Love, Fate and Marraige: 10

Kunj while going back thinks to call her as he couldn’t hold himself.

It was quite late night,
Chinkle were in room and twinkle was busy with her stuff and chinki was on the bed reading book.
twinkles phone rang
T:chinki…phone uta
C:unknown number
Chinki takes the call and it was kunj.

K:hi twinkle
C:hello..i am not twinkle…its chinki…whose this??
K:oh!!hi..its me kunj, can i talk to twinkle?
C:ya ya.. hold on
Chinki to twinkle
C:twinkle, its jiju(handing the phone)

T:chinki…why your jiju called me?? (Tubelight hai na)
C:stupid…jiju means…kunj jiju…
C:ya take…
Chinki giggles while she gave her the phone and kunj was listening to them all the time and smiles. twinkle takes phone with hesitantion.
K:hi twinkle.

C:speaker phone on kar.(whispers slowly)
Twinkle does…
K:ha….vo…had dinner?

T:yeah…(slow n awkardly.)
K:actually i wanted to talk to you…so i took your number from leela aunty…
T:ohh kk….tell…
K:if you switch off the loudspeaker i can talk to you personally…
Chinkle were hell shocked….kunj smiles…
T:vo vo….no..i didnt on the speakerphone…you can talk…
She offed the loudspeaker.
K:now fine…

T:actually you can tell as chinki is my best friend i dont hide anything from her…she is more than a friend to me…n dil ka dadkan…she will know everything about me..
Twinkle moves to her balcony and chinki follows her and goes near her ears to listen.
K:you will be thinking that why I agreed for marriage..right…?? come you know?
K:ya..thats why i called you to tell
T:ya plz tell…

Chinkle were listening by holding their hearts…
K:in our first meeting itself i liked you a lott..but today when i talked to you..i came to know that you are soo caring…you told everything to me as you don’t want to cheat me and when you said about your family n friend I felt that you are sooo nice n will take care of my family very nicely…who can miss you…what you say…
T:ha..vo vo..

K:let me complete you are sooo honest its enough for me to marry you…n your dad told me that you are ready for this marriage
Twinkle thinks phass gaya meine…n gives a death glare to chinki..n pushes her…chinki makes a expression like what i did!!!
K:why are you not talking??..tell smething na
T:actually its late…i am sleepy…
K:kk bye

She keeps the phone without answering him n starts hitting chinki..
T:stupid idiot all happened because of you
C:arey what i did yaar??
She runs into room they fight for a while and fall on bed.

C:takh gayi….
T:you only told me to tell everything to him and see now he likes my honesty n is ready for marriage…
C:who knows that he likes you from the begining and by the way i think he is soo nice..i feel you will be happy with him…
T:he is soo nice (she mimics)if you would have planned properly..we would have…
C:see you wont forget uv untill you get love…i am sure kunj is meant for you…just remember the time you spent with him.
Twinkle thinks for a while….
T:ya i agree…but why wont we try out once again to spoil this alliance.

C:k but its last time…only for you
They sleep
C:( thinks)twinkle you are doing wrong he is perfect match for you,i am feeling soo,why cant you get it?at any cost this marriage should happen n i want to see you happy
They sleep
Twinkle got the same dream….same blue bath suite.
She came near the mirror and person coming from behind holding her on her waist to kiss her and when she was about to turn to see his face…

Someone shouted…it was chinki this time as twinkle was holding chinki very close to her.
Twinkle also shouted seeing chinki so close to her.
C:twinki leave me..yaar..what are you up to??
T:shut up…i didnt do anything..
Leela comes hurried….

L:what happened puttar??
T:nothing ma..nothing…
Chinki was still gasping hard trying to get normal. Leela looks at chinki
L:chinki beta are you alright??
C:haa.ha aunty…
L:k get ready and come down you both have to go to gurudwar..
T:haa….ma you go we will come..chinki are you OK? ?

They both laugh out loudly as soon as leela leaves.
C:again same dream huh???
T:ya…but didnt get to see him
C:i cant get you…your dreamboy…your stupid dreams.. that romeo and all of the above in middle kunj jiju…
T:shut up now and get ready…we have to go…

Precap: chinki to help kunj to pursue sayappa queen

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