…come on twinkle remember hard..come on you can…

She closes her eyes n see s kunj..
T:(herself)omg!!!what happnd?? Omg!! Omg!! its i falling for him?? even i too was about to accept his proposal as i was saying i love you too..but this chinki came in between.

Chinki saw twinkle lost in thoughts n comes near her n pats…
C:what happened? ?
She narrates everything. you are falling for jiju huh?
T:wait…everytime maa used to disturb my dream but today i got to see his face n i was about to propose back you came in between…hmm…
C:k sorry madam and vaise someone is so eager to propose someone….
Twinkle started blushing realising her words…
T:stop it yaar…actually something is missing and someone should scream at this time…!!

At that time leela shouts…
L:twinki you still left your bed or not…lazy ladki…..Come soon….
T:(to chinki)bola na the mummy returns….
Chinkle laugh n give hifi…as they heard leela coming up twinkle ran to washroom.

C:(herself)i dont know how you spent these years with your family but sure your golden days gonna start twinkle you will be happy…

Precap: engagement n surprise

I know this is so short bt nw its my practicals time so no time to write.
I will try to write longer next time
Need comments…guys…share ur views

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