Love, Fate and Marraige: 13

Kunj finishes his Narration.
C:ho…ho…jiju…what a love story…i feel even destiny wanted you guys to be one….so it all happened.
C:so jiju now no more delays…lets work out to make this marriage as soon as possible.
K:ya..even i am waiting too…
Chinki smiles…
Kunj drinks water and thinks of his marriage

On othet side
Ar taneja mansion
L:twinkle are you ready?? coming!!!
She comes down she was wearing black colour long chudidar and her hair were straight and perfect
T:i am here ma..why are you shouting soo hard?
L:now come on have food and go get your shopping done.
T:shopping??why now actually i did it last sunday i dont need anything now
L:will you wear all those for engagement?
T:kiska hai??(in casual voice)
R:twinkle you are not still a kid
T:papa..why are you angry for no reason…
L:this stupid girl dont understand anything…its your engagement..
T:wtha??you didnt ask me about it……
L:you said you are ready even kunj agreed…na
T:but ma…
R:now no more discussions your marriage is going to happen….thats it get reaady!!
He leaves in peak of anger.
L:now have your food and leave…
Twinkle was at peak anger but she dont know on whom to show her anger so it turned into tears…she dragged her Tiffin plate and went to her room.
She cried for a while asusual took phone n called chinki…
C:hey dear……hu…(sobbing)
C:oh what happnd??you are crying early in the morning. ….is everything fine??stop crying yaar

Chinki was tensed…twinkle told her everything…she consoles her…
C:dont worry!!everything will be fine..
After longtime of talk twinkle laughed due to chinki s consolence n jokes…she keeps the phone n felt little relaxed.
She comes down when leela calls.

T:will you come with me……for shopping??
L:no beta i am going for meeting you can go alone na…?
T:ma alone??
L:come on twinkle learn to handle things alone as you are getting married soon and you are still not a kid…..
T:ok ma…

She leaves to her room before her mom finishes.

T:(herself)babaji…why you made me to be in thiis family as i just hate this…my marriage is also against my will..i am doing shopping for my marriage alone..wait i will call chinki..

C:what happen now??
T:nothing, will you join me for shopping?
C:why now??
T:i am going alone…no one is their to accompy me..plz ya…
(Something striked chinki s mind)
C:ohh no no yaar i am going for my relatives party so i cant really sorry yaar…
T:its ok (sad)

At shopping mall….

Twinkle was doing her shopping but couldn’t select anything she was roaming around like a lifeless body thinking something, randomly going through stuff.
All of a sudden she was shocked to see kunj there…he also noticed her and he came near her.

K:hi..what a pleasant surprise?
T:ya hi…
K:finished your shopping??
T:not yet need to…

Kunj thinks whether he should ask her to accompy her but hesitated a bit.Twinkle was also bored alone she thought of asking him to accompy she was also thinking and hesitated.
K:ok carry on i will leave…
As kunj was leaving twinkle thought… come on twinkle he is to be your husband you can ask him you will come to know about him n his tastes….kunj was dragging his legs hardly not willing to move from the spot ( force of attraction you know?)Finally he heard her calling him
He turned n was delighted.
T:have you finished your shopping?
T:would you mind accompanying me and help me to select??
K:yeah sure why not…(smilingly)

They finished shopping twinkle was feeling so happy n felt secured wit him…as usual our kunj was on cloud…dont knw about the number of cloud may be infinite one.

To be continued

If i get more comments next one will be posted soon.
Precap: engagement party of twinj

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