Love, Fate and Marraige: 07

After that incident twinkle developed a good feeling about kunj. She came back home twinkle narrated everything to chinki.
C:are you telling any story? It’s so filmy yaar
T:come on ya how can I joke in this matter!!
C:But its really amazing…
T:yeah!! what abou Romeo??you came to know who is it?
C:no not yet but why you want to know about that unknown if your kunj is here.
Chinki giggles earning a glare from twinkle as they both burst out I to laughter. Uv comes there.

U:what girls?? Soo happy today!!
T:nothing like that..
Twinkle gets a call n she leaves..
U:tell ya chinki what happened?
Chinki narrates him everything to uv about twinj.Uv was shocked to hear about twinkle’s family relationships.
U:(himself)I need to do something before its too late orslse i am gonna lose her.
Chinki snaps at him seeing him lost somewhere.
C:can I ask you smething?
C:what were you doing near rose garden on rose day?
U:I was just purchasing some..
C:Roses right? I know it was you only.. (she screams)
U:no chinki actually I was just..
C:ya I know you are that romeo,who twinki loves..
C:ya you are the one who sent roses to twinki and proposed her near taj right??
Uv thinks something and smiles
U:ya but how you came to know?
He gives a relieved sigh as if he was finally caught.
C:I saw you near rose garden that day also
U:oh!! You are too intelligent chinki!! You became smart huh!!
C:ya i know.

Twinkle comes back and the both kept silent.
T:ya lets go!! I am done.
Chinkle leaves.

Uv looks at them going and plans something.

Few days passed with Twiraj as he tries to impress her a lot.
Twinkle started loving him but didnt expressed it. She never thought of kunj as he was out of sight as well as out of mind also.

One nice day,
Twinkle got an unknown message from unknown number.
Msg:If you want to know about your romeo come to heaven cafe at 6pm
Twinkle was shocked and calls back to tha number but it was switched off. She calls chinki and chinki tells her to go and meet him.
Twinkle though had doubt on uv as chinki replied in a cool manner. She decided to meet and wished it to be uv.

She reaches the hotel, some boy comes and gives her a red rose bouquet on it there was a note.
Note: Our journey started with these roses.
my love

She moves forward there was a man made tajmahal of big size and on it there was a note.
Note: first time I proposed you here, come soon.
Your romeo.

She turns and enters into a room to find it full of red love shaped balloons and on each balloon it was written ” I love you”
Twinkle was eagerly waiting to know who was it..!!
Suddenly lights went off makimh her a bit scared, a beam of light fell behind her she turns to see a person standing showing his back.

Person:from the moment I saw you I am in love with you, madly and deeply. I want yiu to be with me for the rest of my life.Please Accept me.
He turns and its revealed to be yuvi.Twinkle was very happy even she also wanted it to be him and she was about to accept him when her phone rang it was her mom.
She came to know what was going ahead and attended her call. After that she went near uv who was desperately waiting for her response.
T:I need some time if you dont mind…..
U: I know you love me then why you need time…hmm..k i will wait for you till the end of my life.

He smiles,She was happy to hear it from him and she leaves the place with happy tears. She earned courage from chinki and decided to wait for a few more days.

Days passed they finished the college and twiraj remained as friends, whenever uv makes a move twinkle resisted him and was in her limits.Many times she tried telling the matter at home but couldnt.Though she loved him a lot she never expressed it.

One day uv called chinkle to a party they all met at a restaurant.
C:whats the matter? Why party all of a sudden?
U:actually its a good news.
C:what your marriage?
Uv gives her a death glare
T:shut up chinki!! let him speak.
U:actually I got a job in US and I am leaving.
C: Oh that’s a great news!!
Twinkle felt a bit sad
T: is it really necessary for you to leave??
Chinki understoond the situation and made an excuse giving them some privacy.
U:I know whats bothering you but its my dream I got a big project so that my life would be completely settled but I am ready to wait for you atleast can you tell me your opinion about me.

Twinkle thought its the time to tell him about her love but remained silent. Uv looks at her with sad tears as she left the place without uttering a word.

Precap: Uv s reality

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  4. that was awesome! but I think ki romeo is kunj only & he is just pretending that he is romeo but in reality he is not !
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