Love, Fate and Marraige: 11

Chinkle got ready to go to gurudwar where twinkle wore blue long chudidar suit and chinki was in pink chudidar suit they botgleft to gurudwar.They finished the customs over there and were sitting near the pond enjoying the peaceful nature. Chinki made an excuse and went aside as she saw someone familiar and it turned out to be kunj….actually kunj sees her first and waves at her.
K:hi chinki…how come you are here??
C:hello and twinki came..
K:what twinkle came??
C:hmm..ya…come lets go to her..
K:no no actually its fine…i came with my frnd..i will see her late….how is she??
C:ya good…
K: Is she ok with me??
C:ya jiju…
K:i know you both are good friends, can you tel me about what she geels about me?
C:ha ofcoarse jiju…but its late now take my number i will call you…
Kunj smiles and nods.They both exchange numbers and Chinki thinks that now she got a chance to bring twinj together she thanked babaji
C:(herself)i will make this marriage to happen at any cost….

Chinki comes to twinkle n they were about to leave…a kid came to twinkle and gave her a chocolate with red heart balloon…it had a note like befirem
Note:happy married life twinke…ur romeo

Chinkle were shocked..chinki thinks..
C:(herself)oh..this Romeo he gonna change twinkle’s mood
T:see chinki its the same balloon
C:i think he came to know about your marriage so he is dropped dont think of him come…
T:but i wish i would have see him…
C:come ya…

Without giving twinkle a chance to talk or look over chinki drags her out of that place.

At night…kunj calls chinki…
She asks him to meet her at rose garden.

Next day…at rose garden…chinki n kunj meet…
C:hi jiju..
K:chinki why you called me here?
C:ha because its twinkle’s birthday after 1 week so she loves roses and make her feel special on that day
K:oh its her birthday…i know she loves roses..
C:ha…how come??
K:vo…vo…ha…you girls like roses…a lot that to red one…
C:ya…see jiju i will give all info about impress her
C: deal
K:you are here to help me…ha tell whats she feeling about me??
C:what to tell jiju..she only told na she doesnt love uv now but she needs some time to forget him within that time you impress her…
Kunj leaves to get roses…chinki was waiting….

Chinki was waiting outside…n gardener comes there…out with kunj..
K:chinki bye i will leave now…
C:k jiju…bye..
When kunj leave gardener sees them talking and comes near chinki..
G:madam you are the one right who came to me n asked who brought 500 roses on rose day.
C:ha ji…
G:you even showed me a photo right..
G:the guy who talked to you and left now… he is the one who brought roses that day and delivered it in college.
G:ya he is the one…
C:thankq very much…uncle ji

Chinki was very happy n thought that they are really made for eachother. No wonder he knows everything about her as he is following her from many days. He was just acting huh!! Twinki will be happy when she knows about romeo is nun other than jiju…but wait let me tell this to jiju first that he is caught by intelligent chinki…
She pulls up her collar.. n smiles…

Next day…
Chinki goes to kunj office to meet him.
C:hi jiju…
K:hi but always you come alone why wont you bring your frnd with…
C:ha ha …dont worry!! soon she gonna bring lunch daily for you na.
He blushes as she laughs at him
C:but jiju let me tell you that you are caught…
K:caught??by whom?for what??
C:you are caught by great detective intelligent chinki…
K:aise kya tuje pata chala mere bhare mei
Kunj was drinking water…
C:you are the one…that romeo right…??
Kunj spills out water n coughs….
C:oh jiju sambhal ke…
K:how come you know..did you tell this to twinkle?? dont worry i didnt tell…yesterday only i came to know in rose garden…
K:huff!!finally…yes i am the one…but how come you know….
C:on that day we enquired about Romeo who sent so many flowers to twinki but uv took all your credit and made us fools but when this time gardener saw me with you na soo he told me everything.
Dat bladdy uv…i am gonna kill him.
K:oh!!these much happened?? I didn’t know..
C:ya… ok leave…jiju from beginning you are following twinkle na….? ?
we too did sooo research and gathered all your info…in facebook
K:oh you toooo are the same..but i loved her from many years
C:jiju…many years huh?? tell about your love story na…plzz..

Precap: kunj love story in his words

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