Love, Fate and Marraige: 12

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Kunj’ Narration about his love story…
Yes the day when i saw twinkle for the first time She was in black colour short kneelength drrss playing on the highway road and was celebrating her new year but was alone.
I was passing that way it was a late night journey for me but for her it was like a new turn in her life on her path of lonliness but seemed happy alone her eyes said she need someone for her life to make her life meaningfull.At that time i wanted to be that person.
And from that day i started following her as my family was in abroad i studied here no one was there to stop me but once i was caught with her photos by my brother at that time i came to know she is my relative and all about my past n promises done during her birth.
I wanted to be with her so once i decided to meet her at any cost so i went to her clg that was roseday she was looking awesome like always i backed off to talk to her i just wanted to keep on looking at her..i was silently following her.she was in library with you even in library she was talking toooo much.i heard her..she was talking about a book in her hand.

C:twinki how mad na….romeo used to climb the balcony of juliet to meet her..
T:haha haa…really mad. love makes us to do all such things
C:i dont think so they were just teenagers see juliet was just 13 when all these happened its just infatuation
T: you will always say shit ya…romeo kitna sweet hai

C:oh…acha ab tuje wo chahiye…
T:yaa…actually no no acha leave ya n tell how many roses you got..i got only 15..ya
C:only 10…who will be miss rose today??
T:have to wait come lets go…

At that time i got an idea ofcourse she is beautiful than rose but need to do something for her so i rushed to rose garden n brought 500 to her n wrote name as romeo…n gave delivery on stage….she was happy her two eyes were sparkling like stars….i loved the moment i just wanted to go to her n tell everything ubt she would think me as flirt no i shouldnt…spoil it.i left seeing her smiling face…
I felt like she is born for me only…
On the day of my relative marraige i came to know she is also coming i was on cloud nine after many years when i finally got to talk to her.
On that day of marriage.
I was standing in front of my mirror…n thought at any cost i should talk to her n was making my plans.
Bt when i saw her i was stopped, all my blood ran with full speed.i felt a shock throughout my body by her one look.i was held back to see her…she noticed me but behaved like stranger i noticed in her eyes..her eyes told me that she knows me…..

But when my parents introduced me to her…i was dying to touch her she did namaskar…
Ho god!!!so intelligent kunj controll na….controll urself….
even i tried talking to her when a kid made a way between us but sh i think she was nervous and made me too.
But after when I gathered up all my courage n decided to talk to her at any i searched her everywhere but couldnt find her as i made my way outside i noticed her standing in the park alone thinking somthing

I thought kunj!!come on iss se bhi behtar moukha tuje nahi milega….i took a deep breath n went near her…i had a chocolate with me as i knew she love chocolates i went near her…my heart was beating sooo hard that it was audible to me…
I trembled to talk to her but once i gathered all my courage up n spoke..
I said hai…she turned towards me n her face had all mixed emotions i couldnt understand…but she i was happy i started actually i came here to…well i was continuing but she cut me…
For once my words trembled i didnt get what to say so simply i gave her chocolate she denied but when i said i brought it for her only she hesitantingly took it n thanked me…

I was really happy as i gave chocolate to my jaan…its my first thing for her that to face to face..but … heart felt sad. As she was leaving….

My heart cries….oh!!!no twinkle dont go plz be with dont leave…but she was leaving me when suddenly i noticed she slipped due to carpet grass…i just held her in my arms
I was on cloud nine no actually on infinite cloud….yes we had a eyelock for more than few minutes….i was the happiest person under the sun at that movement…as i saw rainbow in dark night a colourfull one a loving one a beautiful one i was lost in her eyes…but for once beautiful melody played in background like full filmy as it was my phone ringtone….i saw her eyes were wondering from where the music is coming…We composed ourselves as she left smilingly……

I think rest of the things you know…right?

Precap: twinj date…

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  1. Ramya

    Amazing superb yaar
    Kunj already loves twinkle from very start
    Loved it.

  2. Ananya_DSK

    Aahaan..! Kunj has been stalking Twinkle! Absolutely loved it! Fate has been kind to him…. The way you described Kunj’s anxiety… So amazing!

  3. Presha

    Loved it

  4. Lovely episode….
    love the narration of their love story…
    kunj loves twinkle from starting only…Wowwwwww…
    loved it very much…
    plzz post soon
    love u

  5. SidMin23

    Beautiful and finally kunj give her chocolate in front of her and wow twinj date can’t wait.

  6. Amazing episode

  7. Amazing episode! Post next soon

  8. awww ????amazing episode dear
    Awesome love story
    post soon dear
    luv u

  9. So romantic and sweet nd cute

  10. Baby

    god osm rockstar ♥
    mazaa agya ♥
    loved it ♥
    too cute hayeeee ♥
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    love u lods dii ♥

  11. Ayesha51

    its awsm roshini di
    I’m sry for nt cmntng in pre epis
    I visited TU after a month or above
    soooooooooo sryyyyyyyyyy
    can u plz give me a quick summary if psble …
    I just luvd the epi …
    kunj is such a swthrt …
    plz post asap di….
    love u a lot…. ??????????

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