Love, Fate and Marraige: 09

Twinkle comes to room and starts thinking.
T:(herself)Oh babaji, I have said yes to marraige but still I need sometime to get out it completly. I loved a wrong person and that’s a mistake for which still I feel guilty.
She calls chinki and asks her to meet her at cafe.
C:what happened now??
T:actually mom asked for marriage without thinking I  said yes but i need some time as i am unable to….
C:wait..!! You still didnt forget uv right? Go for it and get married, everything will be set.
T:but it will be like cheating the  person….
C:twinkle listen,marriages  are made in heaven so for sure you will definitely get your love and dont you see our parents happy??
T:I  think you are right but I  need time dear.
C:so what shall we do??
T: we have to stop the marraige at ny cost.
C:dont worry!! They just told you na it will take time to find the hero…
C:now atleast smile, I can’t see you like this.
They both smile.

Next day morning,
Twinkle was still sleeping as leela comes to her room.
L:beta wake up!!
T:whats wrong ma…let me sleep for sometime..its too early!!
L:come on wake up…sarnas are coming to see yo
Twinkle wakes up with a jerk.
L:ha!! they are on the way get ready soon.
T:but maa you just told about marriage yesterday and today already they are coming huh??
L:ha beta you know its a old matter about you and kunj, it was decided at that time get ready.

She leaves and Twinkle was shocked she searches for her phone and calls chinki.She was not picking it up.
T:come on ya pick it up..soon…pick it…
C:ha..what a wonder..yaar you woke up so earlier than me but still i am on bed.
Twinkle cuts her…
T:stupid idiot here my life is getting out of controll and you are still sleeping calmly wake up..soon…
Chinki cones out of her sleep…
C:what happened? why so tensed?
T:sarnas are coming to see me today and to talk about marriage.
C:what!! so soon!
T:ya we have to do something come soon before they come.
C:ha i will be there soon.

Twinle kept her phone and felt little better as chinki is coming and leela screamed as twinkle ran to bathroom to have bath,she got ready in cream n purple colour lehanga with purle colour matching accessories and sits near mirror looking her sad face.
Leela comes… twinkle is looking beautiful
She kisses on her forehead and  twinkle hugs her giving her a fake smile just then chinki enters with full hurry.
L:oh chinki, i thought of calling
C:its k aunty twinki told me
L:k be wit her i will go down and make arrangements
C:k aunty…
As leela leaves chinki locks the door.
C:sorry yaar i didnt know that all gonna happen so early.
T:its k first find a way to get rid of it…now.
C:i have an idea…
C:tell evrything to the groom
C:you tell what happened so far and tell you are not  interested and ask him to break the match.
T:ya gud one but will it work??
C:we dont have any chance except this…do we??

Sarnas arrived and leela welcomes them
L:wheres my son in law??
U:he is on the way he had somework so he will be late.
M:acha where is my DIL??
L:she is ready, wait i will call her.
Chinki was seeing all this from above and rushes to room.
C:our fate is really bad yaaar hero didnt come, only family came what will we do now?
T:what?? Babaji why me?? You are giving me surprises back to back with shocks….

Then leela asks chinki to bring twinkle.They both come down there were only bebe manohar and usha.Twinkle sits next to usha and she does namaskar to all before sitting.
B:usha rani you are  really lucky to get such a beautiful bahu…
U:not only me but our kunj..also…
Chinki gets shocked when they hear about kunj.All family members talk for a while and  leela asks chinkle to leave as they were getting bored with their family talks.

Chinkle go to room…
T:what to do now??
C:how you talked to them soo nicely do you know them??
T:haa they are kunj s parents whom i met in Agra.
C:oh..then whats your problem in marrying him it was from first na you  know him and you were prepared too…
T:ofcourse i was prepared but after uv came it all changed.
C:we have to do something but once think about kunj I think his family is goodd as you told me he is also good what’s your problem??
T:i know but  chinki i told na i need time dont convince me now kunj also didnt come, what should I do??
C:hmm…someone is waiting for……
T:shut up!! I Thought of telling him everything…yaar…dont joke its not the time for it.

A car comes near sarna mansion and a  hot looking guy in purple colour suit came out of it, chinki saw him from window.
C:wow!!! See whose here??
T:what happened???
C:see yaar your hero is here. He really looks amazing and I should not tell this but he is quite hot too. I would have said yes if i got a chance to marry such a…
C:oh!!sorry. But why are yoy soo possesive and…..happy??
T:chinki…now we can execute our plan and you shut up!!

Kunj enters and takes blessings from leela.
U:leela ji call twinkle na…
M:no need let him go upstairs and talk to her as they too need to talk in private na.
He looks at leela and she agrees.
L:no problem,go kunj…upstaris second room on right.
Kunj smiles and goes up,As he went near the door,chinki opens the door from inside and she was hell shocked and smiled at him.
C:please come in
C:i am chinki…twinki s dil ka dadkan..i mean friend.
C=pata hai…kunj sarna. Please go and talk.

Kunj smiles she goes out and locks the door,he looks up and looks at twinkle and  was mesmerized by her beauty in complete traditional way,she smiles at him and he comes back into his senses.

K:hi…after long time ha…?
K:actually…you know that it was decided by our parents about our….
Twinkle cuts him off.
T:i need to tell you that i had an affair….
T:yes in clg… I loved him a lot but didnt tell him and ut was one sided but after few days he himself proposed me, i was bit tensed and took sometime and later I learnt that he was not good to me as he had affair with someone too so before i could express my love it came to an end.

Tears rolled  when she said this kunj was stunned and  happy too.
K:so now what you wanna say??
T:i need some time to forget him as i had true feelings for him and struggling to forget him now I  dont love him any more but need time…
K:so whats your opinion for this alliance??
T:i have told everything and i am doing this for my family, I  cant cheat you so i told everything and now decision is left to you.
Kunj smiles and leaves.Twinkle was confused. As kunj came out he saw chinki waiting outside,he smiles at her and comes down chinki rushes to twinkle.
C:what happened??
T:i told him everything now we have to see what happens…
C:why are you  standing here come…
She drags her near the steps they both watch whats going on in drawing area.Kunj goes there.
B:what happened?  Do you like her?
Chinkle hearts were pumping hard.
K:ya i like her i am ready for it….
Chinkle were hell shocked.Leela calls twinkle down n hugs her,twinj take blessings of all and sarnas left.

Chinkle in room and they were silent
C:what are you  thinking? ? tell something na..
T:i am shocked still not getting what just happened
C:what you told him?
T:i told all…perfectly but i don’t know why he said ok…
Twinkle gives angry look to chinki…
T:stupid!! You said you are expert in breaking marriage, is this the way?
C:who knows that kunj is mad to accept you..i mean in such conditions…
They both think….chinki stays there only for that night as twinkle insists.

Kunj when goin back thinks.
K:How can i miss you twinkle ,as  first time when my parents told me about you i wanted to see you but when  i met you i fell for you and now when you  told your secrects i came to know how much you  respect your husband that’s  me and I am sure you will look after my family with more care. How can i leave you…haa…?now itself you told the truth how prompt you are and I  like it. You have  all qualities of ideal wife and i am lucky to have you in my life i wont leave you…no never!!

P.S: no Precap ssly I am tired of no comments.. its my sem exams time still I am finding time to write bt no response at all..,

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