Love, Fate and Marraige: 19

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Chapter 19:

Kunj was tensed as twinkle was lost in the theatre…while going back home twinkle was happy for his concern towards her..she became emotional n hugs him. kunj stops the car hugging her back..
He notices her crying….

K:you ok??
K:no twinkle you shouldnt cry…as i am with you…. promise me that you won’t cry..
K:promise me that you won’t cry untill i make you cry.(funny manner)
T:(laughs)k kunj i promise i wont cry and i knw even you wont make me cry…i promise you…n i trust you.

They smile n leave..back to taneja mansion.

T:why wont you come in kunj??
K:me??in??can you imagine your moms reaction…????
T:oh..ya i forgot..

They come near ladder..
T:so i need to climb back now..(sigh)
K:you told you know to climb up orelse do you need any help..from me!!
He comes close to lift her..twinkle pushes him slowly…???
As she was about to leave..kunj holds her hand twinkle turns back..
K:dont you give anything for your friend..come….husband??
K:oh ya??? to be hubby..
T:i know what you want..??
K:you are smart!!so give it na..?
Twinkle moves towards he was waiting fr a kiss…Twinkle hugs him.kunj smiles n hugs back…
K:thats it…?(whispers slowly in ears)
T:ha…thats it.(she smiles)
She leaves n climbs back as kunj waited untill she reached the balcony safely…as kunj was about to leave waving her bye she calls him….
[This is my favourite part??]
Kunj turns…she gives him a flying kiss???he acts to catch it..he was taking it near his cheeks but stops n was moving it towards his lips…twinkle sees it..??
Sanam re plays in background..!!
She blushes…kunj stops n take it towards his heart n places on it…n acts to fall on grass..??
Twinkle blushes…
Kunj waves bye n she too bids him a bye.

In twinkle s room…
Leela comes to her room with food n was shockd to see her happy.
L:Tomorrow we are leaving for london on business trip for 4 days…
T:k ma..
L:dont play your cheap got it. Be in limits
T:k ma..
L:stop simply saying ok and act like an adult…
Twinkle nods….

Leela kept on scolding without any reason twinkle was simply listening with sad face as soon as she left she called kunj..but he himself called her…
T:kunj i was about to call you….
K:i know..
T:oh how come..?
K:as i love u na???
Twinkle blushes…
K:Don’t blush soo much i feel like kissing you when you are red..
K=sorry i just got over feelings for you…
T:its ok..
K:oh..thats ok for you if i kiss you before marriage
T:kunj i didnt mean in that way..
K:then in which way…haa..??
T:kunj are yoy flirting with me?
K:no i am romancing with my fiancee
T:its like flirting
K:dont i have rights to flirt with my fiancee or should i try with others..??
K:oh..what??someone is possessive here
T:stop it kunj…just listen…
K:i know your parents are going for london
K:even my parents are joining them….for some business deal
K:did you call to say this..??
T:yes one more thing my mom scolded me again but i didnt cry…
K:good thats like my twinkle
T:but i felt bad!
K:oh twinkle god gave you 2 ears you know…..
K:yes to hear in one ear n leave it through another one….don’t take it to your mind or your heart.
T:hahhaaha..good one..
K:soo now problem cleared na..? ?
K:I cleared your problem na..can i get….something….?? (bechara)
T:ya ofcourse kunj…
K:ha..come on come on(happily,)
K:what…Twinkle listen lis…

But she kept the phone…??

Twinkle smiles n sleeps happily kunj also smiles at her cute antics and possessiveness….

Precap: twinj twinj twinj scenes….

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P.S: (about ff)
Don’t you think twinkle is in love with kunj….she is already his right???
There is no distance or differences between them…
Lets wait and watch further…

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  3. that was awesome yr !
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    Another episode!!! This is such a treat…! I guess your favourite scene is one of my favourites too now… And I totally agree that Twinkle has already fallen for Kunj!! These two will make the best couple ever…!! Everything was so cute… Loved it!!

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